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CCD Female Employee Slaps Customer- Read Why She Really Did it!!!

ccd girl slapped customer

You will be shocked to watch this video, which is widely being shared on Twitter and now is spreading over other social medias too. This unhygienic scenario was noticed in Jaipur Cafe Coffe Day (CCD) outlet. While CCD is one of the best places for chit-chat with friends and for couples, but watching this video you will probably think several times before visiting any CCD store. Allegedly, Arpan Verma (law student) noticed cockroaches and some others bugs inside the pastry cooler where their foods and pastries were kept.

A lot can happen over coffee
Image source: CCD

Reportedly, when he ordered for Green Apple Soda and paid for the same he noticed those unhygienic things in the refrigerator too. Thereafter he refused to take the order and asked employees to refund money that he paid for the order.

The employee refuse to return the money to Arpan Verma. Even after bringing it to the knowledge, the employees were serving foods from the same pastry cooler to its customers. When Arpan Verma also shared that thing with other customers; they also refused to take the order with very obvious.

When Arpan was recording video of the cockroaches found with the sole intent of alerting others, a girl employee of CCD slapped him. In his recorded video, we saw the CCD girl saying “app meri photo kyun kheech rahi hai?” slapping after. She abused Arpan for taking video of her while taking the footage of cockroaches that he found.

Arpan Verma also said that even after the matter came into the light, employees were hiding those bugs and cockroaches with their menu cards which were quite shocking to see. In the video, you can see how the girl employee crossed over and slapped him.

Watch the video:

This video got more than 2k shares and now trending on many social sites. Describing the incident that happened in popular CCD outlet in Jaipur, he shared a screenshot.

Check out he said about the incident:

This is really heart threatening when this Indian multinational cafe brand which comes under ISO certification and causes incidents like so. As CCD is popular for their pastries, coffees and many other delicious items on their menu, now this incident will really shatter people’s hope and you too might think twice before going to any CCD outlet.

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Well, for a good exercise, when Arpan was recording the whole thing, he got slapped. This is how he got treated when he tried to show the real facts with the sole intention of alarming others. Share what do you think about this incident or would you visit any CCD after this?

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