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The Right Hairstyle For African American : 15 Black Wedding Hairstyles

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I can understand how you can feel on your Wedding day. The excitement, the glow, everything seems full of happiness. First and foremost your wedding gown must be perfect and secondly, your wedding hairstyles. However, one must know that every woman has her own taste while selecting the best bridal hairstyle. Here in this content, I will update some of the black wedding hairstyles for the African-American bride.

african american black wedding hairstyles

All things considered, you can get pretty hairstyles from simple to chic styles. Let’s see what are the options that you would get for African American have for her BIG DAY. Remember that you must look the prettiest, so select the hairstyles wisely.

Inspiring Black Wedding Hairstyle For Any Length:

African American bride suits with 2 major hairstyles a curly updo or a straight hair down. But let’s not be confused here and select from the list given below. Check which African hairstyle pictures suit you.

1. Black Wedding Hairstyles Down:

Mostly African American has curly wavy hair. Usually, what they do is, chemically straightened their hair or use a wig. So if you wish to lay your hair down then you can try this pretty look. However, it does not look a pinpoint straight but a little wavy will suit you. Hence, a beautiful flower jewel clip brings the glamor look on you. You will look the best black bride with pretty shiny hairdo along with the veil.

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2. Retro Updo:

Wedding Hairstyles for an African American can be little difficult because of its curly locks. And accordingly, you have to style your hair. Twist and curls are best suited for black hair so try this pretty retro twisted updo. Although the curls are very difficult to follow, in black hair it looks extra beautiful. So, if you have a black hair as well as long hair then you can try this hairstyle. Do remember to spray your hair for a beautiful hold.

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3. Side Bun Updo:

You are the only bride and seeing your white dazzling gown, all the guest will recognize you. But black wedding hairstyles need to settle down. If you think your white gown is not the one you are hoping then bring a dazzling look with your hairstyles. Try this side bun silky waves hairstyle. Wear a beautiful ear piece and you will look stunning on the DAY.

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4. Romantic Hairstyle:

Sometimes it’s very difficult to search romantic hairdo for an African American bride. And a sleek & shine hair is very rare among the black women. However, if you are one of those who has a sleek and shines hair then you must see the images I have given below. With some clips and pins tie an awesome bun with a lace headband. Wear a white pearl-like earring and a maroon or red color lipstick.

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5. Side Swept Wedding Hairstyle:

The older Hollywood celebrities look so beautiful with a natural beauty. As a matter of fact, they have those sexy and chic look. This vintage style will bring the older Hollywood theme to real life. The attitude, style must be firm even on your wedding day. Sweep all your hair to the side and achieve a celebrity looks.

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6. Curly Loose Black Wedding Hairstyles:

When you know that black wedding hairstyles are very peculiar to be found do not stress yourself searching for it instead go with this curly loose hairstyle. As a result, you do not require any extra hair curler to curl your hair. All you need is a bit of hairspray and a serum. Finish your looks with hair accessories placing them on the side of your hair. Also, you can try the Wedding Hairstyles for long hair

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7. Black Braided African America Updo Hairstyles:

African American updo hairstyles look very difficult to deal with but once you get acquainted it’s quite easy and simple. If you have naturally black hair then firstly, on both the sides braid it very small. Now separate your hair into two halves. Firstly, start twisting and braiding the upper half and secure it with bobby pins. Now take the other half and braid it again. Tie a secured bun with bobby pins. For a feminine look place a purple color flower.

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8. Curly Volume Mid-Length Hair:

When you do not wish to tie a bun or a ponytail then just leave your hair down. At the mean time, it will consume less time when you do not have to stress to dress your hair. I know you will look gorgeous. Especially, if you have a long face, letting down your mid-length hair will be perfect. Also, your wedding gown should be like hot and sexy with a deep neck.

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9. Beautiful Locks Short Hair:

The African Black wedding hairstyles pictures that I have attached below look amazing. Just look at the texture of her hair. Might be she takes a lot of care about her hair. Apart of all this, she looks very cute, am I right? With this sweet and simple hairstyles, one will look stunning. If you have a short bob length hair then you must maintain your hair just like the image girl.

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10. Defined Waves Low Chignon:

As you know it is very difficult to see hair designs on the African American women. So, usually what they do is straightened their hair permanently. You can check out the post hair smoothening treatment

See how this beautiful hair wave pins up with your hair. In fact, the bun gets all together just like a mini-rose. Even for any reception party or prom night, this hairstyle will look the best.

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11. Pixie Hair Cut:

Usually, for your curly hair, you tend to cut in a pixie cut. But in fact, this hairstyle creates a glam and looks quite cool. I tell you to make yourself comfortable with this style and just touch with fingers and you are ready with your black wedding hairstyles. The dress should also be like full of waves, one more thing, keep a smile on your face, you will look pretty. For more short hair styles try the List of 15 Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair That Looks Hot And Sexy.

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12. Half Up Half Down With Headband:

African American black wedding hairstyle half up and half down looks very attractive for long hair women. As a result, you tend to throw a beautiful glimpse on your locks by slight curling it. But it may not look too bold and during that situation, a headband will bring beauty to your hair. Place a headband from your forehead and curl below the strands of your hair.

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13. Twisted Long Braids:

You have a Rapunzel-like hair and this twist and turn black wedding hair just look unique. Take some your hair strands and just twist and turn it. Cover up all your hair with the same style and hence your hair will neither jumble nor create a knot. Hence, give a little hairspray on it for a complete look.

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14. Black Wedding Hair Braided:

Thick hair always looks good when you braid it and if you are having long hair then that would be awesome. Therefore, take all your hairs on the side and do the simple braid or a fish braid style. Leave some few strands on the front for a chic look. Nevertheless, if you don’t have a thick hair then you can clip some hair extensions. That’s it and you get the mind blowing results.

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15. Beautiful Curly Bun:

Simplicity is another name for a natural wedding. In fact instead of going for a twist and turn hairstyle a simple bun will give you all the results. Thanks to your natural curls which gives such a beautiful contrast with your face looks. Keep it neat and clean as this bridal hairstyle will never go out of trend. Note that you do not heat up your hair, just gather all your hair and you are done.

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That’s it, beautiful brides, all the 15 black wedding hairstyles are attractive. You can also go through alternative Wedding Bridal Hairstyle. I hope that you have got a proper idea which wedding hairstyles you must choose. Get ready fast and enjoy your wedding, your would-be husband must be waiting for you. Till then, have a great Wedding Day and do share me your experiences.

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