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Caves Destinations In India | Must Explore The Ancient Indian Caves

Reflecting on our glorious past, there are many caves in India that are worth exploring for. In India, there are many caves which are still unexplored. However, these caves are the true treasure of our great history like the era of Ashoka the great.

caves in India

Meanwhile, most of the natural caves in India are Hindu caves temples like Vaishno Devi, Amarnath and much more. In fact, on the other side, these caves also reflects the rich culture and tradition of India. So, if you are looking for the cave destinations in India then here are some of the best caves in India that any traveler would love to explore.

Cave Destinations In India: Must Explore The Ancient Indian Caves:

India is considered to be very popular to have a number of caves that one can find there. Every state has a number of caves and also has a mix of history, spirituality, mystery, adventure and much more to explore in India.

1. Elephanta Island Caves, Mumbai:

caves in india

The Elephant caves are also known as a Gharapuri cave, which is located about 7kms from the city of Mumbai and can only be reached by ferry. Furthermore, there are about 7 rock-cut caves that have been dated back to the 6th and 7th centuries A.D. However, this cave is the number one major interest to the visitors to explore them.

What are the Interesting Things To See:

Here, you will find an exquisite sculpture of Shiva in different forms. However, the main attraction in the cave is the Mahesh-murti that represent Lord Shiva in three forms such as, the aghora, turbulent and fearsome and much more.

2.Ajanta and Ellora Caves, Maharashtra:

caves in india

The Ajanta and Ellora caves are the most famous caves in India. When you visit this cave, you will find carved into the hillside rocks and are located in the north of Maharashtra. Therefore, One must explore these caves which are truly magnificence of their beauty and form.

What To See:

There are in total 34 caves at the Ellora, which dates back to the 6th and 11th centuries A.D. Apart from that, there are 29 caves at Ajanta, which dates back to the 2nd century BC and 6th century A.D. In addition to that, the caves at Ajanta is an all Buddhist cave. However, the caves at Ellora having a mix of Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism as well.

3.Badami, Karnataka:

caves in india

Badami is a very attractive cave due to the presence of many beautiful cave temples. These four cave temples are open daily for a specific period of time. However, these four caves are dedicated to individual gods like Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, and the Jains.These caves are dates back to the 5th century Agastyatirtha Tank and also can be seen a beautiful waterside Bhutanatha Temples. This cave is worth exploring it and experiences lots of adventure.

4.The Many Caves of Meghalaya:

caves in india

Meghalaya is a small state in North-East India, where the caving exploration has actually started. It has many caves, in almost every nooks and corner of its beautiful landscape.

What Else to See:

When you visit these caves, which is no extraordinary but simply beautiful and inspiring to explore them.No words could describe how gorgeous they look during the sunrise and sunset.

5.Dungeshwari Cave Temples, Bihar:

Dungeshwari Cave Temple is the most popular cave temple in Bihar. There are three caves that have Buddhist Shrine in it. However, it is believed that Buddha had spent most his time meditating in these caves. Furthermore, legend has said that it was when Buddha was practicing his self-mortification, he became weak and started starving while he was resting under the Banyan tree.

Why Go There:

Apart from that, it is also said that while he was taking rest under a Banyan tree, poor village women named Sujata offered him some food. After Buddha has accepted the food that has offered to him, he was presented with a divine truth; that says neither self-indulgence nor self-abasement is the right way to find enlightenment.

In addition, there are two small shrines that were built to honor these significant events. There is also a golden statue of Buddha and also a Hindu goddess Dungeshwari placed inside the cave.

6.The Caves of Jammu & Kashmir:

caves in india

There are many caves in Jammu & Kashmir, but two caves are included to those who are dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Why Go:

Here, you will get to explore Shiv Khori which is placed near Ransoo, deep in the Siwalik Hills. However, this is a kilometer long cave that also has a natural Shiva Lingam made out of Stalagmite. Apart from that, there are also famous for Amarnath caves on the Mount Amarnath and a famous Hindu Shrine which is made of ice.

7.Trichy Rock Fort Temple and Pallava Caves, Tamil Nadu:

caves in india

This rock fort is one of the main tourist attraction in South India. It was constructed by the Nayaks of Madurai, many years ago. When you visit there, there is a temple of Trichy that is built on a rocky surface which is almost at the height of 237 feet above the city.

Why Go There:

The view of the city from the top is really awesome and you can also see sunsets which are amazing. Furthermore, there are many awesome caves that cut into the rocks, but it takes your time and energy for navigating it. However, make sure to explore these caves where you can get to see many beautiful and ancient sculpture carved inside the caves.

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8.Tabo, Himachal Pradesh:

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If you are looking for some spiritual feeling then you will find spirituality in these caves of Tabo. They offer the visitors a chance to meditate and go into trance. This cave is situated in the Spiti Valley, the rugged and rocky ridge that is located at a high altitude.

What To See:

When you visit these caves, you will find that there are many caves that help the local Buddhist lamas in meditating peacefully. Therefore, one can explore this place where you can find many small and big caves inside this one cave.

9.Khandagiri Caves, Odisha:

caves in india

The Khandagiri caves are located at a short distance from Bhubaneshwar and there are a group of 15 caves inside. According to the local, it is believed that this cave is to be the earliest Jain rock-cut shelters and also historical caves in India which are used by the Jain Monks during the reign of King Kharavela.

Why Go:

Once you explore the cave, you can overlook the city of Bhubaneshwar from its summit. Apart from that, the Ananta cave is amongst the most popular caves in Khandagiri, where you can see the carved figures of women, elephants, athletes and geese carrying flowers.

10.Carla Caves, Maharashtra:

caves in india

This cave is situated in Karli near the famous hill station of Maharashtra called Lonavala. It is also known as the oldest example of the Early Buddhist temple of art in India dated back in the 200 BC. The Carla Cave is the largest Early Buddhist Shrine in India.

Why Go There:

It is believed that the caves have been completed in 80 BC and included a statue of Buddha, a 37 pillared aisle carved with elephant heads, which once had real ivory tusks. The most important thing about this cave is that, the arched entrances and vaulted interiors. In fact, there is also an Ashokan Pillar at the front, with a closed stone facade and Torana in between which attracts many tourists attentions.

These are the best 10 caves destinations in India where one must explore them. Therefore, what are you waiting for? Grab your bag and set out to explore these ancient caves in India.

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