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Top Best Voice Recorder Apps for Android Phones 2017 | Call Recorder Apps

Grab top best voice recorder apps for Android Phones of 2017, as we need a voice recording app on our device for various reasons. This list is not just about voice recorder apps for your Android but more as call recorder apps for Android, smart voice recorder and also worth trying audio recording app for the Android device. Most of the smartphones come with an inbuilt voice recording facility.

What if your device doesn’t have an inbuilt voice recorder or the default voice recorder of your app stopped working after rooting the device? And you cannot record voice even having a Smartphone so weird it would be, right? You must install another voice recording app or call recorder apps for Android, isn’t it? If you are confused about which will be the best sound recording app then here is a list of top best voice recording apps for voice recorder for Android 2017

It happens with many of us that after a conversation we forget about it. Sometimes we discuss something important and creative and forget later on. Sometimes we need to note down something but ca not due to many reasons. That’s why we need a good voice recorder on our phone. Many sound recording apps are available for free on Google Play store but if you are looking for the best one then here is a list of best sound recording apps for Android.

Top Best Voice Recorder Apps for Android Phones 2017

In Google Play store you will get many voice or audio recording apps, some are free and for some apps, you need to pay a certain amount of money to avail some extra features. Some apps you won’t get in Google Play store, so you have to download them from other existing Android market.  Here is the list of best voice recorder apps for Android phones of this year or it can be also called as the best call recording apps for Android.

Audio Recorder: Pro Sound Recording App of 2017

This app is available on Google Play store and you can access all the features of this app for free. This app comes with a great user interface and using this app is also very easy. The best thing about this app is it supports almost all type of microphones by which you can record high-quality audio. After recording, you can save the file and share and upload in all the platforms including cloud audio recorder apps 2017

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Easy Voice Recorder: Easy Sound Recorder or Call Recorder Apps for Android

You can guess the functionality of the app from its name itself. It is one of the best call recorder apps for Android phones. This app records voice in a simple way and you get a good output too. In the app, you will see a mic button. Tapping that option will start recording. This app allows you to record voices in different formats. The app supports widgets too. You can access the features of this app for free but if you upgrade to paid version, you will get some extra benefits such as stereo recording, Bluetooth mic support and much more. This is one of the best apps for voice voice recording apps for Android 2017

Evernote: One of the best note taking apps

This is a two in one app which you can use for both note-taking and recording sound purposes. This app is basically known for its note-taking uses but it is a smart recording app for Android and iOS platform too. This app is very useful for musicians and college students where the user can make a recording and then convert them into notes by writing those. The best thing about this app is it supports cross-platforms. Once you will upgrade this app you will get more recording apps for Android smartphone

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Google Keep: Take Note and Sound Note

Besides, note taking app, this is one of the best voice recorder apps for Android phones. This is the most trustworthy app for voice recording as it is a product of Google. This app is available in Google Play store and you can download it for free. If you are looking for a simple app that you can use easily and quickly then you must try this app. once you record any voice clip using this app, you can use and share it in multiple places, even you can make a direct backup of your file in Google drive. Apart from voice recording, you can take notes, picture notes and list notes from this app. no added money is required for this call recorder for Android

Hi-Q: Smart Sound Recorder App for Android

This app is available for free download but if you want to access all the features of this app then you need to upgrade the app to the premium version. This is the most powerful and the best voice recorder available in the market. Not only voice recording, this app can record mp3 files too which you can play later on multiple devices. Apart from that, you can upload the file directly to Dropbox. This app supports widget and you can choose between mics. The built in wifi transfer, gain control and the other things help to transfer files in an easy call audio voice sound recording app for Android

These all are the best voice recorder apps for Android phones available in the market. If you want to access all the premium features as smart recorder apps on your Android phone then it is recommended to download it on your device. After using the trial version if you like you can update the app to premium version anytime. Almost all the listed apps are available in Play store for free download. If it is necessary for you to record voice or want to have the best call recorder apps for Android smartphone then you must install any of the above-mentioned voice recording apps because these all are the best apps for recording sound.

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