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Bigo Live APK Download Free | Bigo Live Video Call for Free

Bigo Live apk for bigo free call and bigo live video call

Bigo Live Stream is a new social media forum which gives you place for watching or broadcasting yourself Bigo Live Video Call. To enjoy the online video call or broadcasting here is a Bigo Live Apk Download free link for your Android device and Android emulator usage. With this video broadcasting app, you can also earn real money too.Bigo Live apk for bigo free call and bigo live video call

Live is one of the unique apps which comes with live streaming features and send a live message. What we can actually do with Bigo is visit any of the profile who is steaming live in the app and start making friends and, chat with them for free of cost. Meet your favorite celebrities, chat or view them live follow them and much more. No doubt due to its unique style, Bigo has now become one of the most used apps.

Bigo Live APK Download Free for Bigo Live Video Call

For downloading the Bigo Live APK and install it, you must have an Android device. This app can also be used in your PC via the official website, where you can start using streaming Bigo Free Call and Video Call with Bigo Live Web. For more details Visit –

Well, if you have an android phone it is best to use it on the phone. As the app is specially designed for viewing with an Android phone and also broadcasting yourself using the front camera on the phone.

So let us now get started with Bigo Live Apk download in below.

 Steps for Bigo Live APK download free

All the APK file are not ready for installing on your Android phone, some security restriction is applied preventing any unknown files. So you have to make a change in your device setting which will finally allow downloading the Bigo Live APK on your phone,

To make the changes follow the steps below-

Setting> Security > Device Administration> Enable “Unknown Source”

After following this process then now you are ready to download Bigo Live APK.

Download Bigo Live APK

  1. To download free Bigo Live APK- Click Here
  2. Now you will be redirected to the official website of the Bigo Tv.
  3. Click on the Android APK to download.
  4. Finally, download the file and install it on your phone.

Since you have already enabled the “Unknown Source“, now you are free to install any APK file on your Android device.

How to Install apk of Bigo Live  and Start Bigo Live Video Call/Bigo Free Call

After you have successfully installed the app, now you can login or sign up to the app to use it. This app is free to use and is very easy to use too. Only you have signed up and you will start viewing the most Hot and trending Live streamer which you can click and view to chat, talk live and much more.

With Bigo Live Video Call, Bigo Free Call, Bigo Broadcast; this is a fun app where you can get connected with different people in the world and also you can post yourself doing some fun activity and share with the other people.Bigo Live Video call and bigo free call using bigo live web

If you are good at some talent like singing, dancing or any other entertainment stuff, you can also be very famous among the Bigo TV. So now let us discuss how to use the App and get started with Bigo Live.

How to Use Bigo Live Video Call or Bigo Live Free Call?

  1. Download and install the app.
  2. Now open Bigo Live App on your phone.
  3. Inside the app, you will be asked for allowing the location. Click Allow Now to start.
  4. Next, you will be now asked for signing up using your either Facebook account, Google account or your Phone number.
  5. For making a quick sign use your Facebook or Google account, simply click on the icon shown below and enter your valid Email and password to get started.
  6. Now you are all ready to start watching live and also broadcasting live in Bigo Live streaming app.

How to Broadcast in Bigo Live Stream Online?

Well, if you are tired of watching other now you can also broadcast yourself and stay famous among your Bigo friends. To broadcast yourself is very easy, only a few steps you are away from broadcasting.

Steps for Bigo Live Online Stream or Bigo Live Video Call:

  1. After you have signed up and enter into the app now you will see many live streaming images.
  2. Below at the bottom of the screen, you will find the 3 icons of which the first with igloo shape is the home screen, second with globe shape is the broadcast button, and finally, the third ones are the search button.
  3. So with all the middle button, you can quickly access your front camera to broadcast yourself and go live in the Bigo live App.

How to Earn Real Money with Bigo Live Apk/App?

Bigo is a very fun app which will allow showing your talent live to the world and also you can earn diamonds, beans, and prizes which will later allow you to collect real money by exchanging them. So before learning about earning money let us also read about the main feature of the app.

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Features of Bigo Live App:

  1. Star Broadcasters: – many celebrities and stars from all over the world come in Bigo live. So if you are a big fan, you can start direct contact with them and enjoy moments with them.
  2. Be a Star: As there are millions of people screaming in Bigo live app, where you can showcase your talent and can make yourself famous.Bigo Live Apk for Bigo Live Video Call
  3. Live Broadcasting: you can go live anytime any moment whenever you feel right you can start the live broadcasting.
  4. Virtual gifts: when you like to some live streaming account, then you can send gifts instantly.
  5. Guest Live: if you want your friend to come in your broadcast, you can that too, Invite your friends to allow him to run as co-host and enjoy.
  6. How to earn how real money with Bigo Live app: Finally rewards, you can win diamonds, beans, and prizes and in exchange of Beans, you can convert to real money. So enjoy creating live Broadcast and enjoy.

Get this free video broadcasting app from the above given free Bigo Live Apk download free link for making yourself go live make Bigo live free call and video. This app is very good for you to create a good fame by going live on the internet and see how the people response and enjoy your activity in the Bigo Live app. Besides, if you can be very famous you will earn lots of bean and diamonds which will, in fact, make you earn real money using the Bigo Live App. So, above is the link for Bigo Live Apk download and share your experience using Bigo Live app for free online chat.


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