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Best Free Calling App For Android 2015|Free Calling Apps

Best Calling App for Android for Free 2015: Now devices that are running on Android Operating System provides its users with lots of features and flexibility by means of different apps that you can download for free. And one of the most popular app is the free calling apps that allows you to call your Friends and Family just by using your data connection or Wi-Fi.

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Now there are many Free Calling App that offers its users the facility to call for free but there are many popular free calling App for Android that you can download for free from Google Play Store. Some of those free calling apps does its work but most of the free call app are just waste of your data and time. Now most of the apps will just keep on asking for credits for calling which you can either buy it or earn it by watching and completing all of there advertisements for which the Calling Apps for Android are paid commission.

But In most of the cases this type of Free Calling App for Android does not even allow the basic calling features as the Free Calling Apps for Android which you could use for calling.

Best Free Calling App for Android 2015|Free Phone Call on Android:

So here in this article we will provide you with the best Free Calling App for Android 2015 that will work fine for you to call your Friends and Family for Free with the minimum Internet connection. Now all of the given best Free Call Apps 2015 are tested by us and it works just fine and it allows the basic features of free calling on your Android using this Calling Apps.

  1. Viber:

Viber is one of the best Android free calling app that will let you call other users for free. I have been using this calling App for quite a bit and I am totally impressed by the features and clarity that it offers during your free call. It has more than 150 Millions of users around the globe and to use thing free calling app both the users must have the Viber app installed on there Android device.


It offers many features such as free calls and videos calls to other users, Free text messages, and it also allows you to send Pictures, Audio and videos for free to other Viber users. And to run this Free calling app you will just need the basic Mobile Data or Wi-Fi. Now Viber has recently launched the new version of Viber called Viber Out which allow its users to call at any number even without the device where viber is not installed.

2. Facebook Messenger:

Facebook Messenger is another awesome free calling app for Android and this is one of my personal best free calling app. Now this feature is not known to most the users of Facebook but the Facebook Messenger app allows its users to make free quality calls using the Facebook Messenger app.

facebook messenger

It also offers features like free calls, video calls, chat or you can send pictures, videos, Audio to other users for free and to run this Facebook app you will just need the basic Mobile Internet connection or Wi-Fi Network.

3. Skype:

Skype is one of the most trusted App for making free voice calls and video calls on Android with more than millions of users around the globe using this app for making free calls from there Android devices. Now you can use this app to call on other Skype users for free and make calls to other non- Skype users at a very low rates.


Skype also offers its users with other facilities like chat to other Skype users, Free Video calling for other Skype users and it supports on majority of the devices with different operating system.

4. Line:

Line is another free calling app for Android that you can use to call for free on your Android Phone. Now apart from the basic free calling app that it offers from your Android device it also offers other additional features such as Free Text, Send videos, voice messages and a Timeline for you to keep updating about your daily updates.


Now to use Line you will only need the basic 2G or 3G or Wi-Fi connection on your Android device. It was basically available for only Android and iOS users but now it is available for all the major Operating Systems.

5. Google Hangouts:

Google Hangouts is another Free calling app by Google Inc that allows it users to call other Android users using Hangouts App on Android device. You can use Hangouts to call for free on Android devices. Now Hangouts app also allows its users to have chat, free calls, free messages with your friends.

google hangouts

Now you can use the Google Hangouts to call other numbers users who does not have app in there devices by paying a modest fee and you can use this App on your Android device using the basic 3G and Wi-Fi Internet Connection.

6.  imo:

imo is one of the startup’s that offers its users with the basic facility of free calling on Android and iOS users. It allows it users to send have quality calls, Text, and Quality Video calls. imo App also allows its users to send Audio, Videos, stickers as message to other imo users.


imo free calling app will work with the basic 3G or Wi-Fi connection on your Android Device to make free calls from your Android Device.   

7. Voxox:

Voxox is another popular Calling app that you can use to make free calls from your Android Device. And it offers one of the best voice quality but one of the greatest drawbacks that Voxox calling app is that it gives only 1$ of credit while signing in to a new account and after that you will need to purchase new credits to make calls.


But nevertheless Voxox has some of the best quality facilities such as quality calls, free text, send videos, audio for free from your Android and iOS devices.

So the above are some of the Best Free Calling App for Android 2015 that will let you call other for free using your basic Internet Connection. And we will keep updating this article with new Calling apps once our team test it in our devices.

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