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Clash Of Clan APK Hack: Tricks To Defend TownHall & Win Battles Using Troops

Clash Of Clan APK Hack

Clash Of Clan APK Hack is a very popular game which is mostly downloaded for Android Phones. If you like a strategy game then you must download and install the clash of clan hack now. Most of the people fail to make better strategies when it comes to the lower town Hall in Clash of Clan.

Beginners usually, don’t know how to place the right defense or construct proper village. Well now let us discuss the best Tricks To Defend TownHall and all the possible strategies that work to defend your low-level town hall in COC. It’s a big disappointment when higher level troops destroy your village within no time as a player you wouldn’t want to lose most of your resources i.e. gold & elixir which you have collected for many days playing. So it’s a high time that you start learning how to defend your Low-Level town Hall in Clash of Clan.

Clash Of Clan APK Hack

When we talk about lower level it basically means Town Hall 5, 6,& 7. These are the town hall that has fewer upgrades that means there is nothing stronger and powerful in terms of their troop’s defenses like Cannon, Mortars, Air defends, traps, archer towers etc. all these defenses cannot be unlocked to stronger level until and unless you upgrade your town hall. So before anything else, you must check on the defends that will help you prevent from enemies attack.

Clash Of Clan APK Hack: Tricks To Defend TownHall from Higher level Town Hall

Clash Of Clan APK Hack or COC developer has designed the game in such a way that the higher level town hall like Town Hall 11, 10, 9, or 8 cannot attack the lower level Town Hall like Level- 5, 6, 7. This is because the loot for the lower level is too low, and apart from that the game is all about trophies league (bronze league, silver league, gold league, crystal league, master league, champion league) and the league are further divided into I, II, & III.

Players within bronze league cannot attack the gold league, similar to that the gold league cannot attack the crystal league this means that no matter how strong the defense is or how higher the town hall level is. NO players can attack too low trophies league nor attack too high trophies league.

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Tricks To Defend TownHall- Clash Of Clan APK Hack

Well, even though the developer has arranged the game in such a way but then you still need to make or built your village with a very defensive town Hall in Clash of Clan. Suppose, your town hall level is 5 in a weak clan, without a proper donation of troops. At that time what should you do and what are the necessary strategies that you should apply. And for the tips, we will discuss below in Town hall Wise.

I. Tricks To Defend Town Hall 5

In Clash of clan APK hack, when you are in Town Hall 5, there is a high possibility that your attackers will be either from level 6 or 7. Besides, you will get the lower upgrades and weapons which are powered for fighting only with the same levels. So here below lets us discuss, what are the necessary builds and upgrades you should include while staying in Town Hall 5.

Clash Of Clan APK Hack

  1. Canons-

The next thing that you should focus on is canons. Canons are good defensive as well as they are fast in attack and their range of attack is wider. You must place the cannons a bit closer to your town hall. Make sure that you don’t place your canon near the walls because it will be easy for the enemies to destroy your canon using their archer. So it is a good idea to keep the canon a bit farther from the wall.

While the enemy’s troops try to destroy your wall by that time your canons will wipe out most of the enemy’s troops. The higher the canon level is better it because of damages upon the enemies troops. Besides, canons require less amount of gold for upgrades. This clearly means upgrading canons is a good idea for effective defends.

2. Walls-

If you are in Town hall 5 right now, the first thing that you should focus is on building and upgrading the walls to the maximum level. Walls are very important in Clash of Clan for defending purpose, when your walls are stronger there is 60% of chances for you to win from an attack. Strong Walls usually slow down the enemy’s damage as it will take time for them to destroy it.

3. Archer towers-

Archer towers can receive less damage but the hit points & Range are higher. This makes convenient for the players to place them near the walls. Archer towers are good against both air attack & Ground troops they can shoot both upwards and downward direction, so putting them near the walls will strike hard towards the incoming enemies. They require low gold to upgrade and can be built at any place.

4. Mortar-

This is the strongest defensive weapon among the rest weapon in Town Hall 5. Mortar should be placing it in the center of your village. Placing a single mortar can cover a wide range; they can strike toward any ground troops approaching towards your village wall.

Mortar has the capacity to destroy the whole troops in a single blow especially when it happens to the weaker troops like- Archers. So make sure you place the Mortar in the right place where it covers the range to destroy the incoming enemies. The range of mortar wider, so the higher the mortar level the greater is the hit points.

5. Clan castle-

Clan castle should be placed at the center of your village. If you place it at the center of your village will help your reinforcement troops to attack enemy’s troops, when they come closer towards your town hall. Make sure that you don’t place your clan castle at the corner of your village’s walls.

Or else your enemy will find easy to pull out your reinforcement troops and kill them easily. When you place your clan castle at the middle of your village, it will be difficult for the enemies to bring out your reinforcement troops.

6. Traps-

Traps are very helpful, they surprise the enemy. Since it is a hidden weapon the opponent won’t have an idea about it. So make sure that you place them in the right place. Traps are not to be placed inside your village’s wall instead of keeping them outside the wall will help a lot.

Most usually players like to place the trap like bomb and spring traps are available in Level 5 Town Hall. So place them near the low level and weaker wall. This will make believe that the enemies should attack through this weak wall. And it will surprise attack to the enemies.

7. Wizards Tower- 

Wizard tower should be near the cannon, there are a good combination betweens cannon and wizards. Wizard Tower can damage lots of troops by one shot.

Overviews Tricks to defend your Low-Level town Hall 5 COC

The building like Barracks, Elixir Collector, the Gold mind should be positioned every corner outside the walls of your village. Sometimes it does act like the defends to slow down enemies attack towards your inside walls. Town hall 5 isn’t the strongest town hall but then arranging all your defense weapon in a right place will help you to overcome most of the attacks.

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II. Tricks To Defend Town Hall 6 Clash Of Clan APK Hack

In Town Hall 6, there are many new defensive weapons available for building and upgrading. At this level, you need to focus on upgrading your existing weapons like Wall, Cannon, Archer tower, Wizards towers etc. to the maximum level.

Clash Of Clan APK Hack

Once you have upgraded then you should build traps for Clash Of Clan APK Hack. Building traps do not take time at all you can build instantly. So it will save your builders, and focus on another upgrade. They are as follows-

  1. Wall- 

Expand your village wall by adding new walls in town hall 6. This is the first line of defense, if you fail to set them right then it is definitely going to destroy you from any incoming enemy attacks.

2. Air Defense- 

Since you are in Level 6, there is a lot of chances that your enemies will use air troops to attack your village, so you need air defence. Even though archer and wizard tower can attack the air troops, it is not sufficient to destroy the air troops.

So building Air defence will help you to assist in bringing down most of the enemies air troops. Do not upgrade all the air defense once at a time, to prevent incoming attacks from the enemies; as one should be active for an air strike.

3. Air Sweeper- 

Air sweeper is the best defence tower to avoid any kind of air attack from the enemies. The main function of this defense tower is to sweep away the enemy’s air attack. The intensity of the defence tower can be increased by upgrading it. So use more golds upon this awesome defence tower to stay safe from enemy’s attack.

4. Air Bomb- 

If you are being attacked by the incoming air troops then your air bomb is going to be functional. Air Bombs usually stay calm until the enemies air crafts come into its range. And once the enemy comes within the range, then the air bomb will chase the enemy and blows them down. You can also upgrade the Air Bomb to unlock its ultimate which gives you more damage.

5. Giant Bomb- 

Among the trap, next upgrade should be giant bombs. Giant bombs can be built instantly but they have a short range. The giant bomb can kill troops like archer, Barbarians, and wizards directly. Upgrading the Giant bomb up to level II or III is going to cause greater damage to the enemies.

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Overviews tricks to defend your Low-Level town Hall 6

In Clash Of Clan APK Hack, the clan castle should be upgraded for receiving maximum reinforcement troops. You should also focus more upgrades on defensive weapons. Here on this level, 6 Town Hall upgrading air defensive weapons are the key for good defence. And with the good defence, you can prevent and withstand any attack coming from higher level Town hall opponents.

III. Tricks To Defend Town Hall 7

In Town hall 7, new things like Seeking Air Mind, Barbarian Kings and Hidden Tesla will be available. But before upgrading any of the new defensive weapon or troops make sure that your walls are to the maximum level. At this levels, the enemies will use ground troops for an attack so your wall should be strong.

Clash Of Clan APK Hack

Once the wall is upgraded to the maximum level, now you should go for cannons upgrades followed by wizard towers.

  1. Hidden Tesla- 

After every defensive weapon is upgraded to the higher level go for Hidden Tesla. It is very effective against the troops like Pekka, Archer, and Barbarians. This weapon can attack both flying enemies and ground enemies; they are fast and damage the enemies within no time. So upgrading tesla to the higher level can bring good damage but cannot take lots of damage.

2. Seeking Air Mind- 

Seeking air mind targets only a single air troop. The damage done by this air mind is 3x better than air bombs. It will be a good idea to place this seeking air mind at the centre of a village.

3. Barbarian King- 

Barbarian kings take a longer time to upgrade as you need to collect a lot of dark Elixer. So this should be the last for upgrades in Level 7 town Hall in Clash of Clan. But make sure that the barbarian king is position near or at the centre of the town hall/village. There are 70% chances that placing barbarian king at the middle of the town Hall in Clash of Clan will bring victory over enemies attacks.

Overview tricks to defend your Low-Level town Hall 7

At this level, you need to change the layout of your village like placing your defensive weapon like Barbarian kings, Mortar, Archer & wizard tower, center air attacks and Gold storage & Elixer Storage should be placed at the centre of the Town Hall. If you can change the position or layout, then it will give enough space for placing new weapon. So make sure you design complete new layouts. You can’t use the same village layout of the lower level town Hall in Clash of Clan, as this have the possibility to gain attacking position for the enemies that is going to be bad for your town hall.

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Suggestion to defend your Low-Level town Hall in Clash Of Clan APK Hack

All the players shouldn’t rush on upgrading town Hall in Clash of Clan, until and unless they upgrade all the other necessarily defence tools like- Walls, troops or weapon. As because there are chances that the higher level town hall troops will come before you and attack.

As for example, if you have the higher town hall with lower defence then it is definitely your opponent will strike hard with all the new weapon and tools that will be difficult for you defend. And thus there are no chances for a successful defence. The higher your town hall level is, the bigger & stronger enemies you will encounter. So upgrading the defensive weapon first before the Town hall directly is a better idea to win any battle.

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In Clash Of Clan APK Hack, defending is more important than building a higher troop. When you have good defensive village regardless of having a low-level town Hall in Clash Of Clan APK Hack, you have a lot of possibilities to win from the enemies attack. Winning a war against the higher level town Hall in Clash of Clan is possible only if you are having good defensive strategies. And all the strategies are discussed above which is surely effective for you to defend your village destruction. So build the best weapon and built the best Town hall strategies. So that will give you chance to win against the higher level town.

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