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Best Affiliate Marketing Platform for Publishers:

Affiliate marketing is one of the best way to earn quick money, and can be highly beneficial if monetized properly. There are many websites which are fully depending upon the affiliate program as the main source of income. Affiliate marketing works perfectly on such websites which has a targeted audience, especially on niche website.

Why affiliate Marketing is good choice?

But for getting the maximum benefits out of it one must use the best affiliate platform & promote the best product which suits one’s niche the most. It very important to choose the right product because one cannot get decent amount of conversion until the right product is shown to right person.

Affiliate marketing is a better choice always if you are using right platform & product to promote. We often blog on some particular topic such as WordPress, Themes, SEO, Mobiles or other stuffs, which has very high potential with good conversion rate.

Targeted traffic not only helps in increasing conversion rate but it extremely helps in increasing the revenue generated rather than using PPC ads network.

For example: If you have very high quality traffic, who come to your website to read what you are sharing on particular topics and get satisfied. There is more chances of re-visiting your website and it helps a lot in trust. Now, if you have such kind of visitors on your website you have more chances of making high revenue with adsense, but only if you choose smart product and platform.

Product & Platform: Are you affiliated with some irrelevant product or the product about which you have no idea??? Are you using such platform, which does not support you good enough to generate decent earnings??? You might be loosing away ton’s of opportunity.

I have personally come across many affiliate platforms out of which some were very good and some were just not good enough. I recently tried one new affiliate platform which I felt very good and good enough to use this platform to generate decent earnings. is one of the best platform I liked using, some of the features that are very helpful in Opicle are mentioned below:



  • Networks: You can find tons of products over their, which one can use to choose the most relevant product to generate more sale. when you have variety of options you can pick up the best one, which may help you and your users.
  • Payment: It is one of the best platform for Indian bloggers, they payout the commission in NET 45 days, via NEFT or check. In this case I personally prefer using NEFT which is very easy and perfect for receiving the easily & directly in the bank.
  • Easy Tracking: You can easily check your earnings and other statistics easily via advance real time tracking facility for publishers. It shows the real time statistics by removing all the fraud activity which helps in understanding well which product works well with you.
  • Flexible: The best part about this ads network is that it don’t only pay you for per sale, it has varieties of ads option which one can use to monetize PPC ads,CPI,CPM,CPO Campaigns or pay per sale etc. It gives you freedom to get all the facilities in one platform itself.
  • Personal Manager: It is very good to have someone who always stay connected with you to help you generate more income. They will be in touch with you always by staying in call with you, discussing about the products and offers that may help you generate more revenues.
  • Support: If you face any problem you can simply make a call for support or drop a mail for quick reply [24*7].

These are some of the reason why is one of the best platform for affiliate marketers. Apart from that it is having very user friendly and simple design which helps in understanding the system very easily.

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If you have any doubts or questions let me know!!

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