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100 Best WordPress Themes For Blog, E-Commerce, Coupon & Static Sites

Best Wordpress Themes 2017

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms used by millions of webmasters, having tons of developers adding great value to provide better user experience. Talking about the WordPress Themes, numbers are endless, with unlimited layouts, designs, and freelancers in the list.

Listing down the Best WordPress themes is not a tough job, but it’s not easy to list down all the Top themes as there are tons of professional Free & Premium WordPress Themes. But we have selected some of the best WordPress themes for various niches such as blog, E-commerce, coupon, travel & static pages websites.

Best WordPress Themes

The look and design of your site matter a lot to your visitors; it should perfectly fit your website according to your niche. The designer should design in such a way so that your users find your site easy to use; it also helps in connecting with your users and site branding. We are listing all the Best free WordPress Themes & Best Premium WordPress Templates.

Best Free and Premium WordPress Themes 2017:

We are listing down the themes categorizing them on the basis of different niche and requirements:

  1. Best WordPress Themes For Blogs
  2. Best WordPress Templates for Travel
  3. Best WordPress Themes for E-commerce.
  4. Best WordPress Themes for Static Page site.
  5. Best WordPress themes for Coupon Site.

1. WordPress Themes For Blogs:

So here is the list of the best handpicked WordPress blog themes which are perfect for blogging. These list of themes has all the essential theme requirements for an excellent blog. Few of the best features are like great loading speed, mobile responsive, SEO friendly, have 3rd party plugin integration, includes pre-made widgets, optimized for monetization, supports, documentation, updates, includes header sidebar navigation and much more.

Blogging (Premium Theme)

Blogging theme By MyThemeShop

  • Responsiveness: This theme is responsive, which will provide a very pleasant experience for new and old visitors. If your visitors are browsing through mobile, tablet or PC, your site will have a fluidic responsive.
  • SEO Ready: This site is well SEO optimized which means, even as a beginner you don’t have to work much for the SEO part. And as an advanced user, you can easily get done with on page SEO optimization.
  • Optimized Speed: The speed of the site is well optimized, so you can be sure that the site will have the least loading speed even with much contents.
  • Use on Unlimited Sites: Once purchased, you can use this them for your various blogs.

Magazine Pro (Premium)

Magazine by Studiopress

  • SEO Optimized: This is an excellent theme by StudioPress Themes which is ready to go SEO optimized.
  • Fast & Secure: With much of an expressive fast loading and secure system codex you can be sure that your theme is easily accessible and safe to use for all visitors.
  • Versatility: The versatility of this theme is unmeasurable. With many customization options, you can make this theme and the outlay as you want.
  • Unlimited Support: Get the best 24×7 support system with GenesisRock.

Focus Blog (Premium)

Focusblog by thrivethemes

  • Built for Speed: This theme is light and lean which makes it fast to load. Speed boosting also added.
  • Responsive Design: No matter where the visitors are from, Mobile devices or PC/Laptop, the theme provides a responsive layout.
  • SEO Optimized: In build codex for the best ready SEO optimization.
  •  Customization: Customization of the theme has never been so easy. With Many color schemes and custom fonrts to choose from, you can be sure to get the best outlay the way you want.
  • Support: Get solutions to your question with FocusBlogs excellent support system.

Webly (Premium)

Webly by themeforest

  • Creative Designing: This theme offers a variety of custom design. So you can easily customize the theme to fit they way you need.
  • Super Fast Loading: As the theme is light and flexible, the light weight provides with easy loading even when slow internet connection.
  • Search Engine Optimization: The theme has been optimized all the way, even for SEO and this means you will need to worry about basic SEO optimization even as a new blogger.
  • Hipster Photo Blog: this theme is best suited for photo blogs.  So if that’s what you want, this theme is perfect for you.
  • Support: With excellent support system, you can get all the answers you need for your own customization.

Daily News (Premium)

Daily News by themeforest

  • 100% Responsiveness: This theme is light & responsive to changes and customization. So any changes you make will instantly be live and working.
  • Child Theme Support: Turn this theme into a parent theme with more customizable child themes.
  • SEO Optimized: This theme comes SEO optimized right out of the box.
  • Best Suited: This theme is best suited for News portal, Magazine, Technology, Traveling Sites.
  • Support: With excellent after support, you can be easily customized, and in case of any inconvenience you will have a good support team to help you out.

Schema (Premium)

Schema by Mythemeshop

  • HTML and CSS3 Ready: This theme is HTML and CSS3 Ready, so if you are born developer then you are free to customize this theme as you want.
  • SEO Ready and Ultra Fast: Schema is ultra fast while loading for any mobile device or PC even on a slow network. And SEO ready right out of the box, you can start working on contents as you want.
  • Built-In Review System: Now you don’t install any custom plugin to get reviews tab on your website. Schema comes with a premium looking Review system.
  • Fully Responsive: With Schema you can be sure that the theme is all the way responsive even with a huge load on the site.
  • Support: This them provides with excellent after purchase support.

GrandStand (Premium)

GradnStand by Teslatheme

  • Load Speed Optimization: Can easily customize and maintain the site load speed at the same time.
  • Friendly Child Theme Support: Use the theme as your primary theme, or you can use a child theme for more customization.
  • Custom Support: Supports both HTML5 & CSS3.
  • 24/7 Premium Support: After purchase service ar offered all over the day. So the next time you are facing any problem while customizing or any other problem, simply head to the support service.
  • Demo Data: You can watch the demo data while customizing the theme like the way you want to.
  • Optimize the loading speed: This theme is customizable for both PC users and Mobile device user visiting your site.

Modern Portfolio Pro (Premium)

modern portfolio pro by studiopress

  • Custom Post: With the custom post built-in for latest WordPress version, you can set the theme as you want to. Paste images, videos, contents where you want in content.
  • Excellent Support Service: MindStream provides with the best support service. Customize the themes the way you want. And in case of any inconvenience simply contact the 24×7 support service.
  • Fully Responsive: Customization now comes with full responsiveness. Choose from all the customizations without worrying about lagging your website.
  • Page OutLays: Choose from a variety of page outlays that would suit your site the most.

Materialism (Premium)

Materialism by teslathemes

  • Load Speed Optimization: Now you can easily customize and maintain the site load speed at the same time.
  • Friendly Child Theme Support: Choose to use the theme as your primary theme, or you can use a child theme for more customization.
  • 24/7 Premium Support: After purchase service ar offered all over the day. So the next time you are facing any problem while customizing or any other problem, simply head to the support service.
  • Demo Data: Watch the demo data to customize the theme like the way you want to.
  • Supports HTML5 & CSS3.
  • Optimize the loading speed: Got more PC users or Mobile device users? This theme is customizable for both at the same time.

Spike (Premium)

Spike by Mythemeshop

  • Page OutLays: This theme has over 9 different Pagoutlays that you can choose from. Out of which the blog looks the best.
  • 100% Responsive: The responsiveness of this theme is extraordinary. Spike in excellent for any website.
  • Powerful Options Panel: With a powerful options panel you can choose to customize further any outlay that you want.
  • Excellent Support: With Mythemeshops Spike them you can be sure to get the best after purchase services.
  • Built-In Review System: Forget about installing any custom plugin to get reviews tab on your website or pages. Spike comes with a premium looking Review system.

LUXE (Premium)

Luxe by threvetheme

  • Built for Speed: Luxe by thrive there is really light which makes it really fast to load. Speed boosting also added for further performance.
  • Responsive Design: Visitors are from Mobile devices, or PC/Laptop will always get an excellent responsive website. The theme provides a sensitive outlay even with customization.
  • SEO Optimized: Ready to go SEO optimization with custom building codex.
  •  Customization: Customize the theme the way it suits your you. With 9 different color schemes and custom fonts to choose from, you can be sure to get the best outlay the way you want.
  • Support: Get solutions to your question with Luxes excellent support system.

 Locales (Premium)

Locales by teslathemes

  • PopUp Outlook: This feature offers the best outlook for your new product or content.
  • Solid Coding & SEO Optimised: Now you can use coding to the full extent along with optimized SEO.
  • Fully Responsive: Customization will no long make worry about making the theme or Website laggy.
  • Support Service: Get the best support service with 24×7 around the clock help.

Performag (Premium)

Performag by thrivethemes

  • Built for Speed:  Performag is a light weight theme by thrive themes which make it quick on loading. Speed boosting is added for promoting the performance.
  • Responsive Design: With visitor coming from both Mobile devices or PC/Laptop, you can be sure that they will always get a responsive website. The theme provides a sensitive outlay even with many customizations.
  • SEO Optimized: The custom codex provides an excellent SEO optimization.
  •  Customization: The theme customization is sure to suits to your wants. With 9 types of custom colors and attractive fonts to choose from, you can be sure to get the best outlay the way you want.
  • Support: Get solutions to your question with Luxes excellent support system.

Suarez (Premium)

Personal theme

  • Loading Speed: This site is flexible and even loads fast. This makes this teslathemes  Suarez a great theme for blogs.
  • Child theme Friendly: You can use this theme as your primary theme, or you can use a child theme for more customization.
  • 24/7 Premium Support: Get a 24×7 after purchase service. So the next time you are facing any problem while customizing or any other problem, simply head to the support service.
  • Demo Data: Watch the demo data to customize the theme like the way you want to.
  • Supports HTML5 & CSS3.
  • Optimize the loading speed: Got more PC users or Mobile device users? This theme is customizable for both at the same time.

DayLight (premium)

Daylight by teslathemes

  • Load Speed Optimization: Now you can easily customize and maintain the site load speed at the same time.
  • Friendly Child Theme Support: Choose to use the theme as your primary theme, or you can use a child theme for more customization.
  • Custom Support: This theme supports both HTML5 & CSS3.
  • 24/7 Premium Support: After purchase service ar offered all over the day. So the next time you are facing any problem while customizing or any other problem, simply head to the support service.
  • Demo Data: Watch the demo data to customize the theme like the way you want to.
  • Optimize the loading speed: PC users and Mobile device user visiting your site? This theme is customizable for both at the same time.

Stargazer (free)

stargazer free themes

  • Outlooks & Design: This theme has an excellent look with customization.
  • Hybrid Core Theme Frame: It has a really good rock solid theme framework which means you will be able to customize this theme as you want.
  • Support: Offers the best support time with 24×7 service.

Medium (Free)

Medium Theme

  • Minimalistic Design: This theme offers the best minimalist design even as a free theme.
  • Cross Support: Even if your visitors are from a PC or mobile device, you can be sure that your website will be highly optimized for both.
  • Support Service: Get the best 24/7 support.

Vantage (Free)

Vantage theme

  • Design & Outlook: A theme that offers the best & excellent look with customization.
  • Theme Framework: Good rock solid theme framework which means you will be able to customize this theme as you want.
  • Support: 24×7 service offers the best support time.

H-Code (Free)

 H-Code Free theme

  • Layout & Responsiveness: This theme has a wide variety of design which means you will be able to use it for different types of blogs like, Photography, Tech, Travels and More.
  • SEO Optimization & Loading Speed: Even with a wide variety of layout, each has been optimized for fast loading and even with SEO optimized.
  • Support: The support service for this free theme is like that of a premium theme. You will be getting the best out of questions and answers for this theme.

Rinjani (Free)

Rinjani Free theme

  • Customization: This theme can be easily customized according to your need.
  • Speed and SEO Optimization: This free theme is SEO optimized out of the box and with optimized loading speed that offers the best experience.
  • Support Service: You can get the best service even though this is a free theme.

2. WordPress themes For Travel Sites:

1: Jevelin


Jevelin is a great theme for multi-purpose business websites. This is a perfect theme for basic and complex sites related to travel business as well. There is an inbuilt WooCommerce plugin theme that is ideal for designing a travel related e-Commerce.

Theme Features:

Responsive: Jevelin perfectly changes its appearance to fit in all kind of device screens.

WooCommerce: The theme comes with WooCommerce plugin as an additional achievement.

Easy Customizable: The theme can be customized easily thus users with less knowledge could get the best out of it.

SEO Friendly: As Search Engine Optimization of your business site is very important, the theme keeps it smooth, fast, and SEO friendly.

2: Bellevue


If you are running a travel business that is mainly concerned with Bed and Breakfast, Bellevue WP theme is just perfect for your business website. It as a very SEO Friendly design that makes your website run faster. Creating service booking functions are easy as it possesses a simple UI.

Theme Features:

Website Customization: If you don’t have enough time to spend in customizing your website, Bellevue’s pre-made demos will guide you to get your task done in no time.

Available WooCommerce plugin: While making your travel business to the next level, you can create your own e-commerce portal.

WebSite Speed: The theme is light in weight, thus making your site fast and SEO friendly.

3: CheerUp


CheerUp is an elegant site making theme that is also available for designing Magazine layouts. It has a large number of inbuilt layouts to make your site picturesque and stylish.

Theme Features:

Modern Design: With 6 unique designs and more than 200 various layouts, CheerUp makes your Travel blog a modern looking.

Mobile Responsive: As the number of Smartphone users is increasing, CheerUp keeps your sites responsive enough.

Strategic Social Media: To boost client engagement and Social Media promotion, the theme puts Social Media features in each post.

High Performing Lightweight: As the theme is very light in weight, it does not take much of disk space and keeps your site loading fast.

4: Morning Time

Morning Time

If you are into a professional high-quality travel blog that should be admired by all kind of visitors, you should prefer Morning Time. Running Morning Time for your blog does not need any professional hand on it. Its user interface is very easy that everyone can customize the theme the way the want.

Theme Features: 

Fast Loading: 96% A grade web page speed makes your site easy to top on Google.

Responsive Design: The theme makes your site pleasing to access from any kind of devices.

Customer Support: The top-notch technical support team finds out solutions to all your issues.

WooCommerce: Generating bigger revenue from your business is easy by turning your travel site to an online portal.

5: Altair


Altair is a great WordPress Theme for sites like travel agencies and travel blogs. It creates a modern looking layout on websites of small business and professional ones. The theme keeps its function simple and user-friendly. It also keeps constant updates to adjust WordPress updates thus making your site run perfectly.

Theme Features:

Testimonial and Team Support: The testimonials and team support makes it easier to get your tasks done with perfection.

Responsive Design: The theme is responsive enough to fit Smartphone screen and making your site better readable.

Parallax Background: The inbuilt Parallax background makes your travel site more professional.

Booking Format: The unique booking format gives your travel site a complete shape.

6: Avada


Avada is an energetic looking theme works perfectly on all screen sizes and supports cross-browser. Its Parallax effect gives a sophisticated outcome to the entire travel related site. The theme is being updated regularly so it can adjust with WordPress Updates and could bring new features to the field.

Theme Features:

Mobile Responsive: The theme is designed perfectly to fit on small, medium, and large screens. Made sure that does not miss anything while on a small screen.

High Performance and Speed: It has A grade 99% page speed score that resonates a highly performing and lightweight website.

Kept Simple: For better user experience, the theme functionality is kept very simple to interact.

SEO Friendly: The customizable feature enables the possibility of search engine rank to the next level.

Ongoing Support: For any kind of hassle or further guidance, the ongoing support team is always on.

7: The Trip

the trip

The Trip is a great option If you are connected to business such as travel blog, agency, tour operator, etc. The large image features and classy typography are the best way to express your travel experiences while blogging about it. The simple user interface and responsive design are ideal for setting up, managing, and decorating your travel site.

Theme Features: 

Eyecandy Design: The theme is rich of modern looking traveling images that surely will attract your potential clients while giving your site a clean look.

Easy to Customize: Simple and functional user interface allows all users to customize their website appearance as they wish.

Premium Customer Support: With every purchased package, ThemeFuse provides active customer support that is available all the time.

8: Adventure WP Theme


The Organic Themes product is a perfect piece for travel bloggers, explorers, adventure websites, lifestyle entrepreneurs, etc. Its stylish modern theming is attracting. Besides attractive appearance, the theme keeps your site simple and functional.

Theme Features:

WooCommerce: The theme comes with WooCommmerce so that your site can convert into an online portal when it requires.

Homepage: The biography section and large sized slider fulfill the need of professional homepage.

Options Panel: The options panel lets its users customize the site using various theme style.

Responsive Desing: Your travel website will look no less perfect no matter which device it is accessed through.

9: Cousteau WP Theme

Cousteau WP Theme

Cousteau WordPress Theme is a modern looking professional travel website theme. The theme is designed by CSsigniter especially for travel blogs, tour agency, travel company, etc. The theme includes all the necessary features that a travel related site requires.

Theme Features: 

Mobile Responsive: Cousteau is designed to fit perfectly on the mobile screen as well as computers.

Custom Templates: It is fully loaded with useful templates for a travel site that includes Maps, Pricing, Videos, itineraries, categorization, and more.

User-friendly Interface: The theme is easy to set. The Drag and Drop feature for customizing homepage is an extra achievement.

Tech-Support: Though there is no hassle in using the theme, you may still reach to their customer support any kind of help.

10: Expedition WordPress Theme


If you are running a travel directory site, this theme right here is a must try. Expedition WordPress Theme is ideal for travel related sites such as city and travel guides, travel agencies, review site, etc. This is a great theme that comes wth simple user interface.

Theme Features:

Responsive Layout: The adapts the size of device screen automatically to fit itself in. So, no matter what device your clients are using, they will be provided the best you got to offer.

Homepage Builder: There are various custom widgets, layouts, templates, etc. that can be wisely used to build your Homepage more attractive and professional.

Inbuilt Banner Manager: There are 4 inbuilt banner spots available in Expedition theme that can be precisely used for monetizing your website.

Options Panel: Customizing your website they way your need is easy with Expedition Theme Options Panel.



One of the best travel guide website WordPress theme today is the El Greco. This also another great creation of CSsigniter especially designed for travel related website. The responsive WordPress theme is a perfect match for a travel guide site with various categories, layouts, templates, and more.

Theme Features: 

Speed Optimization: As the site performance matters a lot, loading speed is plays a big role in SEO as well.

Theme Options: The Options Panel allows you to do important tasks such as uploading Logo, activating Google Analytics, changing theme colors, and more.

Constant Updates: The theme can be updated regularly so that it can smoothly work with every new WordPress versions.

Responsive Support: There is a forum place where you will get all the solution you need regarding the theme.

12: Path Finder

path finder

For all kind of travel related websites, Path Finder is another reliable theme developed by ThemeFuse. The theme provides a professional appearance to your site with dark layout scheme. It is a lightweight WordPress theme that does not use much of server space and boosting your site Uptime and loading speed.

Theme Features: 

WooCommerce Integration: The are many different styled page templates to make your online portal cum travel site looks better.

SEO Friendly: As the theme is light in weight, it has a potential to boost your ranking.

Easy Customization: The theme is rich with useful options to customize your site easily thus attracting your potential clients.

Drag and Drop Builder: Using this advanced Drag and Drop feature, you may decorate your site while monitoring the real-time results.

Unlimited Color Schemes: You may use a color picker to portrait your site layout as your wish.

Mobile Responsive: The theme leads your site to fit automatically in all kind of computing devices.

13: H-Code

h code

H-Code stands out of the crowd for its intuitive and very attractive site building facilities provided to the users. The theme is packed with gorgeous layouts, mind-blowing vistas, generous galleries.

Theme Features:

Professional Touch: H-Code has an impressive layout and expensive HTML5. The theme is a perfect match for making an engaging travel site.

Responsive Design: Your travel site will get fit in all kind of device screens as the theme will automatically turn your site mobile reliable.

Customer Support: Ensuring a professional service, the team support is always reachable whenever you need them.

14: Candid


This is one flexible WordPress theme useful in all kind of website no exceptional to travel. This certain Array premium theme comes with minimalist and stylish layout and design. The theme is great for a travel blog, photo blog, work portfolio, fashion blog, food blog, online magazine, and everything else that are based on media items.

Theme Features:

Constant Update: One of the factors that made the theme work better is its constantly updating version. This makes the theme easily adjust with every new WP update.

Theme Options Panel: Customizing the site or the theme appearance made easy as the Options panel facilitated with enormous options.

Customer Support: For any kind of help or queries regarding the theme, their customer support is always reliable.

Responsive Design: One more worth mentioning feature is that the theme is developed to be fit perfectly in all kind of device screen.

15: Voyage


Voyage is one of the premium versatile WordPress themes that is specially coded and designed for travel related website. This is a theme useful in all kind of tour oriented sites such as travel guides, travel agencies, travel blogs, small local business, portfolio, etc.

Theme Features: 

Page Templates:  The are five different page templates to customize your site appearance until it seems perfectly relevant to your business.

Options Panel: WPZOOM options panel made it even easier to customize the entire look and functionality of your site.

Mobile Responsive: For convenience in mobile access, the theme intends to automatically fit a mobile screen.

16: Zillah (Free)


Zillah is a free travel WordPress theme designed for travel oriented blogs. Bloggers who wish to customize their blogs for a professional appearance yet lacks enough budget for premium themes must try this theme out. This is a user-friendly, clean, stylish WordPress theme.

Theme Features:  

Mobile Responsive: The theme gets adjusted with all kind of computing device screen.

SEO Friendly: It is a lightweight theme and site loading speed is impressive enough.

Customization: Live supported customizer is all set to customize whatever your want within the site including widgets, logo, etc.

17: Travel Stories

travel stories

Another one of the best WordPress Travel themes is the Travel Story. This theme also suits perfectly for a travel blog. the image-oriented design of the theme makes it even more appealing when your travel images are in high definition. This theme can be applied on a portfolio as well.

Theme Features:

Image Slider: The image slider is animate to show most beautiful images in your site on a single window with the full-width slider.

Responsive Design: The mobile responsive feature makes your site easier to access from smaller devices.

18: Amadeus


If our priority is simplicity for running a travel blog, this free WordPress theme will definitely make your day. Whether you are onto s stylish typography or a full-width parallax header, Amadeus has it all.

Theme Features:

Social Menu: The theme keeps the social share menu clean and visible increasing the social media engagement.

Responsive Design: Amadeus mobile responsive design keeps your site mobile friendly.

19: Surfarama

This is a free colorful and vivid WordPress travel theme designed for adventurous people who likes to share their experience. This travel-oriented theme provides a lot for free if we talk about service cost.

Theme Features:

Photo Friendly Design: Surfarama is designed to be photo-friendly thus users can share their specific captures on the web beautifully.

3. Best E-commerce WordPress Themes:

Here below are the best e-commerce themes for your e-commerce website. This all themes are very much user-friendly and is light also the e-commerce themes looks cool. So let’s check out the best e-commerce themes that you can go for.

1. WooCart Themes (Premium): https://mythemeshop.com/themes/woocart/

woocart themes

  • Responsive Design: This theme supports a fluidic design, and it is so responsive that it optimizes itself for giving the best display to the users. So whether you open the site on your tablets, phones or PC, this themes will work exceptionally well.
  • Beautiful Homepage: Like in the above photo I have given the smoothly which of this e-commerce themes is very beautiful and simple. So you are also getting a beautiful homepage with a simple design.
  • SEO optimized: The theme is SEO optimized itself, for the search engine. Your products will rank on the first position easily, and you will be getting more visitors which will result in boosting your products sale.
  • Editing: You can edit the WooCart themes easily. You can edit the background, the color of the site, the menu and many other things easily.
  • Slider: The slider is one of the best parts of this WooCart themes because this is the part where you can display the best products and also you can use the sliders for banners. You can use this slider for attracting your visitors to clients.

2. JustFit (premium): https://demo.mythemeshop.com/s/?theme=JustFit


  • Responsive: The JustFit themes has a fluid design, which means just like water the site will perform excellently in all kind of browser and all kind of devices. Yes, it is easily customizable
  • Speed Optimized: This theme is especially speed optimized which means the website will load faster and smoothly which will give your users the best experience. As the theme is speed optimized, it will also give you good impact in search engine rankings and one of the best user experience.
  • SEO Optimized: The theme is SEO optimized in a professional way so that you can step your competitors and rank on top in the search engine.
  • Amazing Font & Icons: You will be in love with the font style of JustFit theme. Not only font you can also add some attractive button wherever you can add text to the site.
  • Options Panel: You can use the amazing options panel from a center location and customize the themes as you wish in just some few clicks.

3. Shopisle (Free): https://themeisle.com/demo/?theme=ShopIsle#


  • The most interesting part is that you are getting this beautiful theme for free of cost. No need to buy a theme just download and launch it on your website.
  • Browser Compatibility: Shopisle is a browser friendly which means the site will be same responsive even if you open with any browser like Opera Mini, UC browser, Chrome, etc.
  • Options Panel: Even if you are not a professional developer. But yet you can customize the logo, color of the site, backgrounds, etc. So edit the theme easily to sell huge products.

4. WooShop (Premium):https://demo.mythemeshop.com/s/?theme=WooShop


  • Amazing Design: If you want to attract lots of audiences and increase your product sale then this theme is the best. As the theme is also light weight and is goo responsive themes, the most interesting part is that the theme is designed by the professional.
  • Beautiful Cart: Your customer will be able to cart the products while browsing the site and when they finish browsing. They can get all the products together afterward, this will make your customers easy in shopping, and the cart page is also beautifully customized.
  • Different layout: In this WooShop themes you will be getting three types of the grid for your home screen. So that you can change the system of your site and make your e-commerce website unique and popular.
  • Set Custom Banner: This is one of the best and unique designs of this WooShop theme. You can add your customized banner for every category so that the visitors know that they are on your website not another site.
  • Slider: In this theme, you can also add customized themes. So if you have any special discount, you can show them in your customizable slider attractively.

5. Shopkeeper – eCommerce: http://preview.themeforest.net/item/shopkeeper-ecommerce-wp-theme-for-woocommerce/full_screen_preview/9553045shopkeeper

  • Flexible Theme: The Shopkeeper theme is very flexible and is easy to customizable. So what category you want to sell you can easily develop the site according to the category.
  • Header Style: This is one of the features that I liked the most. You can customize the header in your own way, and there is no limitation. As there is unlimited header style that comes with this theme.
  • Slides: You can go for customizable slides, as the theme is having Revolution slider plugin included. This plugin itself is saving some $18 from your pocket.
  • Responsive Design: The design of the theme is very responsive. Even if you edit the theme, the theme will perform the same in all kind of screen size and devices.
  • Customer service: The important part is that you are getting customer service, so when you are stuck at any problem, you can get instant help from the support system. I must say Themeforest (theme provider) is having a very good support system.

6. Glam (premium): http://my.studiopress.com/themes/glam/


  • Mobile responsive: The theme is also very responsive for mobile phone browsers. So you do not need to worry if your website is performing good or not in mobile phones.
  • Header customizable: You can also customize the header in your own way according to the genre of the product that you are selling on your website.
  • Customize Theme: You can also customize the theme with the theme customizer. You can change most of the thing like the background, the color of the site, images and other stuff.
  • Templates customize:  Also customize the template of the theme if you are not likely with it. you can change the archives, landing page, categories and other things.

7. Flatsome (premium):https://themeforest.net/item/flatsome-multipurpose-responsive-woocommerce-theme/5484319?s_rank=1


  • Build anything: You can build anything with the Live page builder which is very easy to use, you will be able to use that even if you are not a professional designer. Not only this but the library of this theme is also very huge.
  • Huge Options: In this theme, you will get unlimited options so that you can customize any part of the site using this Live Theme Option. You can also change the header by the drag and drop the option of the theme setting.
  • Language: In this theme, you have a freedom that you can build the site of your own knowledge by selecting the country.
  • Ultimate Design: The Flatsome theme is very much well known for its unique design, and you will be great to know that this is one of the best-selling Woocomerce theme in the market.

8. Ad-Sense (premium): https://mythemeshop.com/themes/ad-sense/


  • Ad-friendly theme: This is one of the most ad-friendly wordpress themes that you can go for. For getting more clicks on the ads this is the best theme to go for.
  • Responsive: The theme is so responsive that your website will be the same in different kind of devices with different screen size.
  • Clickable background: You can also make the background of the site clickable using some options that comes with the theme included.

9. Vendor (premium): https://themeforest.net/item/porto-responsive-wordpress-ecommerce-theme/9207399?s_rank=6


  • Fully Customizable: The theme is fully customizable, which means you can change all the colors, background and you can make the site unique and more interesting.
  • Multiple styles: There are multiple numbers of header styles. So you can easily change the header of the site because header should be important for any e-commerce blog.
  • Unlimited colors: If you purchase the themes you will also get unlimited color and styles of the theme which is really great for a theme.
  • SEO friendly: Yes, the themes is SEO friendly which means you will be able to up rank the competitors and rank in the first position in the search engine.
  • Speed: The site is also speed optimized and for which you should get this themes as it will make your website load faster than any other website.

10.  TheShop (free): https://athemes.com/theme/theshop/


  • Easy setup: You can easily set up this theme because you only need to install this theme on your website and then watch some videos of how to set the whole thing and that’s it. And the most important thing is that this theme comes for free.
  • Ultimate Color: The theme also has many color options. So you can change the color of the site easily and make it unique.
  • Fast support: The support system of this theme provider i.e. Athemes has a very good support system.
  •  Cross Browser: This theme is also supported by a maximum of the web browser like Chrome, Firefox, Opera and many other browsers too.

11. ZEON(Premium):  http://teslathemes.com/live/?item=zeon


  • Slider revolution: This themes also includes the slider which is really effective for an e-commerce site. You can also customize the slider to 3D, animation and you can add some attractive pictures that you want to post and show to your visitors.
  • Theme customization: You can customize most part of the theme like the logo, social, widgets, and many other things by customizing which you can make the site more unique.
  • Product list: You can edit the product list on your way so that your visitors can easily use the filters, and all the other stuff without loading the page.

12. Mystile (free): https://woocommerce.com/products/mystile/


  • Responsive design: The good news is that the Mystile theme is for free of cost and the design of the theme is very responsive. The Mystile theme will respond the same in every type of screen size of any device.
  • Customize the Homepage: You can customize the home page of the website. So you can post all the latest items on your website in homepage and attract more visitors.
  • SEO Friendly: The theme is SEO friendly which means you can easily optimize the SEO and rank the product in the search engine.
  • Woocommerce enabled: This theme has woo commerce enabled which means you can easily use this theme for selling products on your website. If a are looking for free themes, then you can go for this.

13. Blaszok: https://themeforest.net/item/blaszok-ecommerce-theme/7163563?s_rank=9


  • Custom Extension: The theme also comes with different types of shortcodes by the visual editor team of the themes and some of the few widgets. With all the custom shortcodes you will be able to edit the extension of the site.
  • Smart Search: The themes also comes with smart search option which is mainly designed for shopping sites. So this is also one of the plus points that your visitors will get.
  •  SEO optimized: The theme is professionally SEO optimized so that your site can be easily found in the search engine.
  • Theme layout: There is three theme layout from which you can choose the best and the themes are boxed, floating and boxed and full width. Now you can choose the unique one.

14. Hudson (premium): http://teslathemes.com/wordpress-themes/hudson/


  • Background customization: You can change the background color of the theme easily by going to the options panel and selecting the colors.
  • Clean Design: The theme is very clean and simple that you can easily notice everything from the site. Not only this but the site also has a stylish and light design.
  • Speed optimized: The Hudson theme is also speed optimized which means your site will load faster than the other site and will also affect positively in ranking.

15. Narcos (premium): http://teslathemes.com/wordpress-themes/narcos/


  • Homepage layouts: There are multiple numbers of homepage layout in this theme. You can choose any of them and make your site beautiful.
  • Responsive: The theme is very responsive as the theme responds the same in all device with different screen sizes.
  • Unlimited colors: Modify the colors of the themes in a professional way with the strong color shades that come with the themes itself.

  16. Motor Vehikal (Premium): https://themeforest.net/item/motor-vehikal-motorcycle-online-store-wordpress-theme/15895102?s_rank=8

motor vehikle

  • Awesome icons: There are many inbuilt icons and font with this themes which you can use on your website to make it funkier.
  • Multi Footer: You can also add multiple footers to your website with this themes. It is useful as you can use the footer to attract the visitors of your site for buying any product.
  • Slider Revolution: The slider revolution of this theme is amazing, as it doesn’t only slide like the other themes, but it also have some 3D effect in it which looks awesome.

17. Leonado (premium): https://themeforest.net/item/leonado-multiconcepts-woocommerce-wordpress-theme/19190635?s_rank=1


  • Design: This site is having a user-friendly design, not only this but this theme is also very creatively designed so that the visitors get attracted to it.
  • Customize Menu: You can also customize the menu and make it more creative and effective. Customizing the menu is very much easy using the options panel of the theme.
  • Fonts & codes: There are more than 600+ fonts of Google in this theme and also some 80+ codes for customizing the Leonado theme.
  • Other Features: There are some more features of this themes like smooth scrolling function, customizable, Contacts from 7 integration and lots of solid colors.

18. Hotelia (Premium): http://teslathemes.com/wordpress-themes/hotelia/


  • Best for: This theme is best for hotels/motels, travel package and booking site.
  •  Customization: The theme can be highly customized in your own way and in a simple way. You don’t need to be a professional for customizing this themes.
  • Slider: Hotelia theme also has slider revolution inbuilt in it which actually cost $19. With this slider revolution, you can easily add photos and give them some extra effects like 3D, animation or transition effects.

19. eCommerce (premium): https://mythemeshop.com/themes/ecommerce/


  • Responsive: The theme is fluid responsive which means even if you view the website from a different device like tablets, phones or laptops the site will response in the same way with no issues.
  • Products: You can sell digital products or downloadable products in a very professional way so that you get a maximum customer.
  • Header: There are 6 different types of header template in the theme which you can customize and make your website unique and creative.

20: eMaxStore(premium):https://mythemeshop.com/themes/emaxstore/


  • SEO Optimized: Yes, the site is SEO optimized so that you can easily rank in the first number in the search engine with your products.
  • Panel: The site has a very easy options panel from which you can customize the theme in your own way and make the theme more creative.
  • Features: You can display your features products on any part of the site so that your visitors get an eye on it and check it out.
  • Response: Yes, this theme from Mythemeshop has also got a fluid response. To increase the visitor of your website.

4. Best Static Site WordPress Themes:

Static Pages are the front pages of any site. These are good for pitching information about products and services on the very front page of a website or blog. So, let’s have a look below on which are the Top rated Premium and Free WordPress Themes available to use:

1. Digital Pro Theme (Premium):

  • Various Theme Options and customizations: In this theme, you will get plenty of customization options to make the static page look how you wish to make it.
  • E-commerce Friendly: This premium theme also WooCommerce compatible so that you can use it for any e-commerce site.
  • Customize the Header section: You can customize the header part of your blog or website easily, now it’s all up to you whether you want to put an image logo or text logo.
  • Customize layouts: Layouts of this theme are customizable and easy to arrange as per requirement.
  • Mobile Responsive: This theme is completely mobile responsive for better SEO and visibility in every platform.

2. PointPro (Premium):

  • Drag and Drop sections: Changing the layouts are so easy on this theme using drag and drop sections. Make the static page look however you want to see.
  • Responsive design: The responsive design help the visitors to view the contents from any device.
  • Homepage Slider: The homepage slider is perfect to show featured contents and highlight the best offers right away.
  • Project and Team section: This theme have projects and team section where you can showcase projects in which you or your company is working on and introduce your team as well.
  • SEO Friendly: PointPro theme is completely SEO friendly which will boost your rankings for sure in Google.

3. Corporate (Premium):

  • Professional design: This theme has a professional design which will help in building your brand.
  • Responsive design: The responsive design will make the sites easy to view on any device.
  • Our Team, Services, Portfolio section: You can show information regarding your team, services you provide and portfolio to catch more customers attention.
  • Price table: On the static page you can showcase a price table of your products or services whatever you are providing.
  • SEO Friendly and schema integrated: SEO friendly design and Schema integration gives the site a proper boost to rank top on Google and gets more exposure.

4.  One Page (Free):

  • Customize homepage: This free WordPress static page theme can be customized in the sections like Services, Video, Blog, Price table and much more.
  • Slider: It has the option to use the slider on the homepage section to highlight important offers.
  • Customize Section colors: Not only sections but you can also customize the color of the section as per your requirements.

5. Visia (Premium):

  • Responsive design and mobile friendly design: It doesn’t matter from which device your visitors are visiting your blog/website, this theme will optimize the screen as per the devices.
  • Retina Support: Retina support makes the images look crystal clear in MacBook or any other latest gadgets on which the site is being viewed.
  • One click demo import: Without any plugin or anything you import dummy data to fill the blog or website and make it look same as shown in the demo section.
  • Multi-language support: Visia theme has multilanguage support so any visitor from any part of the world can understand your site and the contents.
  • Custom thumb/Drag and drop support: You can crop the images and make them of any size to show your visitors, similarly you have the full control over the gallery section using drag and drop support.

6. Ecobiz (Premium):

  • Responsive layout and Mobile Friendly: This theme also has responsive layouts to serve contents in a better manner to the visitors. So, if you are
  • Customizable colors: Ecobiz supports 6 different skin colors which you can use as per your requirement.
  • Customizable background:  It also supports unlimited background colors and different background patterns to use.
  • Google Fonts: It supports major Google fonts to customize the look of your content and make them look classy.
  • Multi level drop down menu, Unlimited sidebar, custom widgets: Yes theme supports unlimited sidebar and widgets as well multi-level drop down menu which looks great and easy to navigate.

7. Talon (Free):

  • Customizable header section: In the free Talon theme you can customize the header section and show any slider, images or even you can remove the section as per your wish.
  • Multiple Options: You can change the font, colors etc to make the site look exactly same as you want to make it look.
  • Icon pack: This theme comes with a bundle of icons but if you wish not use theme then you can easily load another icon pack easily and enjoy.
  • Multiple font support: Enjoy 800+ theme fonts for better content representation.
  •  Customize layouts: The default theme layout is changeable from theme customizer section easily.

8. X – The theme (Premium):

  • Totally Responsive: The X theme is responsive for all the devices. It doesn’t matter whether you are in mobile, tablet or desktop, this theme will represent the contents accordingly in the best manner.
  • Page Builder: It has an integrated page builder to drag and drop page layouts easily and create pages as per need.
  • Tons of Typography choices: Get 600+ Google fonts supports on X theme and use on your blog to attract more visitors and make them a fan of your site.
  • Shortcodes Support: The inbuilt plugin for shortcode can help to create a table of contents, buttons and much more.
  • Megamenu support: No more complex menus as this theme support mega menu to arrange your contents in a proper manner. Now you can display more contents in an organized menu section.

9. Altitude Pro Theme (Premium):

  • Theme customization options: This theme from Studiopress comes with some easy to use options to customize as per your needs and requirements.
  • eCommerce support: With WooCommerce support this theme is ready to use for any eCommerce site.
  • Customizable header section: You have the full access to change the header section of your blog easily. You can set an image logo or text logo as per your wish.
  • Customize the look: Customize the color, background, content font whatever you wish easily.
  • HTML 5 markup and Mobile responsiveness: The HTML markup and mobile responsiveness help the site to perform well in Google and easy to view on any smart device.

10. Sydney (Free):

  • Responsive design: This is a free theme but it has some premium features like having a responsive design to view well on any device.
  • Theme Options: Using the theme options you can customize the logo, layout, color, background etc easily.
  • 600+ Fonts: Yes this free theme supports 600+ Google fonts for better content representation.
  • Translation support: Sydney theme is translation ready and has required files inbuilt to make the translation process smoother.
  • Customize header: Use a slider or static image on the header section of the theme as per your wish.

11. Divi (Premium):

  • Customize the theme: Using the Divi builder you can customize the static page as you wish.
  •  Real-time Designing: When you are editing this theme you can see it in real time what is changing and how the theme is looking.
  • Customizable options: Plenty of customization options to change fonts, size, colors or it supports CSS too for further customizations.
  • Fast loading and SEO friendly: This is a fast loading theme with a very fast and responsive design which is very important for SEO in 2017 and beyond.

12. Hestia (Free):

  • WooCommerce compatible: Hestia theme may come for free but it supports WooCommerce to use this theme in online e-commerce store sites. You don’t need any coding for that.
  • Responsive design: It is a responsive theme which looks fine in mobile and behaves as per the users wish.
  • Drag and Drop: With the inbuilt drag and drop function you can create awesome looking contents and amaze your visitors.
  • SEO friendly and speed optimized: This theme is completely SEO friendly and optimized for fast loading which is very important for SEO and higher ranking in Google.

13. Avada (Premium):

  • Unlimited Designs: With this single theme you can enjoy unlimited designs of your blog or website as per your requirement.
  • No more coding: You don’t need any sound knowledge of coding to create amazing pages and customize colors and designs. With the powerful options, you can make the site look as you wish or need.
  • 100% Responsive: Avada is 100% responsive for any device. The flexible framework makes the screen look beautiful any device.
  • Intuitive Tools support: With the Fusion core plugin you can make beautiful looking pages, Megamenu, shortcode generator and much more.
  • Support and development: Avada developer has a great support system who are always dedicated to supporting the users 24×7 for any bugs or customization problems.

14. Zerif Lite (Free): 

  • Translation Ready: Yes this free theme is translation ready. So, it doesn’t matter from which part of the world your visitors are coming from they will get the contents in their preferred language.
  • SEO Friendly: Zarif Lite is completely SEO friendly which is must have a thing to push any site top of Google.
  • Realtime Customizer: You can see whatever you are customizing in real time.
  • Quick setup and demo import: This is a very lightweight theme which gets installed within 1 minute and you can also import the demo data to make the site look exactly shown in the preview.

15. Materialism (Premium):

  • Customizable layouts: It has 2 different homepage layouts and 4 additional pages as per your needs.
  • Fully Responsive design and retina ready: This theme has a responsive design and retina ready which makes the images and graphics look beautiful in latest devices.
  • Unlimited colors: You can use unlimited colors as your site’s requirement.
  • Cross Browser compatible: This theme is tested in most of the browsers and it is 100% compatible in all of them.
  • Great Support: Tesla themes has a great support system with dedicated developers and support team. So, if you have problem or query you can consult with them on the go.

16. Pressive (Premium):

  • Easy customizations: With a single click you can choose 6 different colors schemes whatever is good for your landing pages. There are different widgets and shortcodes for further customizations.
  • High-Speed loading: You can expect a quick loading speed of this theme as it is optimized with speed boosting features.
  • 100% mobile friendly: This theme is 100% mobile friendly. So, no need to worry if your visitors are on mobile devices, they will enjoy the perfect view in mobile too.
  • SEO friendly: This site is developed keeping in mind the best SEO practices, making it optimized for search engines.

17. Ignition (Premium):

  • Low loading speed: This theme has a very low loading speed which is one of the must have needs to make a site Google friendly.
  • Responsive design: The responsive is makes the device easy to view on mobile devices and in smart gadgets.
  • Visual Theme Customizer: You customize the colors, fonts, background as per your need.
  • Customizable Header: The header part can be customized easily as well colors, patterns, image and much more.

18. Bridge (Premium):

  • 500+ shortcodes: Bridge theme comes with 500+ shortcode and customization options to make your look exactly how you want.
  • WooCommerce Compatible: If you are planning to make an e-commerce site then this is also compatible with WooCommerce.
  • Responsive design: Like the previous themes, this is also a 100% responsive theme.
  • Unlimited Header and menu layout: It has an unlimited header and menu layout to customize as per your need and requirement.

19. Salient (Premium):

  •  Shortcodes and Configuration options: Over 475+ shortcodes, 3500+ icons, unlimited colors, 700 fonts to customize your site perfectly.
  • Responsive & Retina ready: Salient is completely responsive and retina ready theme which makes the look of your site stunning.
  • Header layout customizations: The header section can be customized as per the need of your niche or marketing strategy.
  • WooCommerce support: This is a WooCommerce compatible theme for using it in any eCommerce site.

20. Porto (Premium):

  • Multiple Demos: These themes comes with 8+ demo sites which can be used depending on the site you are going to make. There are many homepage samples available too.
  • Unlimited Header Layouts: You can select unlimited headers, colors, styles and whatever you wish to do.
  • E-commerce ready headers: If you are creating an e-commerce site then you can customize the header part as
  • per your requirement.
  • 100% Responsive design: Similar to the previously mentioned themes, Porto theme is also responsive in nature which is a must have thing for SEO in 2017 and future.

Best WordPress Coupon Themes:

For the Coupon-centric site, there are a lot of premium and free themes to choose for. Giving a professional touch on your site coupon website, some ended up with more complication. But, it is recommended to make your Coupon site simple and clear for every visitors. Hence, find a list of top rated 5 premium themes and 15 free themes that you should installed on your site.

  1. Coupon

This is a refined and premium theme from MyThemeShop that you can installed on your Coupon site.

Categorized Homepage: Your HomePage can be made store section and this is helpful for for displaying brands, offers and so on. This help you to locat deals and coupons easily with ease.

Custom Slider: Coupon theme allows you customizing slider with your desire deals that you want show to your visitor.

Responsive Theme: This theme load speed is very impressive both on PC and Smartphone. Hence, it help is SEO as well and this coupon theme allso optimized for Thrive use.


Premium design: CouponER has an impressive and professinall design that makes a recommended coupon-centric theme. The theme contain all the feature that a perfect coupon theme has.

Fully responsive: The theme is light and fully responsive with minimal layout. Theme covenient for PC and smartphone.

Retina Ready: CouponER is retina ready, which make more promising for Apple device users.

SEO Optimized: This theme is SEO optimized, so that it help you to gain more visitor easily.


  • Custom Write Panel: For every deal you can add you own words with customizable Write Panel.
  • Beautiful Layout and Color Scheme: This matters a lot to get more visitor in your coupon site. Clipper theme is again simple and it comes with many color scheme; so that, you can custom its layout as you want it.
  • Responsive and Fast: The theme is light and  responsive for both smartphone and PC.
  • Coupon Store: Manage your all coupons of  of your site in Coupon stores, and make it useful whenever you want.
  •  Blog: A dedicated blog is gievn with this theme. For every blog you’ll be able to categorized them and show your visitor with a simple path.

Online coupon Theme

  • Easy to setup: No high skill is needed to setup and install this theme. In my view, even new WordPress user can setup Online Coupon Theme.
  • More Customization: Make your coupon site like a professional sites and thise also very easily. This theme comes with easy and 100% open source codes to improve your site.
  • Powerful managment tools:  Manage your site like a boss, all administration panel, registration andcustom field and advanced website can be customized easily.
  • Best Customization for coupons: Your site can be optimize for coupons. So, you can show whetever coupon and deal you want to show your visitors.


  • User Rating and Voting system: Make your coupon site more reliable with user views. There is also feedback button if you want to use regarding coupon, deal and brand’s comments.
  • Coustom Skins: Make a perfect color scheme as you want with dedicated easy Color Skin. Several color scheme that you can use on the go.
  • Featured Content Slider: Use your feaured coupons that you want ot higlight, and everything can be change as your need. You can add your own desciption to a deal and coupon.
  • Personal Support Team: For any quiries and inconvience you can contact to the 24×7 customer support.


  • Coupons and Deal: This is perfect for both coupon and deal. This is one of the top rated theme that allow you managing coupons and deals easily.
  • Optimized for most Affiliate: Theme is optimized for most affiliate which make perfect for being strong in buisiness.
  • Unlimited Color Scheme: There are a lot of color scheme that you can seletc for your site. Hence, site can be managable with better appearance.
  • Reliable payment gateways: All reliable payment method can be sync; so that your visitors would feel easier to pay for your coupon.


  • Design and Layout:  I like its full customization control over layout and design. Theme tamplete looks very clean and simple, which is good for a visitor to find their desire deals easily.
  • Custome Slider: Feature your all deals and coupon with customizable slider. And that make more easy to convince your visitor.
  • SEO Optimized: Theme is SEO optimized again to bring your coupon and great deals to the visitor havig interest.
  • Fast and responsive: Theme works find in both PC device and Smrtphone device. So that, you don’t have to worry about it whether it is mobile frienldy or not.


  • Custom Filter Option: Make your own filter as of your brand and deal collection. It has a powerful but easy to custom option for Filter tool.
  • Simple But Modern interface: With upto dated interface you stun your visitor and lure them. Interface is again customizable easily, with this theme you can make a clean and good looking coupon site.
  • HTML5 & CSS3 suppoted: This feature give you more control over your site for in-depth customization.
  • Multi-browser optimized: This theme is tasted with all top rated browser and it is responsive, works find fine will all browser.
  • SEO friendly: Theme is mostly SEO friendly hence it makes easier to reach with more people.


Dedicated Ad Block: I like its dedicated ad block, it is a great way to increase your passive income. Nobody has enough time for ads right? Let you user disable it if they want, it will not ruin your website visiting experience.

Time Trigger: Display time base deals on your site and  trigger more sell.

Addvanced Customer  Filter: People love searching tool to get their product on the go. Add powerful search tool on your coupon site with this theme and give an instant result.

Animated background: It looks really promising with animated background to make your coupon site more professional. Yes, this theme allow you to add live background.

SEO Optized: SEO optimized theme makes it more convenient to pop-up in Google rank.

Responsive theme: No heavy load, this theme has a fast loading both for PC and smartphone.


  • Integrated WooCommerce:  WooCommerce PDF Voucher is integrated with this theme. For PDF voucher generation and QRcode/Barcode this plugin in very useful.
  • Convenient for Affiliate: It work with all affiliated business, Google Adsense friendly.
  • Fast and Responsive: Theme is all responsive and mobile friendly, as this supports HTML rendering.
  • Easy Control: Theme does have an easy customization if you want to edit your site easily, it is a great deal.


  • Beautiful Layout: It is actually child theme but convenient for a coupon site. Layout perfect for coupon site that you can use for your coupon site.
  • 11 Free Color Scheme: Theme is integrated with 11 cool color theme that you can use for your coupon site. Despite this, you can also customize colors as per your requirement.
  • Dual Navigation: For huge menus and categories you can add dual header for more deal representations.
  • Direct theme option: A dedication theme page can let you do everything on the without wasting much time.


  • Powerful visual editor: This is one of my favorite for coupon site theme. Theme allows to do a lot of experiments with your coupon site.
  • Works in all device: This theme can be manageable in all device, even in your smartphone you can tweak theme.
  • Easy and several color scheme: Many color scheme to make more promising your coupon site. No high skill is needed to apply color scheme.
  • Slider revolution: It has unique slider option that would help to get more visitor and sell. Slider option is easy to use.
  • SEO Ready theme: This theme is SEO friendly, and help you in ranking on Google Search engine.

WP Coupon

  • Professional Design and Layout: Give you coupon site a professional look. This theme has a perfect layout for your coupon site and it is customizable with ease.
  • A lot of color Scheme: You can change color scheme on the go and further input more color as per your requirement.
  • Dedicated blog: A dedicated blog section can be easier to update your visitor and convinced them.
  • Custom slider: Create your custom slider to feature your profitable deals and coupons for visitors.
  • Manageable Categories: WP coupon allows changing categories as per your need. A neat category would be easier to find on the go search.


  • Homepage template: Bless with a several Homepage template, that you can choose for your coupon focused site.
  • More Shop Page: Add more shop page, left side bar, right side bar and 3 shop page template. These are all customizable, which makes on of the best theme to use for your coupon oriented site.
  • Blog Page: A blog category would be easy to convince your visitor and sharing your though on deals.
  • SEO optimized: This is supported with HTML5 that is convenient for SEO optimization.
  • Unlimited color scheme: A vast selection over color selection, you can choose for your Coupon site.


  • Easy manageable website: Homepage can be customized with many good visual schemes. That also don’t need any professional skill for doing this.
  • Review and feedback submission: An option to add visitors review and feedback would help to look your coupon site genuine.
  • Good for Affiliate: Adding affiliate can easily showcase your deals and discount to reach buyers.

Superfood coupons:

Best food deals design: Superfoodcoupon is for food coupon site. That you can use for your food discount dealing site.

Simple setup: No worry if you don’t know how to use get started with it. This one of the simplest coupon theme that you can customize easily.

SEO friendly: This theme is also SEO optimized that can help to showcase in Google search engine.

Manageable categories: Manage your all categories neatly and make easier to find best deal your visitor.


  • Multi-layout: This theme specially made for multi-purpose use and this suits for coupon site. You get multi- purpose layout to choose for.
  • Fast and Responsive: Theme is fast and responsive hence help in SEO as well. It works fine in all device with no issues.
  • Powerful control panel: A dedicated customization tool lets you changing all visual of site. You can tweak with this theme easily with no issues.


  • Good Visual Theme: Visual wise it is one of the good looking themes for the coupon, I must suggest to you for this.
  • Side categories: You can add your prefer category and customize it. You can set it right and left side on the website.
  • Color Scheme: Integrated color scheme will let you customizing your coupon website.
  • SEO Oriented: This theme comes with SEO oriented HTML5 that help you ranking in Google search engine.


SEO-Optimized: This is again SEO optimized that can showcase easily to visitors.

Best Visual: Visual of this theme is very impressive that looks professional. This is highly recommended coupon site theme you should use.

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