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How Company Started?

ChromeTechny Networks Pvt. Ltd is an Digital marketing company at India, Agartala. Founder Paul billygraham Reang started ChromeTechny as a personal blog since 2014, 7th April. The Name ChromeTechny was given by Co-Founder Khakchangri Debbarma and she joint the company during 2014 Sept when the mutual decision was taken to turn a blog into a company. The 3rd director of the company Chiranjit Das Joint the company later on 2015, sept with a mutual decision to expand the business together.

The company started with 4 members in the team back on Sept 2014 in a small room, which did not last long more than 3-4 month. The Founder Paul billygraham Reang and Co-Founder khakchangri debbarma still continued the work and kept it going further from home. On May 2015, once again the team came together and made mutual decision to go for office again and set up everything and build up the company in a better way. The team started growing from 4 to 8-10 members in the office, but the biggest drawback was that maximum of them were still studying.
Later everyone went out for further studies and office was left out only with two members in the office. This time Paul billygraham Reang and Khakchangri Debbarma kept going and decided to keep moving. This was the time when Chiranjit Das the 3rd Director of the company joint the company as a partner and started the new journey.

A month later the team started growing in numbers from 3-5 and 5-10 and so on. ChromeTechny Networks Pvt Ltd got officially incorporated on Jan, 2016. ChromeTechny is basically a blogging and SEO company which provides various digital marketing services worldwide. The company has successfully delivered lots of work to the clients with positive results in very short span of time.

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