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Can We Depend on One blog As Primary source of Earnings?

It is very tough to answer this question, because when you choose blogging as your career first doubt in back of the mind is ” Can I depend as my primary source of income“. We start a blog and put all our affords on it, with lots of expectation in growth financially and as a best blog.

We don’t succeed in building up blog successfully each time we build blog, but If you have the basic knowledge from the scratch you can succeed most of the time while you build up new portal. Somewhere some point you may fail in doing it because you may not be getting perfect audience or perfect content which readers would love.

There are many bloggers who are already well settled with one blog getting good income out of the blog, but still they prefer building up more blogs. This leaves in a confusion to many bloggers which happened to me also, when I was just starting up as a newbie blogger I was also confused and even started multiple blogs at a time [ Result: failed in everything].

Blog Reputation and Fame:

It is very important to gain good reputation for your blog as well as yourself, if you want to survive long in the field of blogging. When you start gaining fame you will get lots of opportunities based on your reputation and fame, here is how you grow even though your one site goes down you have more opportunities and options once you have good reputation.



Consistent Earnings:

First thing which we must make sure is which earning source are we depending on, and how long can we go on. Basically maximum bloggers completely depends on Adsense, Adsense alternative or affiliate programs etc. Out of which many bloggers successfully earn good money but fail to continue earnings consistently [Not everyone fail, but maximum failed ].

I personally had faced lots of ups and down in past 1 year. Earnings went down from 600$ approx earnings per month to 100$ per month just in one month just because I had just 2 earning source at that time, which failed. After which I had to go through lots of hard works and trouble, and increased the revenue even more that what I used to earn earlier. I personally increase the number of blogs that I own and I got very good & Positive response from it. Working on more blogs can definitely increase your blog more.

It is seen most of the time that one time’s big earner sometimes fail to continue the earnings for long, This happens mainly because of improper optimization or website having less authority or if any unethical tactics are implemented or low potential niche.



Before we solely depend our career on blogging we must be concerned about our consistent earnings at least for 1 year, in which you would gain lots of experience on it.

Check Some potential affiliates for making Money:

My Personal view is “NO”:

I said no because there are many ups and down in the blog performance, especially when you are depending on certain keywords ranking. There will be lots of fluctuation in earnings when it comes to long run until your build authority, like good handy list of email subscribers or genuine follower.

It requires lots of hard work in building genuine and very useful contents which helps your readers always. Updating your blog regularly is not sufficient at all but you must update unique and detailed articles which worth a good readership.

One blog may give you good earnings for sure but there are many times where the articles on search results are out ranked by a newer link or you blog may get penalized for someone else fault or adsense account may get banned or anything may happen.


Apart from this risk, we see lots potential in multiple niches which can be profitable. But we cannot put all the egg on one basket and hence we do try out different niches, out of which some works perfectly and some moderate.

How to Build one Blog that we can depend on?

If you want to build a blog that you can depend on you must follow some of the steps that may help:

  • It should not have limited ideas nor limited potential such as seasonal, less productivity or less audience etc.
  • It is one of the best idea to have your own services which can be highly profitable.
  • Get some good budget for your blog such as good design, marketing tools, good hosting, Social media Marketing, SEO tools, Backlinks & Good content writing team [Get the best tool for your project that doesn’t give up on half way].
  • Earning Source: Your blog must have at least more than 5 earning source which are active and revenue making sources. If you are solely depending on single source of earning you are just making fool of yourself. It must be making consistent money and good traffic for more at least 1 year.
  • Keep your blog clean and updated with quality backlinks and social media marketing so that it don’t lack behind in the competition.
  • Updating old contents frequently, which never gets your old post older.
  • Tricks to boost up your blog may harm you in long run, so it is highly recommended to keep your blog updated with the most genuine work only.

If you are ready with all the stuffs mentioned above you are ready to depend on your one and only blog. You have to focus on improving the blog and covering more topics which may help your users.

What do you think about the same topic??

Can we depend on one blog???

Looking forward for answer from you..


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Paul billygraham Reang

Hello Friends, I am Paul billygraham Reang CEO and Founder of ChromeTechny Networks Pvt. Ltd. company. I started blogging since 7th June, 2013 and took blogging as my full time career.
Apart from blogging I love visiting new places, listening musics, reading motivational books and talking to those peoples who wants to do something big in their life.


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    • Hi Sagar,
      Thanks for commenting, I am glad that you liked the article. Currently has doubled more than earlier after I started working harder.
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  • I have gone through your website and found it very much useful.Although I am new to it, I want to learn something from your tutorials.

    Gautam Reang

  • Gone through your website and found it very useful.Although I am very much new to it,I would like to learn something from your tutorials.

    Gautam Reang

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