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Are You Building Link Without Understanding Link Juice Flow

link building is highly practiced today among webmasters and every blogger with understanding  link juice. It is a very Natural thing that a blogger or webmaster would be excited to build links or get dofollow backlinks for their website to increase the search result visibility.

Link Juice is one of the most important thing when a webmaster understands it, they never fail in building links and increasing visibility. Link juice flow is SEO term referring to equity passed to your link site from the backlink you create [ Acts as a credit or vote determining your search ranking].

Earlier I have shared multiple ways to get handly list of backlinks list which would help you to get high authority backlinks. Also there are many ways to build quick backlinks for your webpage or homepage, you can build links from comment luv plugin enabled websites, High Authority Social Bookmarking Sites, Guest post, Commenting on auto approve sites, Commenting on  .Edu & .Gov “must be logged in” sites. High Pr Free Sites List from profiles, From signatures from forums, Broken links from other sites & Paid links [ Paid links only quality] etc.

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How does a link Juice Flow?

Taking an example of my own site ‘ChromeTechny’ & Your Site ‘’. If we both have similar number of post on our blogs and I have 10 backlinks to my site and you have 0 backlink, I will be ranking higher than you in search result without any doubt, due to link juice flow over my site from the 10 backlinks which I has created[ Acting as an credit or vote].

Example 1: More number of links More Good it is:

If your site is getting 3 backlinks from the similar avg. quality of the site, where my site ‘ChromeTechny‘ gets 7 backlink from the same Avg quality backlink. In this case my rankings will be much higher than your site will rank in search result.

Hence, in this occasion more number of links to your webpage more link juice flows to your web page.

Example 2: Authority Beats the quantity is getting 100 backlinks from low quality or new websites which are very new in the competition  [ 100 domains referring to to have below 10 backlinks]

Now ChromeTechny is getting only 10 backlinks [ every domain referring me backlinks have 1000+ backlink per domain] This is where the quality come into play. Not only qualtity can improve your site rankings but also reputation.

Now in this case ChromeTechny will rank much higher with only 10 backlinks due to quality backlinks [ More link juice flow over ChromeTechny]

What happens when you get a nofollow Backlinks from some content or comments?

When you get a backlink with rel=”nofollow” HTML mark up attribute added to it, your web page does not receives any link juice flow over the web page. But on my personal experience I have seen sites ranking well even with the nofollow links [ but its true you cannot solely depend on nofollow backlinks without any doubt], but mixture of dofollow and nofollow backlink would be great.

How to Get More Credit From The backlink?

For example you created a backlink from high authority site where other people are also building links. For example from the page you builded link has 7 outbound links along with yours [ dofollow], now equal % of credit will be distributed among all the links.



100/7= 14.29% of credit goes to each links.

Now if you are getting backlink from the page where only two outbound link is there, more % of link juice will flow over your blog/webpage.

100/2= 50% of credit goes to each link.

How to Get more benefit out of it?

To benefit more out of it, you must build links from the page with less number of outbound links & importantly it should be from high authority page.

  • From Relevant Pages
  • From Contents [Instead of comment or profiles]
  • High DA, PA & Page Rank
  • If you get a backlinks from the list where big big sites names are included.
  • Pages that rank higher in search result
  • Dofollow

Things you must avoid:

  • Irrelevant contents
  • Nofollow
  • Spammy links
  • Paid links
  • Pages not indexed
  • Link from zero content & Zero ranking sites

This are few important moral that you must keep in mind if you are looking for a long term link building strategy for a successive site.

Thanks for landing over to the page and joining out post …

If you contribute anything via comments as your own point of view it would be great & also I would love to know whether I could help you to understand or you still have some doubts.

If I missed out any points please mention it via comments I would love to know it…


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  • Nice stuff Paul billygraham Reang,
    Really important stuff for make quality backlinks and maintain balance between Juicy links or also safe from google plenty, making Backlink is hardest and time wasting work in blogging or if we go in wrong Direction than website become spammy.
    Thanks for sharing this usefull Information, Surely this will help new bloggers.

  • Quiet impressive and informative guide bro. As we know now that PR update is no longer available so one should try to build link on those posts which are of high quality. I don’t care much about PR, whenever I come across any quality article, I try to build link there. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Rahul,
      Thanks for your feedback, but honestly speaking PR still matters but a thing is they are not updating it more.. Due to high Black hat practiced highly..
      Best Regards

  • It seems like basic topic of SEO but still update. Sometimes we forgot about this things and make mistake in building links.

    Is there anyone who decide to exchange links with us ?
    Let me know
    I am happy to do this

    • Hi Adarsh,
      Thanks for your motivating works, keep it in mind will always keep providing quality.
      Best Regards

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