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Best LED TV Under 12000 Rupees | Under Budget

Best LED TV under rs 12000

The era of LCD TVs are gone, and now it is the generation of best LED TV which comes with lots more features and good resolution and effects. LED TVs also do use the liquid on the screen to display the light with better resolution. But LED TVs uses a smaller emitting diode to illuminate the TV screen which doesn’t affect our eye and comes with few more advanced features than that of CCFL used in LCD TVs.

LCD TVs are not recommended by many doctors because of the CCFL used to eliminate the TV screen. As it affects the eyesight when too much viewed. Now as it is the generation of best budget LED TV, so your eye sight is all safe from those effective ways.

best LED & LCD TV

As the Light Emitting Diode comes with some excellent added features, you may think that it will cost you more than the LCD TVs. But it is not that as now you can get the best-LED TV Under 12000 rupees and that too with all those amazing features added into it.

Here you are going to know about the best-LED TV under 12000 in India which you can buy to replace your old LCD TV if you haven’t. So now you don’t need to burn your eyesight watching your old LCD TV screen, as you are getting TV with only 12000 in India. Here are the lists of best LED TVs under 12000 rupees.

Best LED TV under 12000 Rupees:

5. Philips 22PFL3958/V7: 

As you know Philips has done a very good work in the market of television right from the start. So when it comes to the best-LED TV under 12000 rupees then Philips 22PFL3958 is one of the best. The Philips 22PFL3958/V7 comes with 56 cm (22 inches) HD screen where you can watch HD videos upto 1920 x 1080

Philips 22pfl3958/v7

Now in the box of the Philips TV, you will get a manual book, TV stand and some screws (to do wall mounting if you want), a TV remote (without battery) and obviously the display. There is nothing to expect much from the box of a 12000 rupees LED TV, as everything will be very much simple.

Now coming to the features of the TV, it comes with the aspect ratio of  16:9, weighing 4.4 kilograms, with 2 big speakers in the back, 22 inches screen size with 1920 x 1080 resolution, the view angle of the Philips 22PFL3958/V7 is very great as you are getting 178 degrees and the TV has 1 USB and 1 HDMI ports to connect with devices. So these are all the features of the TV that you are getting.

philips TV

The TV looks slightly as they have used the shiny plastic in the bezels. The shiny plastic looks awkward, as many times it disturbs the picture when bright light is hit in the screen. Even though if the TV is 22 inch but it looks slightly big because of the material that they have used.

With all this features and advantages this is one of the best-LED TV under 12000 in India that you can purchase right now to replace your old LCD TV at your home.

4. Samsung Joy Series-5 22F5100:

When it comes to screen resolution and aspect ration Samsung is the best let it be on TVs or in a smartphone. So in our second list comes the Samsung Joy Series-5 TV. If you want to experience the best screen resolution and premium feeling in low price then this is the best-LED TV for you.

samsung TV

The Samsung Joy Series-5 comes with features like dual speakers, Full HD display with 1920 x 1080 resolution, the aspect ratio of the screen is 16:09, the screen size of 22 inches,  it weighs to 2.9 kilograms, the TV is having 2 HDMI port and 2 USB ports. These features of Samsung Joy Series-5 is amazing and is perfect for the price it comes for.

Now inside the box of the Samsung Joy series-5 TV, you will get a 22 inches Display screen, TV stand made of hard matte plastic, power detachable cable of TV, Owner manual, a TV remote and audio video cables. So these are all the things that you will get inside the box of the new Samsung Joy Series-5, overall you will get complete package inside the box.

Samsung 22F5100

As we have mentioned that the TV looks very premium because the materials that are used are all premium. Unlike other TV you will not find many disadvantages in this TV. So if you want to go for the brand in replacing your old TV sets than the Samsung Joy Series-5 is also one of the best-LED TV under 12000 rupees.

3. Panasonic TH-22D400DX:

This TV is having a good rating and many positive customer reviews in many online shopping sites. This Panasonic TV comes with a very affordable price and has got many features in it. Overall this TV has got some of the best quality features in it with a very budget price.

Panasonic television

In the box, you will get the dashing 22 inch Panasonic display with a normal plastic which gives a premium look. Also, you will get a remote of the TV,  television stand and also a wall mounting plate, User manual book, and some screws. This is all you are going to get inside the box of the Panasonic TH-22D400DX.

The Panasonic TH-22D400DX comes with one of the best speakers among its range making it one of the best-LED TV when it comes to sound quality. Not only speakers this television set also comes with some other amazing features like 176 view angle with 16:9 aspect ratio, this TV weighs some 2.9 kilograms, 1 HDMI and 1USB ports to connect other devices like pen drive or ethernet.

Panasonic TH-22D400DX

The picture quality of this television is average but when it comes to motion flow sensors, this television might not be the choice for you. But if you want to purchase just for speakers then this television would be one of the best.

2. LG 22LH454A-PT:

This is another 22 inch LED TV to replace your old television sets, TVs from LG have made a very good position in the market with all unique features and great display. So the same is with this 22 inches LED TV as it is also having some of the unique LG features in it.

LG Television

This LG TV has got lots of awful features like wide view angle so you can view it clear even from the corner, you will get full HD display screen with 1920 x 1080 resolution, the aspect ratio of this television is normal i.e. 16:9, there are 2 speakers in the front, weight of 3 kilograms and 1 HDMI ports and 1 USB ports to easily connect other devices like pen drive to TV. So this is all about the features of the TV that it comes with.

Inside the LG 22LH454A-PT box you will get a dashing LG 22 inches display, some pair of screws and a user manual box, wall mounting case, TV holder stand, a remote and power cable of the TV. So this is all that you will get in the box of this 22 inch LG LED Television.

LG 22LH454A-PT

Looking at the user’s reviews and rating this television is the second best among all of them and has all those features in it that are actually needed. The quality of this television is decent and feels premium when watched. So this is one of the best LED Television under 12000 in India.

1.  Sony Bravia KLV 22P413D:

As you know Sony is popular for their best HD resolution screen and best surrounding sound experience. So if you also look for best LED TV under 12000 rupees with both best picture and sound quality than the Sony 22 inch TV should be the best choice. This television set from Sony also comes with lots of features like the other Sony television set.

sony bravia KLV-22P413D

Inside the box of the Sony Bravia KLV 22P43D, you will get a 22 inch big HD display with 1 HDMI port and 1 USB port, a Sony remote, power detachable cable of TV, wall mount casings, TV stand to hold TV, pack of screws for wall mounting and a book of owners manual. So this is all you will get on the Sony Bravia inside the box, so you will all get the needed things for your TV.

Now coming to the features of the Sony Bravia KLV 22P41D the LED TV weighs 3.4 kilograms, with dual high-quality speakers for better sound experience, the aspect ratio of the screen is 16:9 to give a better screen experience, it weighs 3.4 kilograms and wide viewing angle. So these are the features of the Sony Bravia KLV 22P41D television, all these features are the best among all the other best LED TV  under 12000 from the list.

Sony Bravia KLV-22P413D

So if you want the best-LED TV under 12000 in India with best sound and picture quality then this is the best-LED TV in India that you can purchase to replace your old TV sets.

These are the list of the best-LED TV under 12000 rupees in India, so now you can purchase the best-LED TV at your budget price to replace the old LCD display. Simply select any one of the best-LED TVs under 12000 in India and enjoy the latest features with better resolution. All the product listed here are given many positive reviews and good star rating and the products are also trustable. As all the products listed here are made from well-known brands like Sony, Samsung and much more.

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