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BlackMart APK| Download Paid Apps for Free, No Sign Up & More Updates than Google PLay Store

blackmart apk

If We have to download any apps, we usually log in to Google Play Store. But you can also use the alternative app store where you can get much better features to download app rather than play store. And the Alternative App store is the BlackMart Alpha, a new and innovative app store for android.

blackmart apk

Smartphones have now become mostly used the device and everyone is having one right now. While the apps are also coming in huge number which makes your work much easier. BlackMart is a very good platform for downloading all the latest app and also all the are free to download.

In Google Play store, the App for android comes with free as well as Paid apps which you have to purchase to use it. And that too, some of the apps contains crashed file which even after buying the app you won’t be able to use it. So why to face such inconvenience? Just get the BlackMart App installed in your phone and enjoy much better quality than Play store.

Features of the BlackMart

As BlackMart is considered as Alternatives of Google Play Store, here you can explore some of the features which you will think BlackMark is much better than Google Play store.

1. No needs for Sign Up

If you are using the Google Play store, you will be first asked for signing up with your valid Google account. And If you do not have the Google account you won’t be able to Download & Install any.

So with the BlackMart, you will directly install the app and get started to download your favorite apps or game. you can check on the categories like-

2. Easy to Use

You are provided with easy to use interface by which you can search your desired app or game on BlackMark. you can check on the categories like- AppsGames, Just in (Latest App), Top App, Top Games etc. Just choose the related categories you are searching and download instantly.

3. Check number of Apps Available

You can also check the number of Apps available on BlackMart. So that it will make you search your desired app easier, which Play store do not provide.

blackmart apk

4. Change Themes

You can also change the theme for making the BlackMart look better which you can’t do it on Google Play Store. You will have 3 option like- Light, Dark, and Black. Choose one according to your needs and enjoy.

blackmart apk

5. Applications

You can check for new Application or browse new apps using the categories. While you can also manage your installed App on your phone. You can uninstall or remove using BlackMart App.

blackmart apk

6. Auto-Updates

The BlackMart will also help you updates your installed apps. If you need any Updates for the apps on your phone, then you will get the notification to updates any file instantly. Just Click update and it will automatically update the file.

blackmart apk

7. Get Paid Apps for Free

This is the best thing about BlackMart compared to the Google Play Store. Those apps which are Paid App on Google Play Store, you can get it for free. So no more worrying for the paying for the paid game, simply get it for free with your BlackMart App.

blackmart apk

Note: Not all the Paid apps or game can be downloaded for free. Even if you have downloaded the paid apps but you won’t be able to process it and you will be asked for paying again.

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How to download BalckMart APK

BlackMart Alpha APK can be freely downloaded and are available on the internet. They are safe and harmless for your Phone, so simply get the APK download and install the app.

To download the BlackMart APK on your Phone, you need a smartphone. But keep in mind, BlackMart is not available on the Google Play store. And so you don’t have to search any further on Google Play store, click on the below download you will get it only onto download the BlackMart APK on your Phone, you can get it for free.

So let us check on the Steps for Download-

  • Click on the below button for downloading the APK.
  • Now it will automatically download the APK file on your phone.
  • The APK file will not be able to install if you did not make any changes on the phone setting.
  • So, you must make some changes on your device setting. Follow the steps below:

Go to Setting > Security > Device Administration > enable Unknown Source

  • Once they are changed, now you are allowed to install the app.
  • Now go to your download file on your phone, and click on the APK you just have downloaded.
  • Finally, the app will be automatically installed on your phone.

blackmart apk

How to Use/Download any Apps from BlackMart

Once you have downloaded and install the app, now you can download any apps or game using the BlackMart Alpha. The BlackMart is a one stop App store for downloading any app which is not even available on Google play Store. So if you don’t find any App, then go to BlackMart App on your phone and download your desired app.

blackmart apk

And to download any app using BlackMart is also very easy. For a better tutorial, you can follow the below steps.

  • Open your BlackMart app on your phone.
  • Now, you can search for the Apps either Categories wise or you can also search the App by typing the name directly into the search engine.
  • Once you find the app, click and enter.
  • Next, you will click on the Install button. This will automatically download and install the app.
  • Hope you get the App on your Phone. Enjoy.

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How BlackMart is Better Than Play Store

As an Alternative, BlackMart has some awesome features that make them better than Play store. Play store actually does not have all the apps which are very important like- Tubemate, Vidmate etc. And also the terms and conditions on the Play store are quite unfavorable. So for such reason, Android phone users have to download the App using the APK file.

But also BlackMart have some negative points along with the positive point. Some of the reasons can be explained with the help of Pros or cons. They are as shown below.


  • No Sign Up Required for using the BlackMart APK.
  • All the apps included on BlackMart are absolutely free to download.
  • Only the best application are added in BlackMart and also those apps are present who is compatible with any device.
  • If you have to download or updates your current apps, then BlackMart will give your faster downloading and installation interface.


  • BlackMart is available for only Android Device.
  • If you are an iOS device user, you still got to wait for the next version that would allow you to download for the iOS device too.
  • Not all the apps are Free, some of the apps are still paid and you have to purchase for using it.

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Final Verdict

Here with BlackMart, you can do anything when it comes to mobile apps. You can download any apps for Free which are paid on Google Play Store. You can get the latest app which is upgraded. And there is no fake app in BlackMart which you can usually find on Google Play Store. So unlike Play Store, BlackMart APK Proved the best Alternative for downloading apps.

So hope you find any apps which are not available or Apps which is paid on Google Play Store to download. For more interesting tips and trick, keep visiting our site and if suggestions please leave a comment below.

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