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Best Music Player for Android with Equalizer in 2017 You Must Have One

Best Music Player for Android

With your smartphone becoming a single solution to all your daily needs it’s a fact that you love to use it to listen to your favorite music. Although you might enjoy your mobile’s music player, there are music apps that make listening to music an amazing experience. So, for that, I have come with this list of the 10 Best Music Player for Android.

Best Music Player for Android

Best Music Apps for Android in 2017

If you love to customize your music listening experience, then you must go through this list and find out which music app will be best for you. All these apps are free and are easily available on Google Play Store. So you will have no issue downloading any of them.

So, without further talking let's go through this list of the 10 best music player for Android mobile.

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Downloading free tracks is the best thing we ought to do when its comes to music. Buying albums from CD stores, or paying for Mp3 files from premium online portals are not the stuff we really like. That’s the reason free Mp3 download sites are too much popular these days.

10 Best Music Player for Android with Equalizer 

Given below are the 10 best Music player for Android which you can use if you are in need of one. Just go through the list and decide for yourself which one should better suit your musical taste.

1: Minima

If you are looking for a cool looking music player, then Minima is a new music player which you should try out. Although it is not the best compared to all the other music players mentioned below, still it is awesome.

music player for android

It’s a music player way ahead of its time, so not everyone will like it at first glance, but with use, this can become your favorite thing. The user interface is amazing, clearly showing you all the details and introduces you to all the categories like music, genres, albums, playlists and much more.

One very attractive part of this music player is the ‘Now Playing’ section which makes Minima stand out from other music players.

2: Neutron Music Player

Another music player that seems to be recently gaining popularity is the Neutron Music Player. It comes with high quality 32/64-bit audio rendering machine with the help of which the app can help you listen to the Hi-Fi quality sound.

music player app

Not just that the Neutron Music Player is also equipped with features that make it one small tool that helps you to support unique file types FLAC, OPUS, WMA and more. It is also one of the best music players for Android with Equalizer.

Surprisingly this music player also comes with some features like Crossfeeder, Crossfader, Tempo, Pitch and more customizable features that allow you to have a great experience while listening to music.

3: Phonograph Music Player

Another brand new music player on the list is the Phonograph Music Player that just like the above two applications have not gained much popularity but has recently caught some attention due to its simplicity. It has a stunning look, and the user interface is cool looking and the “now playing” screen is one who catches all the attention.

best music player

Moreover, many of its features are customizable along with the color, theme and even the start page, along with the album cover’s appearance, etc. It also has an equalizer which makes it a handy app.

It also has Last.Fm support for scrobbling, sleep timer, tag editor, and much more. Why I would recommend you to have this Music Player is because you will love the simplicity of it, unlike many music players that are complicated.

4: n7player

N7player is a unique music player which you might feel a little unfamiliar because of its nonconventional style of arrangements, the design, and the large collage style of the list of music which you can scroll along and listen.

Android music player

The music player also comes with a 10-band equalizer which is really handy; there is a volume normalization option, scrobbling, tag editor, and many more features.

This is an excellent music player which you can have if you want something unique to experience. Moreover, you can even dig deeper into all the features that it comes with and listen to your favorite music in your own way.

5: Media Monkey

Now, if you want some really powerful music management and explore features that will make you enjoy not just music but extra features like audiobooks, podcasts and much more you should install Media Monkey on your mobile.

best music apps

Media Monkey is a really powerful and one of the leading music players available. You can even sort out songs in many ways like according composers and not just artists.

It has an equalizer too and allows you to sync your music library from your computer or mobile through the Wi-Fi. This might look complicated, but it’s a fun thing to use once you get to know and moreover, it is an entirely different music player and not easily comparable to many of the apps available.

Also, the simple user interface makes it worth the use and you will simply fall in love with this app once you start using it.

6: Pulsar Music Player

Pulsar Music Player is probably one of the best music players available for Android. The stunning material design makes this music player a one of a kind. Not to forget all the handy and unique features it has such as gapless playback, smart playlists, tag editing, a sleep timer, Last.fm scrobbling and much more. Although, the paid version comes with more features unlocking its full potential as a powerful music player.

 Pulsar Music Player

Pulsar is compatible with Chromecast, and this makes it all the more impressive. One more thing to be excited about Pulsar is its theme and customization option.

7: Shuttle Music Player

Now, if you had previous experience with Google Play Music, then you will love Shuttle Music Player. This is because Shuttle can be considered as an advanced version of Google Play Music which is quite similar to it and the Material Design makes it all the more attractive.

music apps for android

One really amazing feature of this app is its simple yet stunning design that you can even customize and design with themes. The shuttle comes with gapless playback, scrobbling, sleep timer, embedded lyrics, and much more, and also it features a built-in 6-band equalizer with fantastic bass control.

8: Poweramp

Poweramp Music Player is a popular music player for Android which is among the top best music players available for Android. Poweramp might have a very complicated user interface, but the features of this music player make it a powerful tool for listening music.

best mp3 player for android

This music player supports almost all kinds of music formats including FLAC, Ogg, m3u and much more. There are different kinds of features to enhance the audio quality of your music like 10 bands optimized graphical equalizer, bass and treble controls, balance, mono mixing and stereo expansion.

There are many more features like replay gain, dynamic gain, gapless playback, crossfade, lyrics, .cue files, Last.fm scrobbling, tag editor, and much more. There are even more features like lock screen, customizable album art and much more which make this music player one of the most powerful tools for listening music.

9: JetAudio HD Music Player Plus

I am sure you must have come across people advising you to install jetAudio HD Music player if you have been a long time user of Android mobiles. It is a popular music player with features that helps to satisfy all the needs of crazy audiophiles.

music player for android free download

There are audio enhancement features that make this music player a powerful tool and these features in the form of plugins can help you tweak your music experience way different than your typical music player.

There is an equalizer which comes equipped with 32 presets, and also you can make use of the effects like bass boost, widgets, tag editor and it also supports MIDI playback.

You can download and install this music player easily as it comes free and if you don't mind spending some cash, you can even get the paid version that even gives you access to customizable themes and also you can get rid of the advertisements and have a smooth music listening experience.

10: BlackPlayer Music Player

Now if you want to have a minimalist approach to your music listening experience Black Player Music Player is the right music player app for you. It’s simple, yet classic design gives you a one of a kind experience while listening to your favorite music.

BlackPlayer Music Player

The unique thing about the Black Player Music Player is that it allows you to operate on a customizable tab structure and you can decide which tab to use while listening to music.

It comes with an equalizer, an ID3 tag editor, widgets, themes, scrobbling, etc. It also comes with a no-ads feature, and it supports the most commonly used music files.

If you don't want any complicacy and want to have a simple and straightforward music player, the Black Player Music Player is the right one for you. You can even get more features with the paid version of the app.

So these are the 10 best music player for Android which you can download from Google Play Store. I have been using Pulsar music player and have fallen in love with the features of this music player. Although, I would suggest you either go for it or maybe BlackPlayer music player which is equally a powerful tool and is the best music player for Android with Equalizer.

Music Apps

Most of the music lovers always listen to music according to their mood and situation. To make a playlist which a person can listen according to their choice requires some awesome music tracks. Here I am going to discuss the best ways to find new awesome music.

So, have fun listening to music with the best Android music player and take your music listening experience to the next level.

With the best Android Music Player in your Smartphone, you may now forget your typical default players. I bet you won’t find any other App reliable out of the list I made here. These are the best music player Apps for Android devices available for free. Exceptions, if you go for  premium Apps you may get better features.

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