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Top 8 Best Free Stock Photo Websites | To Avoid Copyright Issue

Best Free Stock Photo Websites: Now we all know the saying on “image can speak more than a thousand words”. And this fact even works quite effectively in case of the online Internet world too as using attractive photos and images are the best way to attract your Customers.


And using the best images that is appropriate to your content or your product is one of the necessary things that everyone should keep an eye upon if you one to get big in the Online world. But as it is always said that the world can be ruthless some times and even in the case of finding free stock images it does so. The fact is that we cannot just pick up some random pictures from anywhere and use it for promoting our content or products and doing it can lead us into copyright complication which you would certainly want to avoid.

Now the solution to this itching problem of getting a legal royalty free images to download for free that you could use for your contents and products is getting a Professional photographers or traveling to places from where you need to capture the image. But the main hurdle to this solution is the expenses that you will need to incur for getting royalty free pictures and it is not a question for the guy who is running on a tight budget like me.

But there is an absolute stunning trick to get free high-quality free stock images without any Copyright issues and the lucky thing for you is that we would be revealing this awesome trick!!! Yes!

The trick for getting images for your products and contents without any copyright issue is by using Free Stock Image Websites. Now the interesting thing is that there are huge numbers of sites that provide its users with free stock pictures. But using most of the Stock image sites you will not get the appropriate pictures or quality of pictures that you are looking for. So here we will be providing you with the best sites to find royalty free images for download.

Top 8 Best Free Stock Image Sites:

  1. Pixabay:

Pixabay is one of my favorite Websites to find free stock photos and I personally use this website to find stocks photos for my contents. Now Pixabay has a huge database of over 470,000 free images for its users and you will find images related to any queries that you search on Pixabay.


Now all the Images on Pixabay are free from any copyright issues as all the photos that are uploaded on Pixabay are covered under CCo license or Creative Commons Zero license. So you can use any of the images from the wide range of genre that it provides and the best thing about Pixabay is that it provides images at the highest possible quality that you could possibly get over the whole Web.

  1. Flickr:

Flickr is another best Website to get free Stocks Photos which is owned by Yahoo where you can find a whole lot of images from a different genre. But before using any images from Flickr you could certainly read the Copyright terms given by the owner of the Image.


But there are many other open source Images that you can use without any copy right issue and you can access it by using the Common Creative Zero license filter search you can find many thousands of Stock Images at high quality for free.


StockSnap is another popular Website where you can download free Stock images and it has a huge collection of Images even being relatively newer to other Websites.


And the best thing about StockSnap is that all the Images that are uploaded in StockSnap are within CCo, so you can use all the images for any purposes you like be it commercial or personal purposes. And all the Images from StockSnap are of high quality that will match with your standard if you are on for the best high-quality Stock pictures.

  1. Free Images:

Free Images is another go-to Website for the one who want to get high-quality pictures without any copyright issue. It provides a huge collection of 380,000 free photos for its users. Now this is just a free photo and if you want to up the antic you can option for the premium Images that will give you an access to more than 1.3 Million photos.

free images

The interface of the Website is quite cleverly design and any user would love it as you would be able to find the appropriate images using either the search bar or the category. So it is certainly best photo stock site in the business right now.

  1. Startup Stock Photos:

Startup Stock Photos is a paradise for the one who are searching high-quality pictures based on office and business environment. Startup Stock Photos offers a huge collection of stock pictures that you can download for free and use the image for branding your Product online then this is the best Site to find free Stock Photos for a professional environment.

startup stock photos

  1. SplitShire:

SpliShire is another simple yet powerful site to download the free stock image without any copyright issue. Now the best thing about SplitShire is the simple design of the Website as it is equipped with the Search bar on the landing page itself using which you can search the high-quality Stock photos on SplitShire.


  1. Pixels:

Pixels is one of the new underdogs that offers high-quality stock images and using Pixels you will find a huge collection of Images that you can use for both commercial and Personal purposes.


Now the Interface of the Website is also quite simple and effective, as it comes with a huge Search button using which you can search the best Stock Images that matches with your needs. Or you can also use the category or popular search to get the Stock Images you want.

  1. Google Images:

Now, you might be unaware of the fact that you are clever enough, you can also find free Stock Image using the Google Image Search box. As Google provides many filter facility that will allow you to find only the Images that covers within the CCo License.

google image

To use Google Image to find free Stock Image you will just need to visit Google and then click on the “Image” option after that you will need to search the Queries for which you want the Image, now you will need to click on “Search tools” and right after that you will need to click on “Usages rights” option and then you will need t click on “Labeled for reuse with modification”

So the above sites were the best Websites to find free Stock Images, And using this sites you will be able to find all the royalty free images which you can use for either commercial or Personal use depending on the copyright terms but before using any of the Stock images make sure to read the Copyright terms and conditions properly.

Now if you have any other Free Stock Images Websites to share with us and Our Readers please leave your Views in the Comment Section below.

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