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Best VR Headset India To buy In 2017- Top Virtual Reality Headset!

best vr headset india

Thanks to the available best VR Headset India 2017, which has hyped the visual experience in Smartphones. Definitely, it’s a win for mobile technology.

As you can see there is numerous Virtual Reality Headsets getting launched in India. Sure, there would be mixed-up mind choosing the right one for you. Regarding your taste and Smartphone, you will need to find the Best VR Headset in India.

best vr headset india

Although, many brands are coming with their high-end Virtual Reality Headset. Even Google, Samsung, HTC, Oculus and more brands stepping their good efforts in this tech. But sadly, these big brands are always late to enter in India.

So, let’s dig some of the available best Virtual Reality Headset India of 2017. Because Indian VR market is also saturated with some Chinese brands and you should care about best VR gadget for your device.

Best VR Headset India 2017: Handpicked Products!

# Top5: Procus ONE Virtual Reality Headset

I like this VR headset for its quality achievement at this cheaper price. This Virtual Reality Headset cost under 1.5k and feels quite premium. This VR headset is perfect for 3.5″-6″ display smartphone, so you can cover up most of the smartphone with Procus one.

Thanks to its fully adjustable 42mm lenses turning a fully immersive viewing experience with surpassing 100 degrees. Playing VR Game and video is a vast experience streaming those all VR contents.

It lenses protected by 8 layers nano-coating helps to keep eyes calm even after watching virtual reality videos or movies for a long period. The space underneath the headset allows you with VR experience with it. Also, much convenient while wearing a glass for nearsightedness and farsighted.

The space underneath the headset allows you with VR experience with it. Also, much convenient while wearing a glass for nearsightedness and farsighted.

Morely, buying Procus One would be more immersive as you will get a Virtual Reality game free with it. So, you can maximize your experience on the go buying from Amazon.

Pros of Procus One:

  • The fully adjustable headband and superior quality adjustable 42mm HD optical lenses. And the quality experience also top notch with higher resolution smartphones. Compatible with both Smartphone platform, which works fine with my iPhone SE and Moto G5 Plus.
  • It comes with free magnetic clicker so will not need to open your Procus One headset when require any click.
  • Side border is coated with a comfort finish that gives a comfortable feel. It also avoids the outside light when streaming VR content with your headset and gives the immersive VR experience.
  • There is sufficient room to add your favorite headphone or earphone to sync audio with the device.

Cons of Procus One:

  • The experience with a small screen is average. However, it is always recommended to have at least 5″ inches display Smartphone with at least Full-HD resolution.

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#Top4: AuraVR Pro

This Virtual Reality gadget also comes under the 2k segment. Regarding its price, I would say it is a good pick as the best VR Headset in India 2017, as this can deliver the most experience that you get with other hyped VR headsets.

One of the biggest reason to buy this headset is remote controller inside the box. Yes, this comes for free with it, as you can optimize your gaming with it wirelessly.VR headset also meant for gaming, with the help of Bluetooth enabled remote controller of AuraVR Pro can be controlled your games and other contents.

Headstrap is highly adjustable to give perfect grip. Its breathable cushion becomes convenient and comfortable to covering-area.  Also, its ergonomic design with average lightweight make streaming for a long period with AuraVR Pro Virtual Reality Headset is pleasant.

It supports any smartphone model having display sizes between 3.5″-6″ inches. Easy mobile installation works perfectly with Augmented Reality apps and games. There is a side slot to fix charge or headphone jack but is also reduce the heat is being produced with mobile.

Pros of AuraVR Pro:

  • AuraVR Pro comes with a wireless remote controller to control your VR gaming. As of this price point, this is a good deal for those who seek for a Virtual Reality Headset in India under 2000 rupees.
  • I like it has a vent slot to attach charger or headphone jack, as this also helps for proper heat dissipation.

Cons of AuraVR Pro:

  • Adjusting the head strap is a little complicated for the first time but it shouldn’t be a big issue after some period.

#Top3: Irusu Play VR Plus

This is another best buy for VR headset in India 2017 introduced by Irusu. With my personal usage, I am quite happy with the output from Irusu Play VR Plus. This VR Headset can be bought under 2.5k if you are targeting the best Virtual Reality headset for your smartphone.

It is packed with the High Definition Resin 42mm lense. It is easily adjustable with magnetic clicker makes the desire to adjust visual experience. As of this, watching VR video with Irusu Play VR Plus gives a top notch result.

You will also get a wireless remote controller to navigate device without removing device again and again. Also, the remote controller is essential to play VR games. The headband is adjustable with fully, comfortable foam and a ventilation slot help in heat dissipation, which also for adding a headphone jack and charging port.

The specialty of this top VR headset is integrated headphones. Believe me the audio output from this headphone more than average. So, the video streaming experience with gives a complete package as of this integrated headphone.

Pros of Irusu Play VR Plus:

  • Comes with an integrated good quality headphone. Hence, no need to buy a headphone for it, as with earpieces good output. It is a complete VR headset in India at this price point.
  • A wireless remote control comes inside of the Irusu Play VR Plus box for best navigation or interaction your device.
  • Support all brands smartphone with display size between 3.5″ inches to 6″ inches. And the video streaming quality also much better with FHD resolution and above.
  • Better result people who have low myopia with its magnetic clicker adjustable lenses. 3D VR is truly pleasant with it.

Cons of Irusu Play VR Plus:

  • The quality with low-end resolution is faded. As enjoying an immersive VR quality higher resolution screen is necessary.

Top2: Procus Pro VR Headset

Here is again from Procus, now it is a complete package of virtual reality headset. This comes under 3K, trust me it is one of the best VR headset 2017 in India.

As this comes again with an integrated headphone making your VR headset investment worthy. Unlike normal earpiece, the quality with this headphone far better experience. So, you will not require any headphone investment after getting this.

Unlike other Procus VR model, this also comes with a free horror game for free. And playing it with VR headset really satisfying. By providing your buying Amazon ID, you can download it from the given link inside of the box.

Headset gets inbuilt volume and answering one key that allows installing call pickup and volume control. Also, features touch button; so, no need of any magnetic clippers or Bluetooth device.

Fine quality PMMA lenses provide a large field of VR vision. These lenses are suitable for myopia people within 0 – 800 degree and hyperopia within 0 – 400 degrees. Also, the visual quality of this VR headset is super cool resulting wholesome experience.

Pros of Procus Pro VR Headset:

  • Totally happy with the audio and video streaming output. You can experience closest VR vision with its outstanding inbuilt headphone makes it a complete VR headset at this pricing.
  • Comes with a free VR Horror game, which is again nice to play with.
  • It holds the device tightly as you can adjust the panel according to the size of Smartphone.
  • The VR headset is combined with soft pad fits comfortably and integrated headphone also comes with the same comfort pads for better feel. Streaming VR contents with Procus Pro VR Headset is well-wearing for a long duration.

Cons of Procus Pro VR Headset:

  • No remote control with this VR headset but the inbult key and touch button make it complete.


My VR INFINITY tops in the list of Best VR Headset India 2017 because it is much giving feature and ergonomic design make it the winner of the list. Again it is a complete VR headset available in that comes again under 3000 rupees.

It also comes with an inbuilt high-quality headphone that offers wholesome 3D audio experience. The headphone is wireless for hassle free audio adjustment that also comes with an extra head jack to add your favorite headphone with it.

While the VR video or games streaming with My VR INFINITY is totally pleasing. It has 42mm lenses for larger FOV (field of view) with upto 120 degrees. Retouched with PMMA lens with allows to stream VR vision closer to achieve the best viewing result.

This VR headset is even convenient for the farsightedness and nearsightedness people. This allows you watching with the headset wearing a glass. Premium quality PC + ABS material for your face comfort; same happens with the headphone as well.


  • Experience the ultimate form of Virtual Reality with Augmented Reality enabled the feature in this VR headset.
  • It has built-in buttons to control volume, answering calls; hence, no need to take off your device while getting a call. So, I think it’s a great feature to have in a VR headset; its integrated diaphragm 40mm resulted upto 50mW audio output.
  • The movable tray is easily adjustable device with 4.5″ inches of 6.2″ inches display.
  • Face contact premium force absorbing foam is very comfortable for long duration wearing. The also comes with a soft material to give you best feel overall.


  • 400gm weight is a little heavier than existing other best VR Headset India 2017. But the whole experience of My VR INFINITY is totally worth.

All these best VR Headsets India 2017 is under 3000 rupees. In this budget segment also, you can get a worthy deal. As you might feel that Google, Samsung, HTC, Oculus are the good options but those are expensive in terms of cost. However, the features are almost equal with these best VR Under 3000 rupees in India. Hope, you can make you mind finding the best VR headset of 2017 and buy one of them.

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Let me know which one is your best pick from these budget VR Headset 2017 by commenting below.

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