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Blue whale game shocking facts that you must know

If you are very active on social media sites, or you watch news channels a lot then I guess you have already heard about the controversial game Blue whale and number of young innocent lives this game has claimed.

It’s is now also getting famous by the name of the ‘Suicide game’

This game has claimed several lives in India and also in abroad, and the victims are teenagers. And the worst thing is that the number of suicides is increasing. Every day, we are hearing about a teenager doing suicide, which is very horrifying.

Now, before we talk about some socking facts about the Blue whale game, we are going to look at what are the Blue Whale game symptoms and how parents can know whether or not the game is been played by their children.

The Blue whale game facts are itself quite horrifying and alarming.

Blue Whale game origin & founder?

The Blue game first started claiming life in Russia, and as of now, more than 100 teenagers have lost their lives.

The game first came out back in 2013, and the first time a suicide was reported was back in 2015.

The game is active in several countries which include India too and can be found on the internet as the group behind this challenges have spread their roots across almost all social media platforms.

Amidst all the controversies, an expelled student of physiology named Philips Budeikin came forward and acknowledge that he is the founder of this game.

He also said that so far his game has killed around 16 teenagers. He also claimed that his purpose was to clean the society by taking teenagers lives who are depressed and think that they don’t have any skill or goal in their life.

So, basically, Philips targeted those teenagers who were battling with depression.

It was last year when the game was bought into the attention of the general public, and since then cases of teenagers doing suicide has been reported in countries like the USA, China, India, Argentina, Japan, Italy and more other countries.

Even though Philips was arrested but the community is still active on the internet.



Why are teenagers being targeted?

Well, the reason itself is quite simple. It very easy to manipulate young people, and thanks to social media, the game is spreading like a wild fire.

Teenage children who are battling depression; let it be boys or girls is kind of getting hypnotized by the game. Which is why parents these days do need to keep a close watch on their children.

In India, the first case of a teenager committing suicide was first reported in Kerala back in July, who was just 16 years old.

And make no mistake once you started accepting this challenge at the end the last task is to suicide, so for those who think or have the impression that if you failed to complete one task only they do suicide then you are completely wrong.

What are the challenges of Blue Whale game?

The Blue Whale game includes around 50 challenges/tasks but it really depends on the administrator, because he/she is the one who assigns the tasks to the players.

Although, we are not going to list out all of them. But we are going to mention those through which a parent or the guardian of the family can easily find out the Blue Whale game symptoms.

  • Writing and cuts on hands and other parts of the body: Blue Whale game symptoms are easy to find out if you pay good attention to your child’s body because when they start accepting and taking challenges within few days you’ll notice that some phrase like “F57” written on their arm or there are cuts which are made using stainless steel blades.
  • Waking up at 4.20 am: Once a teenager starts playing this game one of the tasks is to wake up every day at 4.20 am and watch some weird scary videos which the administrator will be sending to the player. And all of the activities need to recorded and sent to the administrator as a proof of evidence.
  • Poking your hand with a needle: The challenge of the Blue Whale game is basically to brainwash those who accept and make them hurt by assigning new tasks. On the 15th  day, the admin will ask the players to poke your hands with the needle as many times as they can.
  • Not talking to anyone for a whole day: This has to be one of the Blue whale game symptoms, the players are asked to not to talk to anyone for a whole day, so if your child behaves like this for a whole day then it’s because he or she  is playing the Blue Whale game.
  • Going to rooftops, rail roads at early morning: The game eventually ends when the player commits suicide but before that, he/she needs to conquer his fear. To do that, he is given some tasks by the admin which includes waking up at 4.20 am and the going to rooftops, rail roads, bridge and then sitting at the edge for a couple of minutes.And then the player needs to send some photo or video to the admin to prove that the player is being loyal to the game.
  • Talking to another whale: Throughout this 50-day challenge in one of them, the admin asks the player to talk and also meet another whale, which is another way how the kids are brainwashed.
  • Watching horror videos and listening to weird music whole day: This is another challenge which the admin asks the players to do, throughout the whole day starting from 4.20 am, players are asked to watch horror videos and creepy music which are sent by the admin.

Blue Whale facts that you must know:

  • Most of you may not know this the fact that the Blue Whale game started from a social network site Vkontakte where the ‘F57’ group was formed.
  • Even though the game was developed back in 2013, it got the attention of teenagers of Russia back in 2016, when a journalist broke out the news.
  • The Blue Whale game is not a video game which you can download and play. It is basically a series of tasks which a person needs to fulfill its kind of similar to the ALS Ice bucket challenge.
  • The admins of the game get connected with the players by using social media applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.
  • After the official arrested Philips, a few weeks ago the admin of the Blue Whale game which turns out to be a 17-year-old girl was also arrested, which itself is quite shocking.
  • Another Blue whale game fact that you should know is that the term ‘Blue Whale’ relates to beached whale which is related to suicide.
  • Players who commit suicide needs to kill themselves either by jumping from a building or by getting hit by a train and before they do they need to send a photo or video to the admin.
  • Another Blue whale fact that is quite is disturbing is that players are brainwashed to such an extent that the players are asked to harm themselves and also to get sick.


So, these were some Blue facts that you should know especially if you are a teenager.

Remember life is precious so don’t get brainwashed or influenced by such type of games and if you do then please consult with your parents and friends.

Hope you found this post informative if you liked reading it then please do share this post on social media sites as much as you can. And who knows in this way, you may end up helping out someone who has been looking for this information.

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