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Best Countries To Live In | Live A Good And A Healthy Life

First of all, questions come in people’s mind that, in which countries do people live better? Where is the quality of life, education, medicine better? Therefore, if someone wants to emigrate and choose the place to live in permanently. So, think about it, but however, a doubt comes in mind will be better life there?

best countries to live in

Therefore, if you are looking for a good and healthy life then here are the lists of the best countries to live in, which is according to the standard of quality of life index. There are many factors that you must consider before deciding to move into another country like weather and so on. And it is time-consuming to do all the research and make a decision.

Best Countries To Live In | Live A Good And A Healthy Life:

The Place where we live also becomes an important part of our life. Every country differs the quality of life from another country. There are several places to live in across the world, so, you can check out the lists of the best countries to live in all around the world. They offer high quality of life and variety of great opportunities for all to live in.


Turkey is a great place to live in for those who don’t want to have a hurried lifestyle, then they won’t disappoint you. No need to worry about the language as almost all of them speaks English. If we talk about the weather of Turkey, then it is perfect for all your moods and makes the outdoor living popular in Turkey.

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Why You Must Live There:

So, let us talk about the foods. The Turks, in fact, is known for eating healthy foods and their seafood is delicious as they catch them fresh and serve them in their restaurants. Furthermore, all their foods are free from all kinds of preservatives. Since all the fast food and microwaved meals are very expensive, so, they cook their food with freshly produce.


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Belgium is best known for its Chocolate production in the world. It has rich and diverse culture. Therefore, they have lots of languages in Belgium. If you are planning to live in Belgium, they many times you might hear people speaking in two or three different languages. However, in a small country like Belgium, you can choose to live in.

Why You Must Live There:

Suppose, if you are working in Belgium then you don’t need to worry about accommodation by choosing to live in the suburbs. In fact, this country has an excellent public transport infrastructure. And if we talk about the cuisine and dining then, they offer the excellent food and are famous for offering the finest beers in the world as well. So, once you move here, you might gain a couple of two or three pounds for sure.


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Firstly, Indonesian have their own culture and practices which you night need to follow once you move in there. Once you disrespect their culture might be offensive, in simple term, we can say that people out there are conservatives. If we talk about the dress code, then it is quite simple and modest.

Why You Must live There:

Apart from that, in this country has a very lively nightlife but keep in mind that you should know where to look for it. However, many people from the west especially women might need some time to get used to gender inequality. Here, you can find all the stereotype people are centered around women.

Meanwhile, talking about the food is good yet cheap but excluding alcohol. In fact, taxis, mobile phone are quite affordable which is pretty cool.


China is the most populated country in the world. It is a wonderful place to begin your career, where all your talent and hard work is appreciated and recognized as well. However, one disadvantage will be a language barrier but there will be lots of opportunities for you to learn mandarin every day.

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Talking about food, they offer excellent Chinese, Japanese and Korean food almost like 24 hours. Furthermore, the cost of living does not cost too much, that way you can learn how to handle the money and finances just the people out there. Meanwhile, you need to get used to their general attitude and behavior especially when you are from the west.


From the very beginning, Germany has one of the most highly developed economies in the world. Therefore, talking about export level, then the country takes away the leading position of selling cars, household appliances and much more. However, the reservation of minerals is very small. While the exception is the Ruhr Basin in the West, where all the deposits of coal are found.

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Therefore, Germany most probably lives only at the expense of exported Industrial goods. Germany’s main branches of the economy are Agriculture. Not only that, in fact, they even place the top ten position for the production of milk, meat and fodder crops in the country. So, therefore, it is worth living here in this country since they rank 10th in terms of living standard.


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The Spanish people have a zest for life and live them every day like it’s their last. Out there the people will instantly love you, even if you give the slightest effort to speak their language. If you have decided to move to Spain to live permanently, then they have amazing beaches and scenic natural beauty.

Meanwhile, talking about the weather in Spain is quite romantic throughout the year. And talking about the foods, then their local delicacies are very tasty. Apart from that, their education and health care systems are also good.Therefore, you can live in this country and live a good and healthy life.

7. Italy:

First of all, before you decide to live permanently in Italy, then you must learn how to speak the Italian language. Since the majority of the people out there are not fluent in speaking English. Their culture and heritage are rich and they preserved it well.

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Why You Should Live There:

When it comes to the apartments and houses are well maintained, neat and clean. Therefore, it will be easy for you to find one that suits your liking. Their education system is very good and public education is free. The transportation system is cheap, safe and also reliable as well. They have the best public hospitals and it is free for all the citizens.

Furthermore, the life in Italy are amazing, they have wonderful supermarkets and also the smallest supermarket that sells fresh produce as well.


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This country is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It is known as the land of Mozart. Yes, that’s right, if you have ever watched “Sound of Music” you might know what I’m talking about.

Why You Should Live There:

Here in this country, all the children are encouraged to choose their own careers like in the field of arts and pursue them. There is no need to worry about the language out there, as most of the people speak English. In Austria, the majority of the local people enjoy Operas and the Salzburg festivals, look that everyone looks forward to.

Furthermore, the people out there get publicly funded health care, not only that, they even can purchase a supplementary private health insurance. Most importantly, the people of Austria empowers women with equality and freedom. Thier transportation system is in time and safe as well. In fact, this country is known for its black coffee production and wine as well.


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Firstly, you should know that there is no need to worry about the language, as the majority of the people out there speaks English. When it comes to education, they offer very good education with high quality and affordable for everyone. When you live the and get a job out there, you can easily make ends meet as the standard of living is very high.

Why You Should Live There:

The people over there welcome everyone and don’t hesitate to appreciate even if you are a foreigner. You will love living in this country since the majority of the people in Finland are not very noisy crowd though. You might find them little bit reserve, as they usually don’t initiate any kind of conversations with the strangers. However, once they knew the people well then you might be surprised to see how friendly they are.

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Talking about the health care system, they are good along with the friendly environment policies through which they maintain and preserve its nature.


Japan is a great country to live in for a good and a healthy life. They have full convenience stores where you can find anything and everything that you need. The majority of the people out there are friendly and also the food is great and tastes good out there.

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Meanwhile, it is very easy to get a teacher’s job in Japan. Since the people of Japan are always willing to learn English and you will always find the shortage of English Professors. However, keep in mind that Japanese people are workaholics and perfectionists in nature.

Why You Should Live There:

The transport system in Japan is one of the best in the world. This way it makes easier to travel around the country. Talking about health care system is also very good and their food is probably is fantastic. Therefore, this is why many people from around the world want to live there in Japan. When it comes to crime rate is very low and the perfect country to live in.

These are the lists of 10 best countries to live in, where you can get a good and healthy life. In fact, you can also get to know more about the people and its culture once to move to any one of the countries.Therefore, what are you waiting for? Grab your passport and get settle down in any of the countries and get all kinds of facilities that you wished to have a better life.

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