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ChromeTechny Tech is a technology blog which covers various topics such as Tech Tutorials, Gadgets, Computer Accessories, and Software, etc. ChromeTechny Tech comes under Chrometechny Networks Pvt. Ltd. for providing tech tutorials and Product reviews.

ChromeTechny Tech was earlier a company’s landing page which is converted to a blog, which will mainly focus technology topics. Out Team

There is five main category on which our team is focusing primarily:

  1. Gadgets: You will find details about different kind of devices, which includes reviews, comparison, coupons, and updates, etc.
  2. Android, iOS & Windows Application: In this category, we will be talking about various kinds of App Features, Reviews, Comparison, and guides on Apps.
  3. Computer & Accessories: In this category, we will add details about different types of computer accessories, reviews on laptops, Coupons, and other related guides.
  4. Software: We will be discussing the various kinds of software which can be useful in our daily life, such as review, guides, and comparison.
  5. Technical Guide: In this section, we will be sharing all kind of technical guides based on computer problems, the Internet, PC errors and others.
  6. Web Hosting Guides: In this section, we will be adding Web hosting related guides, reviews, comparison, and Coupons, etc.

These are some of our main topics which will be included on our ChromeTechny Tech blog. If you are willing to find any guides, you can email us at Our team will come up with the same topic soon.

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