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Most Common Mistakes Tourists Make When Visiting India

Imperfection ruins everything. Everyone makes a mistake in life so that the next time he or she does mistake can solve it better or be careful. We all love travelling around India or across India. Travel with loved ones to any cool place for vacations or honeymoon are fun. But in the end, we tend to do a mistake while visiting any place in India. Here, in this post I am going to share you some of the most common mistakes tourist make when visiting India.

When you plan for a travel to any place in India, you need to plan things properly so that you don’t repeat the same mistakes next time which can ruin your trip. Let’s check out those common mistakes that most tourists makes.

5 Most Common Mistakes Tourists Make When Visiting India

#1: Over Packing

We get excited to travel to a new place in India isn’t it? Yes, it happens with all of us. But what happens sometime is we tend to over packed things like clothes, shoes, etc. that make our luggage too overweight.most common mistakes tourists make when visiting india

You will be frustrated of your luggage that is overweight and top of that the airlines will charge you extra fine. This is annoying right? So that is why it is always good that you pack things what is important and be free from paying extra charges so that you can save your money.

#2: Lack of Research about the place

Whenever you plan for a visit to a new place around India, choose the place and make a complete research about the place properly so that you don’t face any circumstances. For example – if you are travelling to Kerala you must know the capital of the state, taxi fare rates, etc.most common mistakes tourists make when visiting india

As you land in the particular state, there will be several taxi or cabs waiting outside for the passenger to take to their destination. You need to make of exact destination to go and must book the taxi from the counter, because if you don’t have idea about the fares then you will end up paying high to the cab drivers.

Before visiting the place make sure that you read the do’s and don’ts about the place you are visiting. Most of the religious places in several states in India are prohibited from taking pictures. So you need to be a bit careful and informative.  If you have done a mistake in this regard, then I am sure you will not repeat the same mistake again.

#3: Booking Flights & Hotels Separately

most common mistakes tourists make when visiting india

Booking Flights & Hotels separately is another silly mistake that most tourist do when visiting the place in India. If you are planning to visit any place in India then I would advise you not to make a mistake by booking your flights or hotels separately when there is a facility of booking the complete package both your flight and hotel stay together. All you have to do is just go through the browser and you will be able to find several amazing deals that will save your extra pocket money.

#4: Not Making Proper Budget

To travel anywhere in India or across, a proper planning of budget is a must. If you are running out of cash while you are on a tour, you will be worried and ruin your trip completely.most common mistakes tourists make when visiting india

That is why it is better to be safe than to feel sorry. Carry enough cash whenever you travel to a place away from your state. Some time it happens that you have cash in your account but what if there are no nearby ATM counters? To be safe to those unknown places, always make proper budget and enjoy your trip without hassle.

#5: Rushing to visit the citymost common mistakes tourists make when visiting india

Planning to visit a particular place? Then why not make a proper planning and schedules accurately so that you can understand the place better. Many tourists make mistakes while visiting India because they make a rush visit and end up without any information about the place. It is important to explore the natural beauty, traditional markets, narrow medieval lanes and small villages by spending some time to understand the perspective of the insider.

So, these are the 5 most common mistakes tourists make when visiting India. If you are visiting to any place anytime, then I would advise you to follow the above common mistakes that most tourists do so that you are well aware off and don’t repeat the same mistake as these tourists have already did. Hope you enjoy reading the post and useful. If you have any doubt then feel free to share your queries in the comment section.

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