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Best Bollywood Movie Download Sites for Free Movies

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Bollywood is the biggest movie industry in the world based on the number of movies released per year. Almost all kind of movies is made in the industry. Many potential movies have produced in the Bollywood over these years. Bollywood movies are released globally and millions of fans are there across the globe. If you are one of those Bollywood fans, you should be concerned about the best Bollywood movie download sites.

In this post, I am assembled and short listed the best sites to download Bollywoodod movies in HD quality for free of cost. These are literally best sites for free Hindi movie download in high definition as well as for mobiles. Also, I have short listed some best sites to watch free movies online.

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Best Bollywood Movie Download Sites for Mobile & PC


If you want free Hindi movie download then the will be the better source to download any Bollywood movies of your choice.  The is a site from where you can download Bollywood movies in HD quality with the Latest update. In you will get a lot of collection of Bollywood movies to choose from. Even it has the collection of the Tamil translated Hindi movies, Hollywood movies which are translated from English to Hindi.

The best thing in is that no ads will be going to interrupt you on visiting the sites and you can easily download any malware. Without a doubt, this is among the best Bollywood movie download sites for mobile and PC.

2: takes a very little time to download any movies and it takes very short time to update the site with new movies because this downloading site goes for the high-quality content. will provide you speed downloading of movies with high quality. The good thing about this site is that these site doesn’t contain any annoying ads like other Bollywood downloading movies site. You will be able to Choose various kinds of movies like thriller, action, romantic or all that from this site to download.

if you are searching for a movie but you don’t remember the name of the movie then you can directly jump on the huge collection of the and go to rare and best-rated movies where you will able to choose what you want to download and watch. This site provides with the best over all types of movies which are translated into Hindi and non-translated.


This site provides the best collection of the best Hindi movies even which is recently released and fun to watch right on their home page. This site provides a huge category of the movies to choose from such as translated movies, untranslated movies. This site also provides different genres of the movies such as romantic, action and many more different categories. In this site to download movies is very easy for downloading the movies you will just need to select the movies that you want to watch by clicking on a link it will directly take you to the option of downloading a file.


This site is known as now to In this site, you will be able to download various types of Bollywood movies. This site will not provide you only Bollywood movies but with that, it will also provide you movies which have been translated into Hindi from different languages like, Punjabi, Marathi, South Indian and others. This site is known for being one of the best free movie download sites for mobile as well. You can get free Hindi movie download in HD quality easily.

5: is one of the best Bollywood movie download sites. In this site, you will able to download any movies which have been translated into Hindi. is safe site and it has a safe source so you don’t have to worry to download any Bollywood movies from this site. The best thing about this site is that if you want then you can watch the movies online which means you don’t have to download any movies to watch it.


These are the 5 best Bollywood movie download site which you can choose from next time to download any Bollywood movie. All these Bollywood movies downloading sites are awesome and it will help you to download your favorite Bollywood movies of different categories and different genres. You may even get some Hindi dubbed Hollywood movies from the sites.

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