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Top 5 Best File Sharing Apps for Android 2018: Download and Use!

Best File Sharing Apps

Sharing photos, videos, movies with our friends has now become a trend. And sharing those through the internet can consume our whole month’s mobile data. Thankfully there are plenty of file transferring apps as a solution to this problem. These android file sharing apps save time, save mobile data, save money, easy to use and occupy a tiny place in your phone. We can use these Best File Sharing Apps on our computers also to share files from PC to our phones.

Best File Sharing Apps

We have Bluetooth in our phones transfer tiny files, but if you try to share a large file, it usually takes longer time than sharing Apps. So, using sharing apps are always the best option. Here are some of the Best File Sharing Apps.

Best File Sharing Apps for Android:


Pushbullet is the best relationship builder between our PC and the phone. We just have to sign the PC and the phone into the same account simultaneously. That’s it; we are all set to transfer links, files, and almost anything. It grants access to our phones through the computer. We can get the phone’s notifications on your PC, send and receive text messages etc.

best File Sharing apps for Android

We can even copy a file from our phone and paste it in our PC. It works the same with devices. Sign them into the same account and share whatever you want.Pushbullet saves us time by making what used to be difficult or impossible, easy.

Pros- Clean interface, fast transfer.

Cons- Too expensive.


A Wi-Fi method based free file transfer application from Lenovo to share files between Wi-Fi compatible devices. It can transfer files like photos, videos, music, contacts, links and much more. SHAREit allows Windows, windows phones, android and IOS devices to transfer files directly by ad-hoc Wifi connections. It is now available in 39 languages. The old version of SHAREit is called SHAREit [Unofficial] and the new version is called SHAREit [official].

best File Sharing apps for Android

SHAREit is much faster than Bluetooth and NFC. In earlier times we had only two ways to transfer files, either Bluetooth or USB drives. Bluetooth was tremendously fast that it could take a day to transfer a large file. And using USB drives had the chances of getting malicious data. That’s why Lenovo has developed SHAREit to provide a risk-free and faster file transferring medium.

Pros- No need to be on the same network, cross-platform file transfer and pretty fast.

Cons- Receiver has a free region to which file we can take.


One of the newest wireless file transfer applications is Cshare. It is 30 times faster than Bluetooth and can transfer anything like apps, games, PDF files, links, photos, videos everything. It detects all the devices carrying Cshare easily so that we know whom to send the files. Cshare is able to share files to multiple devices at a time.

best File Sharing apps for Android

Pros- One-click operation, able to transfer multiple files at a time, support group sharing.

Cons- Do not work on certain Android devices.


AirDroid is a similar app to Pushbullet. This is one of the Best File Sharing Apps to access your phone and control it through your PC. We can transfer files between your phone and PC, we can send and receive text messages, get phone notifications on your PC, as well as getting access to other apps like Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram etc.  AirDroid comes under one of most easy to use and popular file sharing apps for android that you can use on your Android device.

best File Sharing apps for Android

Suppose our phone’s screen is not working, we can still access to our phones and do whatever we want using the web browser. AirDroid is a very user friendly and user satisfying file transfer app, that can transfer everything of your need to one device to another, fast.

Pros- Phone can be accessed remotely, very fast transfer, totally free to download and use.

Cons- Unable to transfer multiple files, battery drainer.


With Superbeam we can do wireless transfer android to android via Wi-Fi connection. We need to pair two devices share files using QR code, NFC or manual key sharing, that’s how we do not have to worry about falling our files into wrong devices. We can even customize the destination folder of the file if we are using the Pro version.

best File Sharing apps for Android

On android phones we can share apps, images, music anything we want, but for iPhone and iPad it can transfer only photos and videos.

Pros- Easy to use, fast sharing, transfers multiple files at a time, supports all type files.

Cons- Frequently crash.

Final Words:

Sharing images, videos, music, apps while hanging around with friends is common. And sharing them using Bluetooth is a pretty lengthy process. For that we need a fast, easy to share and multiple file sender app. I hope the list I have given you of 5 Best File Sharing Apps for Android will help you to choose the better option and you will be able to share files faster and easier.

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