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Best Augmented Reality Games Like Pokemon Go – Must Try Out

Best Augmented Reality Games Like Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is undoubtedly raging in the current days for the very new technology called Augmented Reality or AR. The popularity and acceptation the game is gaining presently have been seen very rarely in the history of mobile games. This one is about to bring a revolutionary change to the way we used to play games in the early days. However, this is not the first time Niantic has developed such a game based on the Augmented Reality technology, regardless of the popularity of Pokemon Go.

Best Augmented Reality Games Like Pokemon Go

To be mentioned, there are several worth playing games has been created earlier that are all based on the same gaming technology as the Pokemon go is. We have collected a handful of such exciting games designed to run with AR that can be played in your handy Smartphone devices. Mind to check out the best Augmented Reality games like Pokemon Go right here. Perhaps, some of them could become your favorite ones.

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Best Augmented Reality Games Like Pokemon Go

The list of Smartphone games are totally based on AR technology and will be played using your GPS location. If you had already familiar with the gameplay of Pokemon Go and loved the theme of the game, these are the must try ones for you.

1: Real Strike

This is our top pick among the Best Augmented Reality Games Like Pokemon Go. It’s one of a kind as it turns your real atmosphere into a battlefield in 3D mode. If you ever fancy playing shooting games in the real world, this is the must-try. The game was developed by famous developer team Yii International. The game combines the surrounding of yours with a 3D animated weapon that can be selected from 25 different collections. All the real life combat with advanced features are integrated into here such as firing in the whole, ammo reloading, thermal vision, night vision, etc.

real strike

Get out the door and have your own adventure in the real world. All you need for this thundering adventure is a Smartphone. However, the game is, for now, available in only iOS device. We are expecting the game to be available in the Android devices soon enough.

2: Ingress

As we have talked about the Niantic AR based game earlier, this is the first game of its kind developed by the same team responsible for Pokemon Go. So, there should be no doubt of its fun side. Similar to Pokemon Go, the Ingress also depends on the GPS location of yours to be played. In the game, your prime objective is to choose a team like yours, hack a portal, and build the team to prepare for battle with foe teams. As you similarly do while playing the Pokemon Go, you will need to go around the streets of the real world, hack portals as much as you can, and take control over them to strengthen your team.


3: Zombies Run!

This is a fun game yet keeps your health good as well. The game is about zombies in the real world, and you have to get rid of them running away from those virtual creatures. The game comes with various missions that placed in different locations. Once you get in those locations as in real world, you will be surrounded by half-deads. Your mission is to run from them reach and save your life. With earphone on, playing the game provide a better real-time experience.

zombie run

4: Life is Crime

Life is Crime game is for those who opt to be villains rather than a hero. This augmented real game comes with the concept that replicates the real world gangs and criminal activities. I this real time game, you can join the gangs of the real world, chat with the real players and fight with other gangs or gang members. As a reward for winning a match, you and your gang will be taking over the new territories and other awards. This is a real-time entertaining game. The more number of players you join, the more fun the game becomes.

life is crime

5: SpecTrek

If you love horror and enjoys the Goosebumps on skins, this is definitely a must try game for you. Though this game, you can have fun of real-time ghost hunting. There are much of similarities you will find in this game with Pokemon Go. While Playing the SpecTrek, your objective is to find the ghost as many as possible by using the GPS location and the camera of your Smartphone. The more number of Ghosts you will search for and capture, the better player you will become. There is a limitation of time, within that you must catch an individual spirit.


Te above listed is the top 5 best Augmented Reality games like Pokemon Go you can start your real-time adventure with. Most of the game requires your latest OS versions of the iOS and Android as well as other phone features. So, before you start downloading your exclusive game, be sure to check out the minimum system requirements for them.

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