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Top 10 Best Fitness Bands India – Top Fitness Trackers To Buy in 2018!

Best finess band in India 2017

The current and next generation is likely to be more fitness conscious compared to the past ones. People now are living in more comfort zone but that did not affect the flow of staying fit and healthy. Yoga, Workout, etc. are now a new global trend. Innovative Technologies are making millions from products concerning with fitness and health. Fitness Bands are one of such technological invention that is widely appreciated and certainly a beneficial thing to have. So, if you are also one of those fitness conscious people and looking for best Fitness Bands in India 2018, you have landed at the right place. Here we are going to check out which are the top rated budget friendly best fitness trackers in India.

Best fitness bands in India

List of Best Fitness Bands India 2018:

Fitness Bands might look a simple and low thingy but is much more than our consideration. This is the device that keeps us up to date about our current health, fitness, energy, improvement, etc. They say, “If it does not challenge you, it will not change you.” But, having a tough workout is not everything of fitness.

One should know how far he/she can push on. Crossing the limit or slipping out of balance is never a good thing. That’s why you one have to monitor various factors such as heart rate, calory burn, etc. And for that, all you have to do is wear a best Fitness tracker while workout.

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Here are the top best Fitness Tracker Bands that are affordable in price and brilliant in features.

1: MI Band IP:

This is the handiest and simplest form of fitness bands available in the market. It has no display screen, neither a voice interaction. All it has is a tracking feature that will continuously keep you informed about current health state via LED indicator and vibrator. This is one of the best fitness band in India for its affordable price and efficient functionality.

best fitness bands of 2017

The band wrapped around your hand will sense your inner body activity and sends the data to the mobile app where you can have a clear look at the body state. The Mi Mobile App will display everything you need to see while the band will update every info in real-time.


  • Alert through Vibration.
  • LED indicator in 3-step.
  • Supported by iPhone and Android phone.
  • 15 to 20 days battery.

2: Intex FitRiSt Pulzz:

This the very first Fitness tracker generated by Intex that is regarded as one of the best fitness bands in India in today’s date. It locks the price tag under Rs. 2000 but has much to offer in terms of features. There is a small digital display integrated to the wearable that keeps the users informed about various factors as such calory burn, heart rate, step count, distance covered, total workout time, etc. The battery of the band lasts for about 5-7 days while it hardly takes a couple hours to get fully charged.

wearable fitness trackers under 1000


  • Calory burnt and step counts.
  • Monitor sleep.
  • Beautiful OLED display.
  • Monitoring pulse and heart rate.
  • Measuring running and covered distance.
  • Durable Silicon built material.
  • Lightweight of 28.6 gms.
  • Water resistant.
  • 6-months manufacturer warranty.

3: Enerz Go Fit:

This is another one of the most sought after Fitness tracker band available at a very low cost. It is a very lightweight device built with silicon material that weighs only 20 gms. This is a perfect device to monitor covered distance and steps, burnt calories, etc. It comes with a tiny rectangular shape display with a pixel count of 128X128p. The only drawback of the band is that it is not water resistant. However, the device value for money as it comes at the impressively low price range.

fitness bands of 2017


  • Last 7-days Data storage feature.
  • Sleep pattern.
  • Suitable rectangular display with strap.
  • Battery backup for up to 6 days.
  • Silicon Built material.
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty.

4: Noise Trace:

Integrated with a circularly shaped display, the Noise Trace looks a lot like a typical watch we wear. This wearable would suit the best with female wrists. It displays also much clear with LED 128X128 pixel density. The functionality of the band is also very simple with double tap action. It’s tracking sensor is much effective with indicators like call alert, Bluetooth coverage, etc. You may grab this cool Fitness band spending less than 1500 INR.

top rated bands


  • Antitheft alarm.
  • SMS and Call notification.
  • Calorie and distance count.
  • Water protection.
  • Lightweight of 24 gms.
  • Battery life for 6-days.
  • Works with iPhone and Android.
  • Warranty for 6-months.

5: Fitbit Blaze:

If you are men and obsessed with classic designed typical watches, this is one of the best fitness band in India for you. The Fitbit Blaze is much alike typical wrist watch whereas works great with ultimate functionality. It has a square-shaped display with a smooth touchscreen where you can track your various activities as such monitoring heart rate, monitoring sleep, etc. This is the best wearable to go for if you are considering Fitness Band yet don’t like to take off your watch.

fitness tracking device


  • Heart rate and pulse monitoring.
  • FitStar on-screen workout.
  • Auto-tracking for daily activities.
  • A silent alarm and monitoring sleep.
  • Notification for SMS, call, and Calendar.
  • Efficient battery life for 5-days.
  • Replaceable strap and frame.

 6: GOQii Life Fitness Band:

One of the smartest yet affordable fitness wearable comes in the name of GOQii. It may look like typical budget Fitness band but performance wise, the dominates nay other devices of this category. This best fitness tracker has a powerful motion sensor, beautiful OLED display, and an advance algorithm that tracks user’s day-to-day activities. The band actually works like a personal fitness trainer keeping you balanced with every workout you do.

cheapest fitness band


  • The build quality is very good.
  • Slim and clear OLED display to show outputs and activities.
  • Real-time notifications for call, SMS, WhatsApp, Email, etc.
  • 3 to 6 months personal coach with the purchase plan.
  • Combined with USB charging port.

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7: Opta SW-026:

The brand OPTA is comparatively new to the market, however, it product SW-026 has gained much appreciation from users around the globe. The band is designed to match all type wrist irrespective of the genre and is very stylish with a rectangular display. The display shows all type of activities concerning your fitness and workout. In addition to that, it is compatible with iPhone and Android devices with version-4.3 or above.

buy fitness band india


  • Sleep monitoring.
  • Monitoring heart rate.
  • Tracking Calorie burn.
  • Pedometer.
  • Remotely control camera.
  • Notification of social media.
  • Anti-lost feature.
  • SMS and call alert.

8: Lenovo Smart Band HW01:

A smart wearable from Lenovo, HW01 is another affordable and best fitness tracker device that comes handy with a pocket-friendly price. The beautifully shaped display and the slick strap design is the perfect suit for any type of wrist. While the band tends to keep tracking your daily activities and health improvements, you can also use the device to set alarms for early wake ups.

fitness bands under 2000


  • It support GPS and enabled Bluetooth.
  • Very light in weight.
  • The quality of strap is very good.
  • Battery life is also great.
  • Notifications of social media.
  • Support with Google Fit and Apple Health Kit.
  • Call and SMS alert.
  • Calorie counter.
  • Step and covered distance counter.
  • Monitor heart rate.

9: HealthSense:

HealthSense is not really a fitness tracking device but is a typical digital wrist watch. However, it has the ability to track your calorie counts, steps, and distance covered, etc. It also comes with pedometer option to enable. Before tracking your activity, you can switch the walk or run mode for a better result accuracy.

fitness watch 2017


  • Round shaped clear and large display.
  • Switching between run and walk mode easily.
  • Accuracy in tracking result.

10: Swipe F Band:

Swipe is known to be producing low-end Smartphone for some time now. They have recently introduced us with their new Fitness tracking device titled Swipe F Band that is rated as one of the best fitness bands 2018. The fitness tracking device comes with all the basic features that are available in average products at this price range. There is also an Android app available integrated with the device that will help you to monitor all the result regarding your daily fitness activities.

fitness Smartwatch india


  • Circular shaped LED display.
  • Calorie counts.
  • Step counts.
  • Distance covered counts.
  • Reminder for calls.
  • Sufficient battery backup fo up to 7 days.

As you can see, most of the best fitness tracker devices enlisted here are budget focused. Because in India low price is one of the most cited concerns and most of the people aren’t willing to spend tens of thousands only for a wristband. On the other hand, quality and performance is also a prime factor Indian market is standing on. Thus, keeping mind all the sensitive and important views, I have personally analyzed and shortlisted the best Fitness Band in India that comes handy with low price range.

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