Hi guys, I have some tips for you today which may help you in keeping your blog safe. I used to think that increasing the number of comments increase in Search rankings, and it does help in getting better rank indirectly. But my dear friend always peoples prefer for quality and it does really matter.

You might be thinking that only high quality content is everything, but actually its not.  I agree and highly recommend you to produce quality user friendly articles but you must not forget that you need to keep your eyes on other stuff too.


I personally would say that 40% impression goes to designing, Content 30%, marketing, social media & discussion 30% completes the 100% work of blog.  Today as we are discussing about the discussion [Comment section] made on blog post, we are elaborate the topic below.

Does Comment Increase Ranking or Harms?

Comment does play very important role while building up reputation of your blog or for increasing the readership. Without good readership and good discussion a blog post is never a complete landing place.

Important Settings:

Always give a clear chance to your readers to share their opinion with your readers and also giving them opportunity to ask you questions if any doubts in mind.  Allow them to comment by filling at-least Name and email, but if you keep ‘must be logged in‘ for user, they need to register for making one comment where 30% would turn back without commenting.

You must not auto approve anyone’s post because they would always keep spamming on your post. It also spoils your reputation once the spammers get involved in discussion area.

Say No To Spammers:

Never allow spammer to spam your blog with unrelated  questions, useless comments like [ ‘nice‘ ‘thanks‘ etc etc]. You should not allow comment with links [ Trying to build links] or adding low quality comments. This encourages the other spammer to spam your blog instead of encouraging your loyal readers to comment genuinely.

Name of User:

I have seen & experience spammers are using this trick of using keyword on the Name option by building link for desired URL on website option. This is very wise way to get nofollow backlinks which also helps in improving rank for spammers, but somewhere your blogs get affected.

Website link of User:

Now, this is another thing which 1000’s of blogger don’t even care about, I was also one of them but while analyzing one of my post with lots of comment I found many unrelated links. While removing those unrelated links I got very positive result in short spam of time.

Hence, if you just take a small care of your comment you can improve your rankings. If you are avoiding this small small things to monitor in your blog, I would not say you will loose ranking and all. But certainly you can improve your blog rankings and quality by monitoring your comment well.

Note: If your blog post is getting continuous comments it shows that the page is active and used by many users for some purpose. But if you are getting spam comments with related links added it harms your search rankings certainly.

I hope you enjoyed well and would apply same on your blog ….

Thanks for your support and if you want to add anything please let me know via comments. Also let me know if I missed out any points, it would be pleasure for me to know your ideas and views.

Best Regards