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Castor Oil Benefits For Hair, Skin, Health And Side Effects

castor oil benefits

Since when I am a kid I have been hearing about castor oil and its plant. But not very sure what are its benefits or how to use them. It was during that time when my friend recommended me to use this oil for my health and hair. So I tried to research more about this wonder oil or as you say castor oil in Hindi, Arandi Ka Tel.

castor oil benefits

How has this oil secreted? Can you tell me?

The answer is very simple and easy. From the castor plant seeds, we get the oil (Ricinus Communis). Popularly, castor oil plant mainly found in Meditteranean Basin, Africa, and India. The oil secreted is sometimes colorless and sometimes pale yellow color.

They are used for many purposes like cosmetics, perfumes, waxes and also for medicinal purposes. Hence, for a variety of purpose people use this wonder oil. Below I will list out few benefits and how to use this oil for hair, skin, and health.

Benefits of Castor Oil For Hair, Skin, and Health:

From many years and till now the oil has given so many benefits to our overall development. Hence, I will be sharing through my articles below. Go through it and get all the updates.

 Advantages and How to Use Castor Oil For Hair

castor oil for hair

1. Hair Growth:

This oil is an amazing cure for hair growth as well as hair infections like dandruff, scalp infections, smoothen hair etc. Read below castor oil benefits for hair growth.

  • It boosts your hair and promotes an early growth of hair.
  • They contain fatty acids as well as omega 3 for beautiful shiny healthy hair.
  • The oil also helps to overcome split ends, moisturize your hair and brings smoothness in it. This, in turn, leads to health long beautiful hair.

Take some amount of oil on your palm according to your hair length. Now with the help of cotton ball apply it on to your scalp and the entire length of your hair. Now massage it and get amazing results.

2. Treats Dry and Damage Hair:

The oil is very much effective for extra dry and damaged hair. All you need is a tablespoon of castor oil. Mix a tablespoon of the oil to a leave-in conditioner. This will helps you to get soft and smooth hair.

It also prevents you from premature graying which is a big plus point. As the world is advancing never rely on the chemical products instead go for natural ingredients.

3. Castor Oil Treats Scalp Infections:

With this wonder oil, many scalp infections like dandruff, itchy scalp and much more can get reduced when used on a proper schedule.

Advantages and How to Use Castor Oil for Skin:


castor oil for glowing skin

4. Treats Skin Infection:

Castor oil can do wonderful work to your skin like treating sunburn, rough and cracked skin, acne etc. Therefore, this oil has healing properties to heal even the toughest skin infection. All you need is a bowl of this beauty oil. Dipped in cotton bowl and apply to your skin. After sometimes rinse it off with a cold water.

5. Prevents Aging:

If you are above 35+ then your skin starts to wrinkle fades all the glow from your face. Castor will be the right choice to withhold. As a matter of fact, this oil will, in turn, make your face smoother and softer.

6. Smoothes Skin:

Every girl or a woman wish to have a smooth and soft skin. For that very reason, they go for many market produce that is harmful. And some products are very costly which becomes difficult to purchase. This is the reason I insist you to try using castor oil.

7. Castor Oil Benefits for Pregnancy Marks:

castor oil stretch marks prevention

If you are a mother then you must know that during pregnancy your skin will get stretched. As a result, the oil will help to fade away those stretches.

8. Fades Spots and Blemishes:

Usually, Dermatologist suggests you apply castor oil if you have spots and blemishes. In fact, the oil also has the power to remove excess pigmentation from your face.

Hence, evenly apply the oil to your entire spots and blemishes. After an hour wash it with a lukewarm water to get blemish free face and skin.

Advantages Of Castor Oil For Health and How to Use It:

9. Good For Joint Pains:

This wonder oil is a very good effect on your joint pains. Therefore, all you need is a very good quality castor oil and a cotton fabric piece.

As this oil contains anti-inflammatory ingredients, it takes proper care for arthritis patients.

castor oil relieves joint pains

  • Firstly, take cotton fabric and fold it. Dip it in a bowl of castor oil.
  • Secondly, squeeze some amount of oil and place it on your joint pains.
  • Now, cover the fabric with a plastic wrapper so that the excess oil does not hit your clothes.
  • Finally, place hot water bag on the above cotton fabric.

10. Controls Back Pain:

relief back pain with castor oil

If you are prone to back pain then try massaging it with this wonder oil. Simply take few amounts of the oil to your palm and massage it. Also, you can follow the procedure that I have guided for joint pains. Slowly you will get relief from back pain.

11. For Burns And Cuts:

It has amazing healing properties for burns and cuts. Its antimicrobial properties help to relief you for severe cuts and mild burns.

Additional Advantages of Castor Oil For Health:

  • Consume the oil if you are suffering from any indigestion or constipation.
  • They also boost up your energy level which is great.
  • Also, treats all kinds of ringworms.

Castor Oil Side Effects:

If there is an advantage then side effect also must be there. This oil also has some side effects which I will be reviewing below. Also read, Side Effects Of Green Tea | Things You must Know

  • Over consumption of castor oil might lead to nausea, vomiting, dizziness etc.
  • People who are allergic gets access rashes on their skin.
  • The is very good for dry skin but if you face any itchiness or redness on your skin then better stop using it.
  • You might also face swelling of your skin if you take in abundance. But it will not affect you when taken in a limit.
  • Sometimes you may feel trouble while breathing because of too many intakes of this oil. This may be a serious problem. Stop taking when you face such kind of disorders.

castor oil side effects

So this is some of the side effects of castor oil. However, it does not harm if you are not allergic to it, instead, will give you amazing results. Do try some skin test before applying the oil, if any emergency persists visit a nearby doctor.

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Now that you got the idea about benefits and side effects of castor oil, I hope it is quite clear. This oil is great for hair, skin ad health although there are some side effects. Also, millions of people do search for benefits of castor oil online or its price. Don’t worry they are available at a cheap price within your limit. Therefore, get them as soon as possible. And also natural pure oil is also available.

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