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Best Ways to Find New Awesome Music in the Internet

Best Ways to Find New Awesome Music

Most of the music lovers always listen to music according to their mood and situation. To make a playlist which a person can listen according to their choice requires some awesome music tracks. Here I am going to discuss the best ways to find new awesome music.

Music lovers always love listening to new songs of new genre and artists. It is very hard to stay updated with all the new music. Many songs are releasing every day all over the world. Some are good, and some are bad. It’s not possible to listen to all the tracks.

Best ways to find new awesome music

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But you can stay updated just by downloading some apps. I will discuss the top apps by which you can find and download all the latest music.

The Best Ways to Find New Awesome Music Online

You can search the latest songs of your favourite genre on the web. But I prefer downloading an app which comes with multiple utilities and helps you to find all the new awesome music. Here go some apps which can fulfill your demands.


This is a great app for finding new songs. After installing Spotify you need to search there by your favourite artist name. When you will search, you will see another option named ‘Related Artists’. There you will find artist or albums of the same genre or same category. You can listen to them if it is new to you.

Spotify music app

Apart from this, there is a different section where you can search new releases, new music and the top trending songs which can be helpful for you.


Pandora is also a great app for discovering new music. The best way to get songs of your preference on this app by using the like and dislike button. Whenever you will like any song select ‘thumbs up’ and if you don’t like then tap ‘thumbs down’.


The app traces your choices and shows you songs according to that. In the top corner you will find an option where you can search songs according to your mood your feeling and the app will show results accordingly.

#Earbits Radio

This is not an app, but you can use this website to discover all the new music. In this website you will be able to learn about new songs and the artist, you can chat and comment about them too.  In this website you will get almost all the genres available in music.

Earbits Radio

All you need to do is to choose your favourite genre and the app will show all the songs, albums and artist belongs to this genre. There you can rate the songs after listening.

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Once you discover the new awesome music, you can listen and can download to your device too for further listening. Being a music lover, it is imperative to keep the update of all the latest songs. Once you use the apps mentioned above and sites, you will get the full update of all the latest news and can pick the cool songs from there.

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