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Top 5 Best Applock For Android Phone: Download The Best AppLock Now

Android phone is not just a device anymore that you can use to make your calls, Text or Listen to music. Now you can also carry your important files and documents like Bank Account details, or Cashless easy pay apps and much more. So, now it has become one of the most important jobs to install Best AppLock for Android phone to ensure phone safety and stay protected all the time.

best applock for android

For a New digitalize Country, India has now moved towards to utilize more cashless pay using their phones. And if you don't keep your phone safe, you are not only going to lose your phone but you will also expose all your bank accounts detail. And if your device gets into the wrong hands you will surely lose all your money from your bank.

Here below we are going to give you a choice of top 5 Best Applock for an Android phone. These apps have many useful features that will not only lock your phone/apps but allow you to use your securely.

Top 5 Best Applock For Android Phone

Here below is the list by which you can download and install the Applock app in your phone and lock your important application.

1. AppLock DoMobil Lab

This app is the best Applock application for android which can lock almost everything. You can lock phone apps, your phone camera & Gallery, settings and much more. This app has a unique feature that you cannot uninstall the AppLock App until and unless you have the right authority.

best applock for android

As for example, if any strangers take your phone away, and tries to format the phone, but they can't do it. This AppLock will prevent to it. And ultimately, no one can use your phone.


  • Lock apps and almost everything on your phone.
  • You can set new lock pattern or number for providing more security.
  • Fingerprint Lock system available.
  • Many themes for Lock screen is available, so you can choose your own style.
  • Hide your Icons on your phone.
  • And also you can disable the option to uninstall the app so that nobody can break your phone lock.

Note: The Fingerprint lock can only be usable if your phone supports FingerPrint Features.

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How to Download

  • Click on the Button Below.
  • Now you will enter into the Google play store, from which you select the AppLock.
  • Finally, install the app by clicking the Install button.
best applock for android

2. CM Locker- Cheetah Mobile

This is the associate of Clean Master app that is a very popular application for maintaining your android phone. They come with awesome features that will allow you to lock Screen as well as secure many of the app in your phone. This app also provides you with Anti-theft features that will prevent the thief to use your phone. And are also provided with Best security features like Intruder Selfie- Which will take selfie instantly as the wrong pattern is noticed.

best applock for android


  • Lock screen with Pattern Lock or Pin Lock system, by which you can also lock apps particularly.
  • Best security features like Anti-theft, Intruder Selfie.
  • Lock Screen news, this will show you all the latest and trending news on your Lock screen.
  • Enable Shortcut navigation for Camera, Gallery, and other useful apps.

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How to Download

  • Click on the given button below
  • Now you will enter into the Google play store,
  • Select the CM Locker App and Click on Install Button.
  • This will finally download and install the app on your phone.
best applock for android

3. AppLock- Fotoable,Inc

This is another Good APplock application in our List. This app will give you lock screen, app lock, beautiful featured Theme for lock screen and much more.

best applock for android

Features of AppLock

  • Lock screen, App lock and stay protected with the awesome privacy feature.
  • You can hide your pattern drawn and also it comes with a random keyboard that will give you best locking option.
  • Many Beautiful Themes available that will match your style
  • You can create password or pattern using the image from your gallery, so simply match the image and the screen is open.

Do you Know! 

How to Download

  • Click on the Button below
  • Now you will enter into the Google Play store
  • Select the AppLock- Fotoable Inc
  • Click Install Button to download and install the app.

best applock for android

4. AppLock NevWays Tool

This is also another AppLock application which gives you huge features to get maximum security on your phone. They have feature like- Lock Screen pattern, Hide Icon, Fingerprint lock, and much more. This app is also free to download and will help you stay fully secured with AppLock.

best applock for android


  • Lock screen, Lock app, and also will prevent other to uninstall this AppLock app.
  • They include security features like- AntiTheft and Intruder Selfie, that will help you take the selfie of the stranger who tries to unlock your phone with the wrong password.

How to Download

  • Click on the button below
  • Now you will find the app
  • To download and install the app, just click on the Install Button
  • Finally, enjoy the best security app on your Phone.

best applock for android

5. Smart Hide Calculator

Well, this is the last from our list but yet very innovative Applock Application for Android. When you look at this Smart Applock, first you would think this is an Ordinary calculator, but when you enter the correct combination of your App lock pin then it will unlock your screen.

best applock for android

This smart Applock also enables you to make a simple calculation like sum, Subtraction, Multiplication and division.


  • Lock Screen, Applock with a unique Calculator theme.
  • You can make a simple calculation which anyone won't understand it is an AppLock Application.
  • You can Hide any items in your Phones like- Photos, Videos and much more.

Do You Know!

How to Download

  • Click on the button below
  • Now you will enter into the Google Play store
  • Click Install to download and install the app on your Android phone.

best applock for android

There you haev it, the top 5 Best AppLock for Android phone which you should have installed on your phone. This app will help you stay protected and makes sure you won't have any problem regarding theft or other illegal bank transaction via your Mobile apps. Hope you like the article, you can visit our site for more interesting tricks and tips that will help you to use your Phone at utmost.

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