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Top 10 Eyeshadow Palette That Looks Perfect On Your Eyes

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Hot & sweaty summer is approaching & you know what that means right? Bad days for makeup! Get a smudge proof Eyeshadow Palette.

But this year, don't let the hot and sweaty summer days get the best out of you. Do not worry about your Eyeshadows and enjoy this lovable season with the best eyeshadow palette just for you. Fall in love with the perfect eye makeup for every season and throw away your worries with these eyeshadow palette 2017.

eyeshadow palette

If you love applying eyeshadow, then you must have a look at our list here. Also, we have a step by step guide for applying eyeshadow. Hence, when everything is ready for you, you won't need to spend much time searching eyeshadow here and there.

Have a look at these amazing eyeshadow palette for summer and then decide whether it is worth buying or not.

10 Best Eyeshadow Palette For an Attractive Look:

Eyeshadows are easily available in your nearby departmental store but the brands and the quality differs. Therefore, here we have listed down some of the best professional eyeshadow palettes. They are smudge proof and best for both summer and winter.

1. Coastal Scents Eye Shadow Palette:

Shade your eyes now with this pretty 252 colors of eyeshadow. Whether smokey or sheer, this eyeshadow makeup would be best fitted for both days as well as night. This eye makeup collection has stunning shades that you can apply as dry or wet look. As a result, you get three trays of eye makeup collections that are gorgeous with 120 compatible palette cases.​

eyeshadow palette

The first tray mostly contains greens, blues colors whereas the second tray consists of bright colors like yellow, reds etc. Finally, the last tray comprises of light colors mixture.

2. SHANY Makeup Pro Eyeshadow Palette:

There is few eye makeup that looks pretty on your eyes. This makeup from SHANY is a must-have eye makeup. In fact, here you can get a matte as well as shimmering glitter finish. It also has anti-crack features for everyday use. Therefore, now you can use them for office also. In this eye makeup, there are 96 colors of brown, purple, blue, green etc, you can mix and match the colors according to your choices. It would be convenient if you use the darker shades in the crease.

eye makeup palette

They are smudge proof and highly made by the US Professionals, and are tested not be made of animal product. Therefore, you do not have to worry about any rain or water because of the smudge proof feature. You can have smoky eyes, bridal look or any other looks.

3. Stila Eye Shadow Compact:

Stila Eye Shadow is an award-winning eye makeup tool. We can definitely say this eyeshadow is the top pick. The shimmering shine with a matte finish is all we need for a summer look. This is a smudge proof eyeshadow, so now you can wave goodbye to sweat. They are versatile and the only eyeshadow to complete your look. However, you can also keep it inside your handbag during your travel.

professional eyeshadow palette

4. LORAC Pro Matte Eye Palette:

LORAC is a go pro makeup palette created by makeup artist celebrity Carol Shaw. It has 8 matte finish shade with smooth textures. Apart of that, this velvety smooth shadows has infused with botanical, so you either use it as wet or dry. Just like professionals you can get pretty shades and define it.

professional eye makeup

As a result LORAC products are mainly infused with natural products and science mixture. You can get the hottest looks with this pretty 8 different shades. The palette in size of your palm so that you can carry it anywhere.

5. Best Pro Eyeshadow Palette Makeup:

This is a product of LAMORA and this eyeshadow is inspired by womanly feminine side. Not only that, This makeup palette is manufactured with the highest quality. Here you get 16 rich colors that are highly suitable for your eyes. The color also lasts very long. It has beautiful colors like rose gold and dark browns with a shimmery glittering finish.

pro eyeshadow makeup

The product has a velvety smooth texture that can create pretty eyes. All the woman will stare at your dazzling looks. You can either use them wet or else dry and shade your shadow lines or define your eyes. Especially if you want a natural look then you have a range of colors from beige to dark browns with matte, satin and shimmery hues. They are lightweight as well as portable.

6. L.A Girl Beauty Brick Eyeshadow:

Another best eyeshadow brand is the L.A girl beauty and the most amazing thing about this eyeshadow is you will find a range of nudes color. However, they are filled with dozens of shimmering pigmented shades that gives you stunning looks. Not only for shimmering looks but you can find also find a matte finish that creates a dramatic look.

beauty eyeshadow palette

Along with this eye makeup palette, you also get a double ended brush suitable for blending. Also a glossy book and a side mirror for an application. They are the smoothest mattes with dimensional shimmery.

7. SHANY Natural Fusion Eyeshadow Palette:

We found yet another range of SHANY brand eyeshadow palette to be quite good. It has 88 color combination eye makeup kit. For the professionals, this range of eyeshadows will be a complete package. There are 29 matte colors that have anti-crack featuring with high pigmented colors.

For color mixing and blending you can get 59 shimmering shades. It would be better if you use the lighter shades to highlight the under brows. The darker colors are for the crease.

shany eyeshadow palette

Like I have said above, this product is not tested on animals but in fact created by the best professionals from the USA. For best results use SHANY professionals brush.

8. Coastal Scent Smoky Eye Makeup Palette:

Now you can express your beauty with this range of smoky nude and metallic colors. This range of eyeshadow blends so perfectly that you can wear for evening or daylight. The slim palette is a must-have application for everyday wear and tear. This perfect eyeshadow has a 20 unique shade with a sleek and slim design that can be carried anywhere. They offer a high pigmentation with 20 outstanding colors.

9. Maybelline New York The Blushed Nudes:

Maybelline is one of the best brands for beauty products, especially in eye makeup range. Furthermore, they are portable and lightweight. Not only that, this eyeshadow is specially designed for professionals to create a dramatic smoky look. You can also use the natural beige for a day look. It comes up with 12 pretty colors and both side sponge applicator.

maybelline new york eyeshadow palette

10. Tartelette Bloom Clay Palette Eyeshadow:

Tartelette is not a common brand for eyeshadows but it does have a good range of eyeshadows. In fact, it does have buttery smooth shades. If you are a bride then this shades will work pretty gorgeous. With this pretty eyeshadow and a gorgeous wedding hairstyle, is all you need for a perfect wedding. Try it over an eye primer the color of the shade will be visible.

brownish eyeshadow palette

There you have it "The 10 Best Eyeshadow Palettes 2017":. All the shades have a wide range of color selection. In fact, they are the top high-quality eyeshadow palette that lasts for hours and hours without any smudge. However, high-quality eyeshadows are little expensive, so instead of searching here and there, the list of 10 eye makeup palette works stunning for a fashionable look. Also, you can get a tutorial on how to apply eyeshadow.

So what are still thinking? Buy them RIGHT NOW.

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