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10 Best Museums In India | Exhibit India’s Rich Heritage

best museums in india

India is a beautiful country with rich culture, architectural beauty, traditions and much more. Therefore, for a culturally rich country like India, who boasts as one of the most diverse heritages in the world it is an essential step to preserve the past by setting an example for the future generations. But for the present and future generations, it is more than just a handful of museums that apply the best specimens from our history to represent our India’s rich heritage.


best museums in india

Many travelers come to visit the museum which displays the splendid past of each region. Indian tour will be incomplete without paying a visit to a museum of the city, that displays the rich culture and history of our ancient India in a beautiful way.

Best Museums in India | Exhibit India’s Rich Heritage:

India is famous for their museum which reflects the rich culture of the country. In India, there are lots of museums to explore the people, culture, beliefs and history of our ancient India. A museum treasures the house of our ancient documents, and much more. There are many museums in India which unfold lots of unheard truth of our forefathers.

1.National Museum, Delhi:

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National Museum is the largest museum in India, which is located at Janpath, New Delhi.It holds a diverse articles from the magnificent ancient era. It was constructed in the year 1949 on the corner of the Janpath, in a lively city of New Delhi.Thsi place is worth visiting as one gets to know about al kinds of luxury trains, which was used by the great kings long time back.

It has lots of collections like Jewelry, paintings, armors, decorative arts and manuscripts. You will find a Buddhist section where one can find the head of a Buddha Statue, and Buddha Stupa having archives of Gautam Buddha, that was constructed in 3rd century BCE by Sovereign Ashoka.

2.The Prince of Wales Museum, Mumbai:

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India’s one of the best- known Museums in Mumbai. First of all,  this museum has renamed as Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya. Inside this Museum, you will find art, sculpture, old firearms, rare coins and a priceless collection of antiques from pre-historic time.

The museum is worth visiting , as one can find three main sections like archeology section, natural history section, and art section. And each sections displays the variety of works of arts dating back to Gupta and Chaulkyas era.

3.Indian Museum, Calcutta:

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It is one of the most famous museums in India and also the ninth oldest museum of the world. It was established in the year 1814 by Asiatic Society of Bengal in Kolkatta. However,it has lots of unique collection of armors, skeletons, Mughal paintings and ornaments. As a matter of facts, it possesses six sections that includes five galleries of creative and scientific work of arts.

4.Government Museum, Chennai:

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It is also known as Madras Museum, which is located in Egmore, Chennai. First, it was established in 1851 and holds different varieties like geology, zoolo, anthropology and botany, and also has separate section for Children. Moreover, one can have a glimpse at the different collection of books from ancient times as well as present time too.

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5.Shankar’s International Dolls Museum, Delhi:

best museums in India

Shankar’s International Dolls Museum displays the largest collections of dolls, in the beautiful city of Delhi. It holds two sections where one can find more than 160 glass cases from New Zealand, Africa, India and Australia.

6.Salar Jung Museum, Hyderabad:

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Salar Jung is an art museum, which is situated in the beautiful city of hyderabad. It holds a collections of paintings, textiles, metallic artifacts, clocks and carvings from various countries like China, North America, Egypt, Nepal, Europe, Burma, and India. From here on, it got affiliated as an institution of National importance by the Indian Parliament.

7.The Calico Museum of Textiles, Ahmedabad:

One of the most attracted tourist spot in the city of Ahmedabad, Calico Museum of Textiles. It was first started by Gautam Sarabhai and his sister Gira Sarabhai in the year 1949. It has an amazing collection of fabrics from pre-historic cloth paintings to the beautiful Indian fabrics. One will definitely be amazed by the spectacular work of art that is displayed at the museum, and all the textiles have been kept for display were once used by the Mughal rulers of ancient times.

8.National Rail Museum, Chanakyapuri:

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The National Rail Museum has a great collection of more than 100 genuine size of Indian Railways, in Chanakyapuri. Furthermore, it also has a toy train that provides the gentle rides of the site on a daily basis. Meanwhile, it provides the collection of the antique furnitures, working models, historical photographs and more.

9.Bhau Daji Lad Museum, Mumbai:

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Bhau Daji Lad is the oldest museum in Mumbai, which is situated in Byculla East. It was established in the year 1855 as a tressure house of the decorative and indutrial arts, and later renamed in the honor of Bhau Daji. Therefore, it has a large number of archaeological finds, maps and historical photographs of Mumbai and more and also its important collections of 17th century manuscript of Hatim Tai and more.

10.Napier Museum, Thiruvananthapuram:

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The oldest museum constructed in the 19th century, at Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala. First, it has got the name from Lord Napier, who was the Governor of Madras.It holds a great collection of historic artifacts like Kathakali puppets models, musical instruments, Kerala chariots and more. This place is worth visiting, which will give you a glimpse of their rich culture and history of Kerala.

These are the lists of best museums in India in the above. Therefore, this way one can grab a knowledge about all the historical artifacts. You can also learn more about the people, cultures during the ancient times.

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