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Comparison Between Ford Endeavour And Toyota Fortuner

Since the Toyota released the new Toyota Fortuner in the Indian automobile market, it has been seen that Toyota is doing very good regarding the sale in the market than the new Ford Endeavour. There was always a head to head competition between the Fortuner and the Endeavour let it be in features, sale or the design. These two cars are giving it’s best from a long time and yes this both the car are the best SUV in the country.

Endeavour Vs Fortuner

Today I have come up with both the best SUV of the country and is going to compare every bit of both the cars. This comparison is really going to be interesting, as both of the cars are having the best in features and in everything.  So let’s check out if your favourite car is the best in everything or not.

Comparison between Fortuner Vs. Endeavour:

So here below is the full comparison between the new Ford Endeavour and Toyota Fortuner, it will surely satisfy you on picking up the best SUV of the year.

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Mechanical Specification of Endeavour Vs. Fortuner:

Ford Endeavour: The new Ford Endeavour comes with the much powerful engine than the older version. The new Endeavour comes with a new 2.2L diesel and 3.2 L diesel engine which can produce a maximum power of 158 Bhp and a peak torque of 385 Nm. The car comes with both 6-speed manual gearbox and also 6-speed automatic gearbox and yes the car is a 4 wheel drive, which means all the four wheels of the car will be working.

Endeavour engine

Talking about the suspension of the Endeavour, the car is having a high-class shock absorber which will give you a high-class comfort when you are behind the wheel. In the front, the car is using hydraulic dual piston suspension and in the rear, you will get a standard suspension. Overall speaking Ford Endeavour has got all the premium class features that an SUV should have.

Toyota Fortuner: The latest 2016 new Toyota Fortuner has all new 2.7 L petrol and 2.8 L diesel engine. The powerful engine can easily produce a maximum power of 164 Bhp and a maximum torque of 250 Nm which can give you maximum speed and high displacement. This also comes with a 4×4 wheel drive like the Ford Endeavour, but the Fortuner has 4×4 option only in the automatic transmission version. Coming to the transmission of the car, it comes with both  5-speed manual gearbox and 6-speed automatic gearbox. The suspension is same like the Endeavour, nothing much difference.

fortuner engine

Coming to the final result regarding the mechanism of both the car, Ford Endeavour has outcome Toyota Fortuner on many counts like the torque of the car, 4×4 features and also the gearbox. So if you are looking for the advanced SUV then Ford Endeavour is the best car for you. But if you are looking for a car having better displacement and good power source, then Fortuner is the good option for you.

The design of Fortuner and Endeavour:

Now, this is more interesting as I am going to compare about the design of the both the car. The new Ford Endeavour has a very elegant look if you see the new Endeavour is much bigger than the new Fortuner. The New Fortuner has got a good ground clearance and simply looks like the typical Asian SUV with sharp lines and sleek design, while the new Endeavour has got an American SUV look. Overall saying Ford Endeavour has got better design than the Toyota Fortuner.

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Though design depends on the taste of every individual, but here I would like to point that Ford Endeavour has got the best design in comparison to Toyota Fortuner. If you are looking for the best design SUV car then no doubt Ford Endeavour is the best.

Features of Endeavour and Fortunes:

Now here, you will be knowing about the difference in features of both these SUV cars. Let’s check out features below.

Features of Ford Endeavour: 

features of Endeavour

The Endeavour has all the necessary features that an Indian SUV should have like the

  1. In the headlight section, your will be getting LED headlamp and also LED daytime running lights.
  2. The foglight is all new in the Endeavour with a new bumper.
  3. The new Endeavour is having 20-inch alloy wheel which looks sporty.
  4. Coming to the interior, the car is having 8-way power seat adjustment in the front seats.
  5. Yes, how can I miss out the Panoramic sunroof for a better view of the sky when you are at the long ride.
  6. The car is having all the safety features like the 6 Airbags, knee airbags for the driver,  ABS, EBD, Hill descent control, Parking sensors and cruise control.
  7. The cabin of the Ford Endeavour is the most silent place, as the car is the having many tweeter speakers which cancel the noise of the vehicle and maintains the silence inside the car.
  8. The car also comes with Auto parking sensors, which means you will not need to work hard to park your car. The car will get parked by self, you will just need to control the gears and acceleration.

So these are all the features that make the car one of the best SUV cars for Indian road. Now let’s check out the features of the new Fortuner.

Features of the new Toyota Fortuner:

fortuner features

  1. The new Fortuner has LED everywhere, the car comes with LED headlight, new LED tail light and LED DRLs.
  2. Fortuner has got the same wheel dimension like the older version.
  3. In the interior of the car, it has got new infotainment system with Touchscreen features.
  4. The safety features are like Hill assist control, active traction control, Airbags, ABS, EBD, brake assist.
  5. Fortuner comes with all new two driving modes and that is Power mode and Eco mode.
  6. Yes, the car comes with keyless start/stop button.

After comparing the features of both the car, I must say that Endeavour has launched in Indian market with lot more features than the Toyota Fortuner. But yet Fortuner is also good enough with the given features.

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Interior of Fortuner Vs. Endeavour:

Again the interior of both these cars are very different but are made of high-class material. The Ford Endeavour interior is all about the high-class material, sleek design and a clear look, whereas the Fortuner interior is all about the curve design and the sharp creases. Both the SUV cars come with 3 rows seats, but the third-row seats are very compact in both the vehicle.

Both the car’s interior is excellent with features, Fortuner interior is dashing with its premium quality material. But I will prefer the Ford Endeavour cabin, as it is very clear and is the most silent cabin, as it is having new features in the cabin which make the cabin silent and pleasant place.

Endeavour Vs. Fortuner Price:

Coming to the price comparison between both the SUV cars, both are affordable in price. But if you look at it, the new Ford Endeavour is slightly cheaper than the new Toyota Fortuner. The new Toyota Fortuner car on road price will cost you from 25.90 lakh for the base model to 31.14 lakh for the high-end model, whereas the new Ford Endeavour car on road price will cost your from 23.50 lakh for the base model to 30.78 lakh for the high-end model.

Final Verdict of the Comparison:

So here is the final verdict of the comparison of the Toyota Fortuner and Ford Endeavour. Talking regarding the price comparison of both the cars, the Ford Endeavour is slightly cheaper than the Fortuner even in comparison of the features. So Ford Endeavour will be the best choice for you.

Looking ahead the Ford Endeavour looks superb as the SUV has got American SUV design and as the Endeavour is bigger than the Fortuner, you will feel more comfort than the Fortuner. Overall saying the Ford Endeavour is the perfect SUV car in India against the Toyota Fortuner.

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