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5 Amazing Compass App With Social Sharing Features, Tracking & Navigation

Compass apps

Heading out for a new adventure, mountain ride or hiking will require you to grab few of an essential equipment like bottles of water, a knife, a waterproof lighter, some high calories snacks, your phone and of course a Compass app.  Wait!!! Compass app, What’s that? Well, unlike a traditional Compass, the Compass app will allow you to get ahead in the direction without any error. And while you are carrying the compass app right on your smartphone, you can be sure that you don’t forget to grab your smartphone when you are going out.

With the Compass, you will be able to get every little and big detail about your location. And if that wasn’t enough, your location will be calculated by the phone’s sensor and even through your GPS location. You can even share your location with your friends or family members if they are worried about you or simply tag where you are with a photo of the location on social media.

Compass apps are helpful for every day and trip usage. So, here is a list of few of the best compass app that you can get for yourself if you are on the move now and then.

5 Best Compass App for Everyday Use:



Compass is my personal favourite in this list of Compass apps. What I love most about this application is the fact that you can track every single detail of your location. After tracking so, you can even ask for help for your friends if you are stuck somewhere, or even take a photo of the place you are tracking with location coordinates.

You will need to keep your GPS and network location on to get the most accurate location detail. Don’t worry, launching all these won’t hamper your phone’s battery life as you can always choose to switch to energy saver mode.

Click Here to Download Compass

Compass apps


Smart Compass Pro:

Smart Compass Pro

When you have to pay for getting a compass app, why not get the best, right? Well if you are willing to pay a small amount of Rs 110 for an excellent compass app then Smart Compass Pro is for you. And with Smart Compass Pro you get what you pay for.

Smart Compass Pro comes with distinct features like you can hold your phone in any way, landscape, portrait or upside down, you will get the direction fixed. You can use the phone camera to concentrate where you are going with the compass virtually positioned on the camera. One of the best features, the “Metal Detector” works genuinely if your device has a magnetic sensor. Tag your GPS location with Google Maps for a more accurate location.

As my user experience goes, I was able to get the best user experience from a couple of features that are worth mentioning. I have to agree as a paid app; this compass app comes with quite a few handy features like Sharing GPS location, car locator and without any ads to annoy you.

Click Here to Download Smart Compass Pro

Compass apps


Compass 360 Pro Free:

compass app

This is how simple a compass app can get but with a professional design. The on look of the compass gives a real feeling to look at. Working with the true north & magnetic outlay of the smartphone, you can always be sure to get the perfect directions. And no, you won’t need any active internet connection, which also means no annoying ads.

No matter where you are from, this compass app can be your solution while you are with your family or friends trekking or while you are on an adventure alone. And if you are facing any problem with calibration, you simply have to press on Calibrate Now to restore the calibration. Select from a variety ojf skins that suits you the most.

Click Here to Download Compass 360 Pro Free

Compass apps

Tiny Compass

compass app

As the name says, this is a simple compass that you can even get on your Android Alpha. This is one of the best and the simplest compass apps which you can get. This compass app has been made to be compatible for any outgoing adventurer who carries a phone running on any android version. So, as it is optimised for any Android device, the screen orientation has also been kept simple which supports both in portrait and landscape mode.

You can select from 6 different compass outlays like Future, Galaxy, Retro, Military, Pirate and Classic. Select to turn on of off calibration warning which will allow you to see if there is any change or if you need any calibration.

With as many as 50K downloads, the Tiny Compass has been noted as one of the most accurate compass apps.

 Click Here to Download Tiny Compass

Compass app

3D Compass Pro:

3D compass pro

Take navigation to a whole new level with 3D Compass Pro. See 3D compass on live camera and even on maps. While using in map you will be able to auto-rotate the map according to direction with current location address. Yes, this app requires you to stay connected to an active internet connection.

But if you are using this compass app you can be sure that you won’t be getting lost at all. Share your location with your friends with your degree of location and heading.

Click Here to Download 3D Compass Pro

Compass app

And so these were the list of the 5 best compass apps that you can choose from for yourself before heading out on trekking or a wild adventure. All you will need to enjoy using these compass apps is an android device and an active internet connection for few of the apps.

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