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Best Root Apps 2017 Download on Rooted Android Device | Free Downloads

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Here is the list of best root apps 2017 for the rooted Android device users. There was a time when lion share Android users love to root their devices. This trend is now a little lesser than before still I got some request for root apps to use them on rooted Android device. Hence, I have come with the best root apps download list of 2017. If you have rooted your device and want to take advantages having root Android device then you should have these root root apps of all time

In the past years, I have also tried rooting many of my Android apps. Believe me, that time rooting was tough work but by the time rooting has become far easier. Rooting your device unlock most of the features that you can’t do with your non-rooted device. Get some cools apps on your rooted Android device and feel the advantages of it. Or else having a rooted Android device would be useless.

Best Root Apps 2017 for Rooted-Android Device | Free Download

I will recommend to you having apps from different categories. So that, you can make a complete smartphone and more exciting to your Android machine. Check out root apps download 2017 for your rooted Android device.

Lucky Patcher:

People says Lucky Patcher can be used without root access. Yes, you can do this but most of the feature can’t be used. And you should know how powerful this app modifier even on a non-rooted Android device. With root access, there are many tweaks that you can download with it.lucky patcher on root device


  • Can backup and install apk files.
  • Creates apps as per your requirements.
  • Include an alternative Google Play store.
  • Remove ads from apps.
  • Bypass license verification that lets you use premium apps.
  • Unlock in-App purchase or disclose unlimited resources.


This tool app is really recommended root app of 2017 if you have an Android device with root access. It helps your Android device making smooth and better performance, in this way it can maximize your device battery backup. So, it is a very nice app to have on your rooted device. It is free to download from Google Play root apps 2017


  • Doze and Aggressive Doze mode can dramatically change your device backup for a long period.
  • Polishes your device processing and makes your device faster in terms of performance.
  • Kills unwanted background app, which again helpful for device performance and RAM management.
  • Free to use with no ads.


As I promised, to make your root device a useful with root access I have come with all categories root apps download. Here is now for music tweak, Viper4Android is for the music lover app. To use this app, your device must have a root access. This is quite amazing, with this app you can connect to every speaker, Bluetooth device to your device and play music with lots of tricks. This is one of the best root apps 2017 that you can download for free.viper4android for root device app


  • Cross-channel convolver support that creates extraordinary sound.
  • FET compressor.
  • Fire equalizer.
  • Field surround effect.


Keep a PC like recycle bin on your Smartphone. Yes, downloading Dumpster on your rooted device you can add a recycle bin. It means every deleted file on your device will be backup in Dumpster app. Isn’t it a good feature to have, whereas Android doesn’t come with this feature. By having this root app oof 2017 you can save your files from unwanted delete.dumpster root app for download


  • Protects your files keeping your deleted files in Dumpster app and let restore all deleted files.
  • Auto clean backup files after a period.
  • No Internet connection required.
  • Easy to restore backup files with just one click.


Do you want to customize your device? Tasker utility app should be your best choice. Though it is a paid app but having a root device, you can easily get it for free. With this app, you can easily manage all the settings with a single app. You can download this app on your non-rooted device but you will need root access to unlock all the feature of Tasker root app tasker


  • One destination for all settings, making easier to utilize your device.
  • Backup Setting profile.
  • Auto-brightness, display lock.
  • A lot of widget support for the.
  • Kill unnecessary app and improve device performance.

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Root Explorer:

Root Explorer is a file explorer, which widely popular and one of the best root apps 2017. For a powerful file explorer for your root Android phone, download Root Explorer and access everything in a neat way. There are a lot of features that you will like to use on your device. It is far better and powerful than default file explorer. Get this on your device and it is free to have.root explorer root app download


  • Create Zip files and unzip ZIP files.
  • Backup apps as an apk file.
  • Free to download from Google Play store.
  • An integrated search bar lets search files instantly.
  • Web browser pre-installed.

There would a good intention rooting your device. Mostly to use root apps on your Android device. Make your device a powerhouse by downloading the all mentioned roots apps for your device. You get all the root apps download from all categories and can be download for free.

Let me know using the experience of these apps on your device and if you know any better app that you used then I will be happy to know. Or you can comment below regarding these best root apps 2017.

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