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Must Watch 10 Movies That inspires & Motivates Every Women

best movies for women

Some movies are a unique piece which has a lot to learn or get entertained. Similarly, I came across some of the super cool videos that perfectly fits for women. It can be an essential message for all women’s to get motivated n get entertained by watching. I have a list of the collection Super Hit movies which I am going to share with you.

Not Every movie inspires viewers, having to being made for the different purpose from various perspective. Very rare Movies comes which are based on gender, Nationality or Biographies. Women’s play critical role in the society and world, adding values to all the families and Work Place with a uncountable contribution on every part of the world.

You can download movies from online, Rented DVD’s, Rented online movies or buy a DVD disc available on multiple online shopping sites. Watching movies is the best for spending time while sitting at home. Millions of people love watching movies; but what? If we get inspired by the movies, we watch? There are few selective movies which inspire a lot and can even watch it again and again.

best movies for women

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So, let us check out the lists of inspiring movies which meant for women.

List of Inspiring Movies Every Woman must Watch!!

1. Million Dollar Baby:

best movies for women

The Million Dollar Baby is an American Sports Drama film which directed by Clint Eastwood. This movie acted Eastwood himself, Hillary Swank and Morgan Freeman. It based on underappreciated boxing trainer, the mistakes which haunt him from the past. Later, he starts by helping an amateur boxer who wants to achieve her dream of becoming a professional Boxer.

It turns to all the people who have the opinion about every girl. Through this movie, it also speaks about even though our age falls behind Physically, but it does not break our Spirit. This way,  Maggie Fitzgerald ( Hillary Swank) talks that you can achieve anything in your life, dream big and be fearless.

2. Devil Wears Prada:

best movies for women

The Devil Wears Prada is an American Comedy-drama movie which based on Lauren Weisberger’s in the year 2003. This film released in the year 2006. Here,  you can see Meryl Streep, who acts as Miranda Priestly. She is a powerful fashion magazine editor, which she ruled the man’s world. Anne Hathaway, who works as Andrea Sachs(Andy) who is a college graduate goes to work in New York City as a Co-assistant to MirandaPriestly.

This film is also the most inspiring one as it talks about how Miranda Priestly, who is a powerful fashion magazine editor rules in man’s world. Both of them holds the best of their character and personality. Through this movie, it can also help us that this is a funny movie and also all about the fashion.

3 Queen:

best movies for women

This film is also one of the most inspiring ones which every woman should watch. Here, Kangana Ranaut acted as Rani who is a decisive bride goes off to her honeymoon all alone to London.

It tells us that it is good to love your friends, family and appreciate their support for you. But you also remember that one should be able to stand on your feet and learn your lesson in life.

4. Bend it Like Beckham:

best movies for women

This film is all about girl power, which was directed by Gurinder Chadha. Bend it like Beckham is a romantic sports family drama film, released in the year 2002. In the movie, it referred to the football player David Beckham and his skills. The story revolves around, the 18-year-old daughter of Punjabi Sikhs lives in London, who loves playing football but her parents have to forbid her not to play because she is a girl.

Hence, it taught us how to lie, fight but not letting go of your dreams due to having gender difference opinions. You must watch the film; it might inspire you to do what you love and fight against all those stereotypes who thinks that girls cannot play football.

5. Frozen:

best movies for women

Frozen is an animated musical fantasy film which was produced by Walt Disney. It tells us about a fearless Princess who goes off on a strange journey along with rugged Iceman and his loyal pet reindeer and also a naive snowman to search her sister.

Here,  both Elsa and Anna have inspired us and taught a lesson for not giving up on your loved ones, like your sisters and expressed some full support which these two sisters Elsa and Anna have for each other. I recommend you to watch this movie; it is very inspiring one.

6. English Vinglish:

best movies for women

It is about a housewife who enrolls in an English Speaking class, to stop her husband and daughter mocking because of her lack of understanding English. It taught us about gaining self-respect back and shows us a person needs to be kind and gentle to everyone in the world.

7. The Blind Side:

best movies for women

The Blind Side movie based on a book of ” The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game” by Michael Lewis. It is about the NFL Player, Michael Oher played for the Baltimore Ravens and the Tennessee Titans.

Therefore, it teaches us how Michael Oher kid’s life has changed through Kindness and love by the woman who has supported him in his bad times.

8. The Help:

best movies for women

First of all, it is a heartbreaking story based on all the black maids who are working in White households in Jackson,  Mississippi during the early 1960s. Eugene who is an educated woman where she sees how her all friends have disliking attitude towards their maids who are black in color.

In the movie, it taught us how we should treat people not according to their belief which they have brought up by the community.

9 Zubeidaa:

best movies for women

Zubeidaa movie based on two women, who are both robust and fearless in their way. However, this both women are tied up by traditions and their roots. Here, one woman who dreams her life full of freedom. In the movie, and it teaches us that based on all fightings for finding freedom and living the life with full free spirit.

10. Black:

best movies for women

The black film revolves around a Blind, Deaf girl and her relationship with her teacher who later develops Alzheimer’s disease. In the movie, it teaches us that if you want something in your life, then nothing stop you.It also teaches us how to fight for everything that you want in your life and hold on to what you wished.

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These are the best inspiring movies in my list every woman must watch. I am sure that you will get inspire with the moral and lessons of the film. Now, all you need to do is start watching movies one after one and get inspired by the stories from the film.

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