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Best Android Games Like Mini Militia: Multiplayer/Single/Online/Offline

Games Like Mini Militia

Games Like Mini Militia – Doodle Army 2, widely known as Mini Militia is the game that is ruling Android pitch in the multiplayer category. We are well aware of many awesome features of Mini Militia like a high number of multiplayer gaming facility (6 Players Online, 12 Players on Local WiFi). No myth, the Mini Militia is a sequel mobile game of Doodle Army.

What’s so unique in this particular game is its Gameplay. The title Mini Militia is so much relevant to the game as it plays with some cute tiny militants. Deadly, though.

Games Like Mini Militia

If you are wondering about more mobile games like Mini Militia that comes with tiny deadly militants, luck is on your side.

Games Like Mini Militia You Must Try Today

The post won’t be comprehensive enough if I refer the games as similar to Mini Militia just because you got to play them with tiny combat characters. To be precise, the games in the list of “Games Like Mini Militia” are playable in Multiplayer, Single-Player, Online, and Offline.

So, you are going to have far more fun than just playing a multiplayer Smart-Game with mini opponents. The themes of the games are different, Gameplay too varies. Needless to mention, if you are fond of  Mini Militia and want to try more games like it, or just got enough with Mini militia and want to try something different

Needless to mention, if you are fond of  Mini Militia and want to try more games like it, or just got enough with Mini militia and want to try something different, the list I have made here should be your “Catch of the Day.”

shootLostGuns – Multiple Shooter

If your thing is playing online, real-time with Multiplayer Gameplay, LostGun should be your top pick. You can see the same sized dangerous characters in this game as Mini Militia. A lot similarity to be found yet.

mini militia like games

You can team up with your friends or anyone from around the world t battle against any other team or combat one on one. Maximum of 8 players is allowed to battle in a single arena. 4 Vs 4, or 1 Vs 1, choose your combat style.

Different modes like Bomb Installation, Deathmatch, and Golden Robot will never let you get rid of addiction. You can pick your weapon from many kickass killing machines like Snipers, Rifles, Shotguns, and more.


Making your own clan will provide you rewards apart from gaining honor and valuable prizes from winning in terms of ladder points.

Price: Free, In-App Purchases

User Ratings: 4.4 Stars Out of 5

tiny-tro Tiny Troopers

Here is another one of the most played games like Mini Militia. The title of this game itself has the flavor of the theme. Once you are on, there is a total of 30 explosive missions on the go. This is a single player game that runs in 3D graphics.

tiny troopers

The more number of missions your tiny troopers survive, the more they will become stronger. Tiny Troopers is not just a hand controlling game. A player needs to put a sharp battle tactic to take down the enemy base, blowing up the structures, and more.

Price: Free, In-App Purchases

User Ratings: 4.2 Stars Out of 5

tiny-2Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops

If you wonder how Tiny Troopers would look in the next level, here it is! The sequel of dangerous mobile game Tiny Troopers is right here. The cute-deadly troopers are back with a better battle tactics and destruction.

In the Special Ops, the tiny troopers team has just enlarged with more fetal soldiers. When deadly stuff combines with Fun, the thing turned to be Tiny Troopers: Special Ops. Beside mind blowing actions, the game is packed with full of hilarious stuff.

Games Like Mini Militia

Tiny Troopers is about accomplishing each Special Operation through the rain of bullets, taking covers from tank shells, and more deadly stuff. You can create your elite Delta Force with specialists like machine gunners and medics.

Price: Free, In-App Purchases

User Ratings: 4.4 Stars Out of 5


This is it. The list though looks a bit short but, just enough to kill your spare times with Fun and Action. I hope, in the coming days, we are going to witness more fantastic games like Mini Militia. The games I have listed here are all must try as they offer a kickass Gameplay in both online and offline plays.

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