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15 Best WhatsApp Tricks You Should Know in 2017

Best WhatsApp Tricks and Hacks 2017

We are living in the digital era, where there is not a single work that can be done without the involvement of Messaging App or emails. All of us are familiar with the name of Messaging App that goes by the name WhatsApp and everybody loves to use it. With the increase of the use of social networking app in the daily lives of people, WhatsApp has become one of the applications that have been retaining its position on the top of the list. There are lots of millions active users of WhatsApp from across the world, who gets engaged with daily activities in the messaging app say be it work discussion or family and friend talks. You may be shocked to hear that, most of the regular users of WhatsApp are not simply aware of the hidden WhatsApp features and WhatsApp tricks and hacks of the instant messaging application. Here we will help you learn all the 15 Best WhatsApp Tricks and cheats that every WhatsApp user needs to know.

Best WhatsApp Tricks and Hacks 2017

As a matter of fact, WhatsApp brings so many advantages to the users say like sending text messages is totally free. All the hidden features of the app are very simple to perform and easy to handle. Completely provides you relief from any kind of irritating ads, the usual pop-ups on your phone screen while you connect to intent in most of the Apps expect for WhatsApp. Here we will discuss all the hidden tricks available in WhatsApp that you never know before. WhatsApp is not just a messaging app, you could simply say it is more than that which you are about to know below.

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Best WhatsApp Tricks And Cheats You Must Know:

1: Send your current location to your friend

Best WhatsApp Hacks

Sending location is a very simple and easy WhatsApp location trick, and here you simply open the chat room of your friend and then tap on the attachment icon. Choose the location option and then send your current location to your friend. It will help him find you or learn the location where you are at the moment. In the process, make sure you turn on to allow your phone GPS finding location or else it won’t work

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 2: Send WhatsApp Messages by using Google Assistant

Best WhatsApp cheats

At the time of urgent this WhatsApp tricks work out best for you, there is no need to even type the text messages with the help of Google voice assistant you can send WhatsApp Messages. To perform this on your Android device, call out “OK Google” for getting the Google Assistant and then command by saying “Send a message” to the selected contact list of your WhatsApp. Write the text message by saying help and then send it instantly.

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3: Maintain Privacy by Hiding your Profile Picture

whatsapp tricks android

You are very many concerns on privacy issues then try this WhatsApp hack which works just fine. To enable this feature you will need to visit the profile of your WhatsApp account on your device. Open the settings, tap on an account and then tap on privacy. Now select a profile and choose any option like “Everyone” or “My Contacts” or “Nobody” anything you prefer. Now it’s time for you to enjoy invisible profile chat by hiding the profile picture of your WhatsApp Account.

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4: Hide the last seen status

tricks for whatsapp

If you don’t want your friends to know the last seen online status of your WhatsApp then you can simply hide them. Go to the settings of your WhatsApp Account, tap on the Account option and choose privacy option. Now you simply need to select the last seen to Nobody. By choosing “My contacts” your last seen status will be shown to only those people who is in your contact list.

5: Disabling WhatsApp Automatic downloading Images and Videos

whatsapp cheats android

Fed up totally of the WhatsApp Automatic downloading mode of Images and Video, then you can stop it by changing some settings in your WhatsApp Account. Disabling the Auto mode will save your unwanted data consumption, as most of the time, you don’t simply download all the files that are sent to you by your friends. Go to the settings, tap on the data usage and on the next page choose on media Auto-Download section disable everything.

6: Lost your conversation data get back up and restore

tricks whatsapp

By mistake have you erased the entire important conversation of your WhatsApp, there is nothing to be worried about that. Using the backup features you can easily restore all the deleted conversation of your WhatsApp. Launch your WhatsApp and then go for the chat option and then tap on the chat backup. In this way, you will get back all the lost conversation in just a matter of minutes. Another useful WhatsApp tricks and hack isn’t it?

7: Use filters in the images right before you send them

whatsapp status tricks

So far, this feature is only available for iPhone devices unfortunate for Android users. Edit image by using filters is just fascinating that makes photo more fun to view. Not only that you can also add text or emoticons in any images before you send them.

8: Take a peek by spying on your others WhatsApp account:

whatsapp writing tricks

This is another great WhatsApp tricks and cheats you should try. Start spying on the conversation of your lover or spouse account, all you need to do that is download spy app for WhatsApp known as ThetruthSPY App. Using WhatsApp Spy App is one of the unique ways to take a look at the WhatsApp conversation of your lover or spouse and between the other WhatsApp users. Read the entire text message conversation and also take a look at their phone gallery.

9: Send the entire WhatsApp conversation to Email

whatsapp spy

It is possible to send your WhatsApp conversation to Email, which can be used as a backup option to restore your lost chat data. Go to any contact list of WhatsApp tap on the left button of your phone screen. Now you will get an option more select it and tap on email chat. Now you can send the text message using your email account.

10: Keep Your Friend’s Photo as Your Profile Picture

whatsapp dp tricks

This one is one of the best WhatsApp cheat that one can ever witness, with this one you can play the prank to your friends. Pick one of the funniest pose pictures of your friend and set is as your profile picture. And of course enter the name of your friend into your WhatsApp profile, make you friend compelled to think that it’s actually not your WhatsApp Account. Simply upload the selected picture as the profile picture and then edit the name of your WhatsApp.

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11: WhatsApp video call:

whatsapp secret emoticons

Make a high-quality Video call through WhatsApp to the one you miss or care the most. It is totally free to make all you need is the fast internet connection. Choose any WhatsApp user in your contact list, and then you will have open her WhatsApp profile. Find the video call button nearby the contact number of your friend, and that’s it.

12: Make Voice call

whatsapp tricks in hindi

I think you are already familliar with this WhatsApp cheat. Start performing clean voice call in WhatsApp at any time and moment you want. The only thing you need to take care of is the active and fast internet connection. The procedure of making the voice call is same as the video call.

13: Share documents like PDF file

whatsapp typing tricks

Few WhatsApp people are not aware of the fact that they could share important file documents is WhatsApp. With this WhatsApp hack, it is quite simple to send documents to your contact list, and just you need to upload files PDF and other supporting documents.

14: My status

best whatsapp tricks and hacks

My status is one of the newest features introduce in WhatsApp which is very fun to use. To set “My Status” you can select any photo or videos and simply edit them with emoticons and text. Perform it by going on the “status” option and tap to add the status update. Add at least a number of 3 to 5 photo or video status in your WhatsApp by setting validity.

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15: Check on the Missed call list in WhatsApp

secret whatsapp tricks

Could not receive voice calls in your WhatsApp did not notice who was it? There is nothing to be wonderful as you can check on the list of missed call from your WhatsApp friends. To check just go on the calls option and return the call from their if you want to.

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In this article, you have learned all best WhatsApp tricks and cheats which have remained secret to you before. Here, we have provided to you a total List of 15 Best WhatsApp Tricks and Hacks which are very fun to use. From now onwards you will no longer have to use WhatsApp in old fashioned way. Make the complete use of these above-mentioned features which was unknown to your before. Time to use WhatsApp in a new-fashioned way, and have a fun of all the features that WhatsApp messaging Application has to offer to you.  so, what are you waiting for you better start making the best use of these tricks in your account?


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