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How To Boost uTorrent Download Speed in Windows PC & Mac

Best uTorrent port

Downloading Torrent files is the best thing we can do when premium products get out of our reach.

How to boost utorrent download speed

We get almost everything in Torrent that are downloadable online; for free of cost of course. I am sure you already know this fact. I assume you are familiar with the reliable torrent client uTorrent as well.

Yes, it is one of the Best Torrent Clients you can imagine of.

We have been using uTorrent for downloading Software, Music, Videos, Po*ns, Games, Movies, and what not. And the most concerned thing among we filthy downloaders is, “How to Boost uTorrent Download Speed?

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Yes, we are also concerned about the torrent file quality. I will get to you with the Right Tricks to Identify Good Torrent Files.

For now, I am digging out the best ways to increase uTorrent download speed in no time.

How to Boost uTorrent Download Speed?

Who wouldn’t like to get a job done faster? Same goes for downloading torrent files. No matter what thing we are up to, we like to have it instant.

So, I have figured out some of the great tricks that will surely make uTorrent download faster.

1: Changing in uTorrent Queue Settings

It is a fact that downloading multiple files at once takes a larger space of your bandwidth. So it’s batter to download the files one-by-one. It’s quite okay if you’re downloading small sized files.

But, for larger files like movies, you may need to take a second thought.

There are options to Pause/Resume downloading, you can keep one file download paused until other one finishes.

Or, you can keep your setting all set for single downloads.

  • Open your uTorrent Interface.
  • Click on “Option” followed by “Preferences.”

How to make uTorrent download faster

  • Click on “Queuing” option under General Section.

Best uTorrent port

  • Edit the “Maximum number of active downloads” and keep default number as 1.
  • Now, hit the “Apply” button as well as the “OK.

2: Enable the UPnP Port Mapping

Sometimes, your windows computer firewall likely to acts funny in the name of protecting the device. Especially when it smells fishy contents from Torrent.In such case, you will

In such case, you will need to bypass the thingy and connect to the content seeders directly. It will make sure you get the top transfer speed.

  • Go to “Option” and then “Preferences” as you did earlier for Queuing.
  • Under General section, click “Connection” option.

utorrent download

  • Now check box for “Enable UPnP port mapping.”
  • Finally, click “Apply” and then “OK.”

3: Change Default Maximum Download Rate

You should change your default maximum download rate to unlimited speed. It will help you to boost your uTorrent Download speed.

  • Double-click on your downloading torrent file in the uTorrent window.
  • Under “Bandwidth Settings,” edit “Maximum download rate(kB/s)” to 0(zero).

uTorrent Download Tips

  • Now, click “OK” to finish the job.

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Other Tips for uTorrent Download BoostUp

So above are the changes you can bring to your software setting in pursuance to boost up uTorrent Download Speed.

There are also some valuable tips you should keep in mind for “How to Boost uTorrent Download Speed”

1: Look for Number of the Seeders

The number of seeders shows the number of complete downloads and sharing. Torrent files with a higher number of seeders are likely to be downloaded faster.

So, you may look for it while picking up any file from torrenting sites.

However, torrent files with higher seeder are more vulnerable to being harmful to your device.

2: Use Wi-Fi Less

There are many signal dwell in your room. Literally, your Wi-Fi signal can be interfered by these additional signals. Thus, it ca affect in your internet connection stability as well as downloading files.

Connect your Router or Modem directly to your computer to get the faster downloading speed.

Downloading from Torrent is a great experience. Sadly to say, there are also risk factors in downloading torrent files. Eventually, there are other convenient sites that can fulfil the needs of Torrent if it’s about downloading free movies.

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To be honest, there is no tool or software developed so far that meant to increase uTorrent download speed. Ultimately, you got to rely on the tricks I have shared here.

So, you got these tricks now. And, I believe, whenever someone asks you how to boost uTorrent download speed, you will surely able to help them with attitude.

Any questions? The Comment box is right there below. Feel free to use it. 🙂


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