Facebook isn’t just a successful social media platform, where millions of people visit to get connected with their friends or someone new every day. But a matter fact, Facebook has also turned out to be a giant gaming platform, with over 251 million players logging on daily. With many addictive games that can make any Facebook user to log back in and enjoy playing the overwhelming addictive games- The Best Facebook Games 2016.

facebook gaming


And I am sure that any point of time you may have also logged in to your Facebook account, not just for the sake of getting connected to people but to play the games that are offered on Facebook. Facebook includes a bunch of addictive games that can lure you into playing the game again and again. These games include both Single player and Multi-player games on Facebook.

This is what I got for you today, I will offer you with a list of Best Facebook Games and I bet, no matter which game you choose from the list of Best Facebook Games 2016, you will get addicted to playing the best Facebook game 2016.

So, let’s not wait any longer and take you to the list.

Best Facebook Games 2016 – The Best Games So Far:

Here is the list of Best Facebook Games 2016 – Hope you will like the list:

  • Candy Crush Saga:


candy crush saga

Candy Crush Saga is the leading game on Facebook with over 50,000,000 users playing Candy Crush on a monthly basis. Noted as the Best Facebook Game 2016 gameplay is simple and all you have to move different candies and match their colors to make them explode and with bonus rewards if you can accomplish certain objectives. But as you move on to different levels, it can get addictive and with over 900+ levels to achieve this simple game turns into quite a challenge. And I have played the game to a level of 367; I can feel the problem and the addictive outcome of the game.

My Review: This is the best Facebook games 2016 & I would like to recommend this fantastic game to you if you want to try a Facebook game for the first time.

  • FarmVille 2:


farm ville

It was hard to select the top leading game on Facebook with 2 of the best games available. But with Candy Crush leading making it to the top, Farmville 2 isn’t far behind. Being my second best game of choice, FarmVille2 steals the show with its incredible outlay, landscape, and characters. And right from the starting of the game, the gameplay starts off as you sow, plow and harvest your crops. And what makes this game so addictive is the feeling of the real life and original outlay, which makes this game worth playing again and again.

My Review: So go ahead and give it a try.

  • 8 Ball Pool:


8 pool

What makes 8 Ball Pool one of the best Facebook games of 2016 is the game outlay. It is an Arcade Multiplayer sport based game that offers you with the most addictive outlay that can make you play the game forever. Personally, I played this game, and you won’t believe my friend how much addictive it is. Here you will be playing against the AI or play against your friends on 8 Ball pool, challenge them to a duel of Pool game and find out who’s the best. And the best part is that you will never get tired of playing this. This game offers the best gaming experience against friends and other players making it more challenging and exciting. And this is why 8 Ball Pool is on the list of Best Facebook Games 2016.

My Review: So Go ahead and start playing it with your friends. Do you know it??

  • Pet Rescue Saga:


pet rescue

Did you always wish to have a pet at home but could have it because your mom dad never allowed. Well, now you can have one and don’t even worry about getting scolded by your parents, like the last time when you brought home a stray dog(Well I too went through the phase). This game offers you with the best experience of having a pet right with you. And unlike feeding him/her, give him/her a bath, all you have to do is play with him/her for the whole day. The gameplay starts off as you will try to rescue your pet by matching boxes of different colors just like candy crush.

My Review: Rescue and pat him. He won’t bite you :D. Excellent game, worth your time.

  • Criminal Case:


criminal case

Do you want to be a detective and solve intensive cases of not just lost and found but real life cases of crime? Well then, this game is definitely for you. Here in this game Criminal case, you will be playing as a detective who has to work on collecting evidence about a young lady’s murder. It is one of the best brain-teasing game and requires a lot of your attention as you have to find clues that will lead you to the murderer.

My Review: A must play the game, be the detective and track down the killer.

  • Dragon City:


dragon city

Dragons are majestic creatures that have lived on earth long back before. Though it was never confirmed now, you can put your own Dragons. In this city of the Dragon, you will be their master, feeding them, giving them food and even breeding them. Here you can choose to breed your pet dragon from a lot of breeds.

My Review: What makes this game one of the best Facebook games 2016 is the experience of being a majestic leader of the dragons.

There you have it, and these were the list of the best Facebook games 2016 that you can choose to play. And remember that once you start playing these addicting games, it may be impossible for you to leave it until you finish the game (which is nearly impossible with Candy Crush Saga, as it offers with more and more levels every time).

So enjoy the game plays and to make it more fun to share it with your friends, as an old saying says Sharing is Caring.

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