10 Best Free Movie Downloading Sites for Mobile/PC/Mac in 2017
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Best Movie Downloading Sites for Mobile, PC & Mac – Free Download, Fast Stream

free movie downloading sites 2017

We are already familiar enough with some great websites for free full movie downloads. Some of them are good for mobile downloads, and some are better for PC or Mac. However, very few sites are there for latest movies download which is reliable for Cross-Platform access. In this article, I have short-listed all the best free movie downloading sites 2017 for PC, Mobile, and Mac.

I have personally tried all of them and all these sites worked fine for me. Within this list, you will get top rated free Movie download sites without paying any bucksI also discuss the best features of these sites one by one.

free full movie downloads

Now, why should you choose these websites to download HD Movies?

This ultimate complete list of Best Sites to Download Movies for free tends to fulfill all your requirements. I assure you, you will not have to look anywhere else for full HD movie download no matter what kind of device you are using or what type of movies you wish to watch.

As all of these movie downloading sites provide user-friendly interfaces, you won’t have to worry about how to download movies from them.

new movies download

There are no legal issues in these sites and no malicious contents. However, some of them showcase online ads that are because they are serving you free of cost. Another Great thing about these free movie download sites is that they are very fast in downloading movie contents. No worries if you have a less speed internet connection.

Do Have A Look On Top Listed Best Sites To Download Full Movies For Free

10 Best Free Movie Downloading Sites for Mobile/PC/Mac in 2017:

Back in 2016, we have seen some of the sites that worked pretty well. We also have witnessed that some newbies made a great start. I have compared all the old and new movie downloading sites that are serving better currently in 2017. For user convenience, I have classified these best sites into 2 categories as follows –

  1. Best Free Movie Downloading Sites for Mobile
  2. Best Free Movie Downloading Sites for PC & Mac

I am listing out the top 5 sites among the bests for each category.

5 Best Free Movie Download Sites for Mobile:

When I said, “Best Movie Downloading Sites for mobile,” I mean for all kind of the Smartphones and Tabs. Whether you are using an Android or iOS device, or a Windows phone, these are the top 5 Mobile-Responsive sites that are great for a new movie download.

The free movie download sites for mobile I have listed out will let you download movies and TV series video files in various format and sizes. I have also wrote one detailed guide on Free Movie Apps for downloading movies on your smartphone directly.

movie downloading sites mobile

Before downloading any Movie or TV Show, you can pick your suitable file size. Regardless, even the less sized Mp4 video files come with a good resolution perfectly suits to your small-screen devices.

1: MyDownloadTube.com

This is a one-stop destination for all kind of full movie download. You may get the old movies from this site in various formats suitable for your mobile device. The site is being regularly updated with new movie contents. This site is also considered as one of the best free Hindi movie download sites.

Full HD Movie Download

If you are looking for a perfect place to download HD movies on your handy device like Android Smartphone, Tab, Windows Phone, or iPhone, MyDowloadTube is a must visit one.

There is a user rating with each movie content on this site. So, you can be confident about the picture quality before attempting to download new movies.

Things I like about this site:

  • Very easy to use and simple looking interface of the homepage.
  • Apart from movies, you can also download PC games too.
  • Search box to find your favorite movies easily with a single click.
  • Genre-wise movies like Hollywood movies, Animation, 3D movies, Japanese Movies, Bollywood, Mexican etc.


2: MovieWatcher.io

It is one of the most reliable sites for latest free full movie downloads in 2017. The site is mainly focused on Hollywood movies. However, the site also built an excellent reputation as one of the best Bollywood movie downloading sites. You can stream and watch free movies in HD. On the other hand, you can get full HD movie download on your small devices.

Hindi Movie Download

Before starting any new movie download, you can check the file size, user likes/dislikes, number of views, etc. These features let you identify a quality content before downloading it.

What’s Special about this site?

  • On the homepage, you can see the list of upcoming movies, popular movies, new movies etc.
  • Option to select genres like action, adventure, comedy, romantic, sci-fi, drama etc. Apart from that, you can also choose films by sorting year wise.
  • You can also download and enjoy TV series from this site easily.


3: WatchMoviesFree.TV

If you are concerned with new Hindi movie download, this is not the site for you. But, your taste is in Hollywood blockbusters, you must visit the WatchMoviesFree.TV today. This site is a great place for both streaming and free full movie downloads. How to download a film from this site is a slick.

Download New Movies

Besides free HD movie contents, you can watch or download popular TV series from the site for free. The Home page of the site shows Top IMDb section you can pick the best movies from.

If you have any movies in your mind, you may watch free movies online or to get full movie download for free. Simply search for it through the search box. You may also filter your desired video content using Genres, Countries, Years, Popular Movies, etc.

Things I like about this site:

  • Latest movies list on the homepage to choose and download.
  • There is one news section where you can enjoy latest movies trailers.
  • Like the previous sites, it also has genre-wise movies selection like action, adventure, drama, comedy, romance etc. You can also sort by year of release.
  • IMDb rating based movie list to find the best movies easily.
  • Apart from movies, you can also enjoy popular TV shows too.


4: MoviesMobile.asia

This site has opted as the best free Hindi movie download site of 2017. Audience located in South Asia would be more benefited from this platform. Besides Hindi movie downloads, you can also download new movies of Hollywood genre.

free full movie downloads

Simple user interface showcases all the latest and trending Bollywood and Hollywood movies. Users may also get through 4 main categories classified as Bollywood Movies, Hollywood Movies, HD Hollywood Movies, and Dubbed [HINDI] Hollywood Movies.

The Dubbed [Hindi] Hollywood Movies category provides all the blockbuster Hollywood movies in the Hindi language. And of course, all of these movies can be downloaded for free of cost.

Things I like about this site:

  • Ideal for Bollywood, Hollywood movies download.
  • Simple looking theme used to make it user friendly.
  • The file is smaller than any other sites which may affect the quality while watching on PC but ideal for mobile movie experience.


5: Mp4Mania.me

This is a simple looking website that mainly concerned in providing user-friendly service for free full movie downloads. If you are a resident of India and looking for best free Hindi movie download sites, Mp4Mania is highly recommended.

New Movie Download

The site is rich with many entertaining contents such as Latest Bollywood Movies, Hollywood Dubbed [Hindi] Movies, Cartoon/Animation Series/Movies, Wrestlemania Episodes, Hollywood TV series, and Latest Indian TV shows including the very popular “The Kapil Sharma Show.”

The site is very responsive for your Smartphone device and provides all the contents in various format such as HD, Mp4, 3GP, etc.

Things I like about this site:

  • On the homepage, you can see the latest updates on what’s new added.
  • Category-wise selection of movies and videos like Bollywood, Hollywood, Hindi dubbed, Cartoon/animation, evergreen etc.
  • Here you can also download the latest episodes of WWE Raw and Smackdown. India TV shows and English TV series are also available on this site which makes it an all in one site for the users.


5 Best Free Movie Downloading Sites for Mac & Windows PC

Windows PC or Mac users would like to try out a bigger file size than the mobile users. Most of the websites are built PC-friendly. Blu-Ray 1080×720 movie files are the most desired ones. Besides full HD Movie Download, you have to make sure that you ain’t downloading a malicious file.

free movie downloading site pc

Literally, you have to rely on only trusted websites to download movies. Torrent has been a great place for downloading free HD movies online, but it has Legal issues in many countries such as UK, India, Pakistan, etc.

I intend you give you way better than the Torrent. So, here is the best Movie Downloading Sites List for your Windows PC and Mac.

1: TmoviesNow.com

TMoviesNow is a reliable website with clean Homepage and simple user interface for users of all ages. Users with even a little knowledge could download movies from this site seamlessly. From the Home page, you may directly navigate to various sections such as Movies, TV Shows, Trending, Ratings, Genres, and Release Year.

Download New Movies

The Release your filters the movies from 2003 to the present releases. In Genres, you will find all kind of favorite movies say it Animation, Action, Adventure, Documentary, Crime, or anything.

There is search option that you may use for typing and search for a particular movie or TV show you wish to watch online or full movie download.

Things I liked about this site:

  • A good site to download movies as TV shows easily.
  • There are lots of available genres to choose from like action, adventure, animation, comedy, drama etc. Even you can also sort the movies by the year of release. You can also check the how many movies are there available in any category
  • On the below part of the homepage, you can check which are the movies and TV shows are rated higher in IMDb ratings. So, you can check and download the best ones easily without searching for reviews somewhere else.
  • The search option on the top works good to find the movies you are looking for.


2: MyDownloadTube.com

Yes, I already have mentioned this mobile responsive website. This is my favorite site for Full Movie Download. Let me show you why. If you are looking for new movie download? My DownloadTube has it all. Willing to download HD movies? All of the movies are available in HD quality. Do you wish for Hindi movie download? Well, MyDownloadTube is one of the best Bollywood movie downloading sites.

Latest Movies Download

Are you a gamer? Yes? MyDownloadTube also provides free games to download. Before downloading movies, TV show, or game from this site, you may easily check out the user rating for each file quality.

So, no regrets for quality after download. Oh yes, you may play the movies online just to check the print quality; or simply sit back and watch the entire movie online.

Things I liked about this site:

  • I have already discussed the features of this site above. Again one thing I want to add here, this is another all in one site supported on every platform. Highly recommended to all the readers.


3: HouseMovies.to

HouseMovies is a site that covers most Hollywood movies. If you are onto latest free movies download online, this is the site where you will find all the newly released movies. You can get the Trailer of upcoming movies as well. Being one of the best Movie downloading sites in 2017, HouseMovies fulfills all kind of needs for home entertainment.

Download HD Movies

In case you have missed any popular TV show episode, you can get that from here. From the Home page, you can get through Popular Movies & Serials, New Movies & Serials, Latest/Updated Movies & Serials, etc. You may directly get into your favorite Genre if you wish.

Some of the must share facts about this website is that the site does not bear a huge database, but it focuses on providing the brilliant movie pieces. It reads the IMDb rating of a certain movie and showcases only the high rated ones.

You will get high-rated South Indian and Hindi movies too. This ain’t the best free Hindi movie download site, but when it comes to quality, the site beats hundreds of others.

Things I like about this site:

  • On the homepage, you will find a clean and easy looking layout including tabs for popular movies, new movies, and releases, Latest added/updated movies and serials list. There id one search option available to search the movie you are looking for.
  • The unique thing about this site which I found is, they do not only stick to providing movies and TV serials but they have one article section too. On that section write on various interesting topics related to movies, recommend best movies of different genres and much more.
  • Apart from downloading movies you can also stream those movies online too which is another good option.
  • IMDb rating, duration of the movies, release date, the casts and crew of the movie, short bio etc information can also be checked before downloading and streaming.
  • You can also vote up or down and leave comments whether you liked or hate the movie.


4: YouTube.com

Never underestimate the power of YouTube. I admit that YouTube is not any movie downloading website and everyone human being walking on this planet meant to get familiar with “The YouTube”. However, many of us don’t realize that YouTube is much more than just a video sharing site. It is a Best Site to Download Movies.

Full HD Movie Download

Besides sharing and watching various kind of videos online, YouTube is a great place for watching online movies as well. In fact, it is the best site when compared the size of the database with other sites. One downside, YouTube has no downloading Option.

As the free full movie downloads are concerned, you may use a YouTube Downloader tool to download movies from YouTube. If you don’t know how to download movies from YouTube, I would be happy to help you out.

What to tell or judge about YouTube?

  • I don’t think I have to say anything extra regarding YouTube as this is the most popular video search engine and largest video portal on internet available till date.
  • There are many movies which you can watch on YouTube and can also change video resolution like 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p and even in 1080p Full HD depending on the internet speed you are having.
  • Basically, you can stream and watch movies on YouTube but there are many downloaders available using which you can download YouTubee videos and enjoy.


5: DivxCrawler.tv

Another open Platform for download HD movies is, without a doubt, the DicxCrawler. This is not a perfect site for the people who are looking for latest movie downloading sites. DivxCrawler is the site for a serious watcher. This is the site you will get all the brilliant movies ever made from.

Best Site to Download Movies

The website covers almost all the popular movie genres you may think of. Besides providing free movie downloads, you can get useful software too. The site also streams movies for online play. Thus, DivxCrawler is one of the best sites for free full movie downloads in 2017.

Things I like about this site:

  • There are buttons available for one-click movie download from the homepage itself.
  • You can see the size as well detailed information on the movie too.
  • There is one video section too where you can enjoy hit music videos.
  • They have a membership option for latest movie downloads as soon as they are available but you can still ignore this extra charge in my opinion.


6: World4ufree.ws

free movie downloading websites

This is another great site which I am using since my college days. Here you can get all the latest Bollywood, Hollywood, Hindi dubbed, anime etc movies easily. There are many versions of the same movie like HDRip, BRRip, HEVC x265 etc for your convenience. It’s all upto you which quality movie you want to download for free.

Things which I like on this site:

  • It has movies of every category like Hollywood, Bollywood, South Indian, Mobile Movies etc at the same place.
  • Daily updates bring newly released movies to download.
  • Blu-Ray movies download option available for HD movies on Smart TV’s or in Laptops.
  • There are more than one download links available to choose and download. You can also download any movie at a single click using the direct ZIP file or Torrent link.
  • Before downloading you can check the screenshots of the movies to know the quality of the video print.


Don’t have time for downloading? Watch Free Movies Online | Top 10 High-Speed Sites in 2017

So, my Movie Downloading sites List ends here. I kept the list short to assure only the worthy sites are placed on the list. Accessing these sites will allow you to stream movies as well as to free movies download online.

Movies are not only for entertainment. It is one of the best ways to learn things. Be it social or science, movies have been a great element for enlighting our knowledge and they are so fun! And guess what, there are benefits of watching movies you never knew!

Are you an Anime fan? Check out: Best Sites To Watch Latest Series Anime Movies For Free Online

So, keep watching your favorite movies and keep learning things with these best Free Movie Downloading Sites 2017. I will update the list for every New Year to come. Peace.

No matter what kind of computing device is suitable for you to watch movies. Be it an Android Smartphone/Tab, iPhone, Windows Computer, or a Mac device; these are the top 10 reliable sites for full HD movie download. Do let us know if you want to share any other name on this list. I will include them here for sure.

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