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Wrong Concept About Blogging You Still Have!!

Mistakes in blogging

Hi guys, today I am going to share first post about me which never let me taste me sweetness of success. I am sure today there are lots of guys who are starting their new blogging career, they might be facing the same problem. Today blogging is not the same as before anymore, competition is much higher.

Everyday new blogger is coming up in the competition, everyone wants to be at the top. But most of the time they fail to do things in a smooth way. If you are new to blogging or still learning this post would surely help you grow as a blogger. I would share some common problems and solution which happened to me once.

Wrong concept about blogging:

If you try to find out the reasons why your blog is not working good as your other friends. You would hardly find correct answer, which would not be enough to improve your own skills.

I learned very important thing about blogging, you cannot succeed on others hard work. Blogging is very simple and easy thing if you take deep breath and think for a moment. If you think in audience view Blogging is all about adding valuable points, helpful guides & your own thought most importantly. This is because people are reading your blog because they are willing to hear some views from you.  Your readers would not love to read others views or ideas on your blog ( Looks unprofessional).

Must Change:

1. Feeling like Super hero: I don’t really understand what was the reason for excitement, but when I just started my first blog I was full of over excitement. When I think about those days today I feel like laughing at myself. But I realized the most important thing, it is very important to take it to next level. I just took a start in the competition where competitors are millions in number.

Many bloggers have still that ego that he/she is webmaster and hidden hero behind the blog. But this kind of ego is the reason behind many blogs failure. When you started feeling like hero your attitude would definitely change, it creates gap between you and your readers. If you treat your readers like your friend, keeping one thing in mind that your readers are your friends you would surely get positive results.

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2. Teaching or learning: This is another big mistake I did when I just started blogging. I was not aware of anything about blogging, when I started my first blog. If you want to own pro blog, your thinking or plans should be like pro bloggers. Anybody today who owns well reputed blog have lots of hard & smart work behind the screen.

Before you teach others about any topic you should know more about it. But you are basically trying to teach others before you learn it. I have seen this happening with many bloggers and with myself in past, I use to post about few thing which I never knew before.

I mean copy cut paste is so easy it results are never good. Instead of running in the competition with no knowledge or half knowledge its better to take little time for learning. If you take 30 days for learning stuffs it would help you a lot and improve your skills and knowledge about blogging.

This would not only help you to gain knowledge but implement advance ideas in your post.

When you are going for professional blog, you must try WordPress & try Twitter for social media.

3. Running behind the money: I found almost everybody wanted to blog because he/she wanted to earn money shortcuts including me. But it doesn’t mean we should always run behind money, instead we should focus on work because good work would surely payout some sweet results.

When it comes to profession you must earn money to choose it as your profession. But if you don’t give importance to your work and have patience you should leave blogging. But if you ought to take it seriously and wait for your success with cool mind, success is near your hand.

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 4. Running behind Adsense: It is true that many of the bloggers are just running behinds adsense. Interesting thing is that due to over excitement they apply for adsense even if they know their site is not yet perfectly ready.

There are many more ways to earn money without adsense also what we need is good blog. When it comes to earning money it is more about traffic, you can earn money easily if you have good status and traffic. You should focus on adsense too but before that you must focus on your own blog.

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5. Looking for free: I know very well that you might be thinking if I start earning money I would invest few more $$ and get new themes, plugins or other important things. But if you think for a once why would you invest if you get money from your blog commissions.

It is because you know well your blog would be more complete if you get those product now. Till than you would be waiting for earning without making it complete…….??

Why do you want to keep your blog at incomplete stage??

You must spend some $$ and make your blog the best in all sides. I mean when you are giving a try on it, go for complete instead of half work. If you do it perfectly in all side you would surely get some sweets results. I am sure if you are in competition in your class and if you want to win the first prize you would never submit incomplete work. So why here…!!

6. Motivation: This is where more than 50% bloggers lack behind, you are not motivating yourself. Blogging is not going to get over in just a day or two days. Its a long term work, during this period you would face some up and down times in your starting career.

blogging motivation


You must connect with some pro bloggers and ask them to guide you. If you do some kind of mistakes instead of banging your head take a deep breath and try to solve your problem.  Take this positively because mark my words when you have this problem again, you would easily solve it with smile on your face.

If you are holding it tightly, it may be today or tomorrow but you would surely meet your destiny. Never feel bad to read others blog, because you will get good guides from good blogs. I am not sure whether the blog you visit would benefit anything from you or not, but you will definitely benefit out of it.

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Be yourself and make your own identity…

Thanks for reading it..

If you have any doubts or question or feedback I would love to hear that from you.

Thank you.

Best Regards.


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Hello Friends, I am Paul billygraham Reang CEO and Founder of ChromeTechny Networks Pvt. Ltd. company. I started blogging since 7th June, 2013 and took blogging as my full time career.
Apart from blogging I love visiting new places, listening musics, reading motivational books and talking to those peoples who wants to do something big in their life.

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