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Best Courses to Learn Online In India for Career in IT

India is at a prestigious level when it comes to literacy rate and this rate is increasing rapidly over the time. Of course, we all are well aware of India’s huge population. Ultimately, finding a reputed job in India is quite difficult as well as competitive; and there are more reasons behind that. On the other hand, we are living a busy life today and it’s hard for many people to follow the traditional educational classes. Hence, Online Courses in India is a new trend today.

We know the term course means the individual class that is taken in the universities, schools, colleges, etc. For any cause, if someone is unable to follow the traditional schedule for the classes, some universities offer online classes for learner’s convenience.

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There are several advantages of taking online education irrespective of some limitations. Availability, convenience, and low cost are some of the most sought after advantages here. In addition to that, affordable online learning platform like Edureka has taken the system to an another level.

Best Online IT Courses in India

The best online courses available in India are mostly provided by Edureka. The only drawback of the platform is that it covers only IT related courses. However, there are many other great websites for online education we can rely on for various courses. So, if you have an interest in making a career in IT sector, or looking forward to higher opportunities in this field, Edureka is what you must visit on. And, here comes the list of best online courses in India.

1: Data Executive in Big Data Analytics

We are living in a digital era which is driven by computer data. A career with Big Data Analytics has a vast potential in this generation. You can enter the field with its basic awareness that is called Data Executive. This is the beginner’s course who is solely into the Big Data world.

Every undergraduate and Postgraduate candidate is eligible to apply for the course online. The total course duration is 40 hours and time schedule is flexible. Fees for the course may up to $110.

Data Executive is a must-pursue course for entering the bigger place in Big Data as it provides concepts like DB Coding, Mathematics Modeling, Big Data 101, etc. The next level courses are Big Data Analytics Data Engineer and Business Analyst.

2: Apache Spark Certification Training

Another great course to pursue on Edureka is Apache Spark Certification Training and is one of the best online course to be considered. This is the course every Big Data enthusiast must get done for it will enable them to understand the Spark’s execution process in in-memory data. The learner of this course is also be trained in Scala Programming and various Spark related APIs as such Spark SQL, Spark Streaming, Spark RDD, Spark GraphX, and Spark MLlib.

Software Engineers, Developers, Architects, Big Data Enthusiasts, Data Analytics Pros, and Data Scientists are people must go for this online course from Edureka. By the end of the course, learners will be asked to complete a project. After completing the project successfully, they will be awarded certificate. The course durations are 24 Hrs for online classes, 32 Hrs for Assignments, and 20 Hrs for projects.

3: Python Certification Training

Python is known to be one of the most flexible, powerful, premier open-source programming languages which are easy to learn and execute. It also has a huge efficient library for data analysis and manipulation. The Python language is being used in large domains as such oil, gas, finance, signal processing, physics, etc. Python is also been used in the scientific fields.

Getting expertise in Python is now much affordable and easier with Edureka online course. Whether a learner is a beginner or an experienced professional, Python certification training by Edureka is a great thing to start if programming with Python is concerned.

4: Big Data Hadoop Certification Training

The fact is Big Data Analytics market is growing rapidly around the globe. This potential pattern of growth is the pure indication of opportunities in the very subject for Information Technology Professionals. Now that minimum qualification to pursue this course on Edureka is graduation passed and many are curious of any pre-requisites are asked for learning Hadoop.

Well, a quite knowledge in SQL and Core Java would help the best. However, they are not mandatory. On the other hand, of you willing to sharpen your knowledge of Core Java, there is a self-placed complimentary course called “Java essential for Hadoop” offered by Edureka.

5: Android App Development Certification Training

This is the course for every individual who has the passion in creating a potential Android app. Any student or IT professional may take the course to pursue. It is efficient and affordable. The course if Google certified and is teaching thousands of earners across the nation and abroad. As we all know, Android is one of the most used and popular computing platforms, there are lots of chances for a career making in the field.

The Android App Development Certification Training online course is flexible for all. There are two live classes provided on weekends (Saturday and Sunday). Even if someone missed the classes they can still access the recorded sessions or attend the certain live session with any other batch.


As you can see now, most of the above cited online courses are bound to IT field. So, this list would much beneficial to the individual and organizations those are solely into the very sector. Now that online courses are much available, flexible, and affordable, individuals will taste the advantages of carrying out desired courses online no matter what other daily tasks he or she is bound to.


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