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Best Coursera Alternative Sites for Online Education

Coursera is widely known to be one of the best online platforms for e-learning. Individuals of any age may enroll in an online course when they meet minimal eligibility for the certain course. Coursera is a great place to learn and achieve certificates that can be beneficial in building a good career. However, much like many other online education systems, Coursera lacks providing all the courses available in the traditional education system. And of course, even a traditional institution has its own category and does not provide every single course.

You might or might not be familiar with Coursera, however, if you are interested in pursuing an online course and that is not available in Coursera or Coursera failed to provide your requirement, there are many alternatives to Coursera that will surely fill the gap left by Coursera.

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Best Coursera Alternative Websites for Online Courses

 1: edX

For edX is our top pick the online education provider is linked with multiple prestigious schools, college, and universities from around the globe. The most sought after institutions contributed to Coursera are as such MIT, Harvard, Berkeley, ANU, and more. You may pick your desired course and enroll for it that is provided by many prestigious universities and schools.

edX teaches you free as well as in paid. Free learning from edX, however, won’t provide you any certification. Paid courses, on the other hand, let you grab valuable certificates that tend to look great on your job resume.

edX is widely appreciated for years by millions of learners from around the globe for it provides almost all kind of education ranging from Medicine to Music. There are options to choose your native language for edX also provides courses in multiple major languages.

2: Udemy

Another one of the most potentials called the alternative to Coursera is the Udemy. Udemy mostly provides paid courses that can be enrolled for verified certificates. The fees for enrolling Udemy courses are much affordable and are one of the prime reasons for many online learners have opted for Udemy.

More than 32,000 online courses are available to enroll from Udemy and this also one of the reasons that made the Udemy much potential site and definitely a great alternative to Coursera. Udemy courses come with various learning options as such live video lectures, study materials, texts, assignments, projects, etc.

3: Khan Academy

Once started off as a typical YouTube Channel, Khan Academy is now one of the biggest e-learning platforms in the world. The site was initially targeted to teach Maths. Over the time, it has grown to cover almost all kind of subject that people wish to learn. The study material of Khan Academy is mostly of video tutorial files.

One thing that makes the website much appealing for appreciation is that Khan Academy is a non-profit organization and does not charge any fees from learners. This means anyone may drop by this site and learn their desired subject for free of cost. Thus, no certification is provided.

4: Udacity

Udacity is the online learning platform where both free and paid study materials are available. Free learning will be helpful to individuals who are interested in improving knowledge whereas no certification is really concerned. For those who are solely after verified certificate on a certain course for career building, the paid courses are much recommended. With the paid online learning system from Udacity, organizations or companies may nurture their employees with higher knowledge and experiences.

There are monthly subscription plans offered by Udacity which allows individual and organization to access offered courses and premium features available. The site is primarily focused on teaching computer and technology related topics with their comparatively large course collection.

In case you are unsure about paid subscription and their authentic teaching quality, there is a 14-days free trial option you may try out to test their service quality. This will make sure whether the platform will capable of meeting your educational needs or not.

5: Alison

Free online learning is a great way to enhance your theoretical knowledge and Alison is one of such platforms that provide free education online. Despite free giveaway, each online course on Alison comes with all sorts of assignments and study materials. With the end of the each course, Alison also certifies the learners with suitable grades.

Alison is a very simple platform that simplifies the learning style that even a novice learner won’t be facing any hassle or complexity while enrolling and learning stuff. Alison also allows its learners to get connected in terms of groups where any learning individual may create groups for discussion and better learning. Certainly, this platform is one of the best alternatives to course for people looking for free education over the web.


A handful of alternatives to Coursera we get over the web. Personally, I still think Coursera is a great online educational institute and could hardly a platform available to replace it. It is also a matter of fact that every virtual institution has its own value and reputation.

The mindset of individual also varies. Thus, it’s not necessary that everyone should get the same feeling as of mine from this perspective. I would like to know what your opinion on this topic is.

Which do you think among the mentioned e-learning platforms is better than Coursera or not any of them.

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