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Clean Master- Is it the Perfect Cleaner and Booster for your Smartphone?

Clean master Phone Booster

With over 200 million users, Clean Master Speed Booster is one of the simplest and effective ways to boost your Android device. Starting off as a phone boosting app, the clean master made its way into providing fast, accurate and straightforward cleaning solution for any Android device. As you all know, we tend to use our Smartphone as the most crucial way of staying connected to friends and families. We even use it as a source of entertainment and socialising with new people. And with many new apps and staying protected with antivirus & malware as we do the important transaction through Smartphone device.


Clean MAster by Cheetah Mobile

And in doing so, even a standard Smartphone equipped with 2GB or 3GB of Ram and a blasting performance processor seems to lag now and then. The clean master application is developed by Cheetah mobiles which help to boost memory, free up unused memory, to enhance device speed and even secure your device against the vulnerability and even the malicious apps and more.

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Most Effective Features of the Clean Master Speed Booster:

These are few of the best features of Clean Master that you will be able to enjoy from. These will not only help you boost your device, but this will also help to securely deal with all the money transactions you make from your smartphone.

  • Getting Rid of What You Don’t Need: Well, you don’t want a cleaning application that you clear away your critical data and files just because they are large and taking up space. Clean Master reads & analysis all the data on your device efficiently. Then it removes all the cache and residual file which are actually of no use and is slowing down or taking up space on your device.
  • Get the Best Out of your UI: You device isn’t meant to handle multiple running apps and even offer a smooth user interface. So if you are facing laggings in your UI, Clean Master Speed Booster is your way out.
  • Cooling Off Your Device: Any handheld device can get quite as they don’t have high-end cooling systems like in PC, Laptop and other devices. What causes this overheating then normal? Well, many times it is caused when you are performing any heavy task (which is normal) or if there are applications running in the background ( the main cause of overheating & lagging). And this is where the Clean Master Speed Booster helps to stop unwanted apps from running in the background.

clean master speed booster

  • Memory Boosting for Gaming and Multi-Tasking: You device can lag while you are gaming or while you are jumping between apps. Clean Master Speed Booster can help you boost your device and free up vital space for avoiding any lagging while performing heavy tasks.
  • Safe Guard Your Device: With Clean Master Speed Booster you will be able to avoid any incoming or existing Trojan, virus, vulnerability, spyware and adware. Clean Master helps to safeguard any private information that is on your device from sharing it without permission to any apps or exposing you to any online or offline threat.
  • Managing Pre-Installed Apps: Clean Master Speed Booster comes pre-installed with a file manager that helps you to manage a few pre-installed & other installed apps. Your device might lag if your device internal memory also gets filled up, which means you will need to use the Clean Master Speed Booster app manager to transfer few apps differently to the SD card. This will help you to get all the extra space and boost that you can get from the moving apps from your device memory to external SD card.

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OS Support:

Clean Master Speed Booster supports multi-OS. So if you are using a handheld device running on iOS or Android, you can easily grab this amazing app for your device. Well, Cheetah Mobile didn’t just stop there with handheld devices, they worked their way into making Clean Master available for MAC OS and Windows platform too.

Yes, that right. Clean Master Speed Booster is now available for your PC & Laptop too. So now you can use Clean Master on your PC or Laptop to boost its withheld performance and free up all the extra memory to make your system running smoothly.

Pros and Cons of Using Clean Master Speed Booster on your Android, iPhone, Windows & MAC:

As a personal user of Clean Master, I would like to tell you all about Clean Master pros and cons. Using any application, device, the system would come with its own props and cons, and honestly, there isn’t much in the cons part of Clean Master, but it would be great if you know about it.

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Pros and Cons for Android & iPhone (Handheld Devices):


  • Removes Cached Data.
  • Removes Ad Junks.
  • Helps to Get Rid of Obsolete APK files.
  • Boosts Memory.
  • Removes Unwanted Files.


  • Consumes Battery Life.
  • Uses Phone Space.
  • Slows down the device. (theoretically)

Pros and Cons for Windows & MAC (Laptop & PC):


  • Analyses the System Really Quick.
  • In-depth Cleaning of System.
  • User Friendly UI and Usability.
  • Notifies When System Requires Cleaning.
  • Can Be Easily Managed.


  • The Menu is a Bit Lagging.
  • Limited Advanced Features.

Here you have it; these are all the pros & cons that you will be finding while using Clean Master yourself. But note that, all the cons here can’t outrun the amazing features of Clean Master. So you can grab the Clean Master Speed Booster for your lagging, overheating or any other UI issue on your Android, iPhone, Windows or MAC devices.

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