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Benefits Of Watermelon | A Refreshing & Healthy Treat For This Summer

benefits of watermelon

In hot summer, watermelons act as a refreshing fruit and drink that contains 90-92 percent of water. In fact, this juicy fruit has lots of vitamins and nutrients with low calories. And with the Summer’s arrival, watermelon is a must-have fruit both for you and your kids. Although it contains more water still it is remarkably beneficial to your health due to its rich in vitamins and nutrients. To know the benefits of watermelon, here is the full details about Watermelon.

benefits of watermelon


In actual, watermelons have its origin from Southern Africa which has hard green color outlook along with stripes. But the interior red or pink color flesh is refreshing to eat. Although it contains many seeds, still every one of us loved to eat watermelons. This juicy fruit contains lycopene which is very much beneficial for treating many diseases like cancer, heart attack and so on. Hence, it would be better if you wait for the watermelon to get fully mature.

What are the Health Benefits of Watermelon?

The delicious fruit can turn all your worries at bay. Being a watermelon fruit lover, I would love to share some of the health benefits of watermelon. Here is a complete detail about watermelon advantages. Let’s go through the lists;

green outlook watermelon

Prevents from Harmful Diseases Like Cancer:

To fight against Cancer cells, watermelon contains Vitamin C and other antioxidant properties. As this juicy fruit is an excellent source of antioxidant, it ultimately prevents cancer growth. In addition to it, lycopene in watermelon slowly reduces as well as prevents prostate cancer. So, if you are also suffering from deadly Cancer or want to prevent cancer growth then this juicy watermelon drink will be significant.

Keeps you Hydrated:

The health benefits of watermelon are just amazing as it has the power to keep your body hydrated from severe sickness. However, it also prevents to keep you away from severe heat stroke. This is because of the water present in watermelon fruit. So whenever you are tired or lost strength, consume a glass of watermelon juice, this will act as electrolytes in your body. Along with this, also know the benefits of coconut water for summer.

Helps to Improve Digestion:

Due to heat, you might tend to suffer from constipation and indigestion. During that situation, watermelon juice acts as a refreshing drink for healing indigestion. As a matter of fact, for good bowel movements eating watermelon or drinking its juice can eventually minimize and improve digestion.

Effective for Skin and Hair:

Who does not wish for a silky volumise hair and clear glowing skin? Is anyone out there?  Well, the vitamin A present in watermelon fruit helps to keep your skin as well as hair water logged. Not only vitamin A but Vitamin C present in this fruit takes good care of your skin and hair. Even the lycopene and beta-carotene will look after your dry and dull skin as well as dry and damaged hair.

Improves Heart Health:

A healthy heart is a sign of a healthy body. In this modern trend, people are so much into bad habits that they tend to suffer from heart disease. But, if you and I start changing our living habits then your heart will still remain safe from harmful disease. Consume watermelon along with other fruits to reduce your blood pressure as well as cholesterol.

Prevents Asthma:

I am also an asthma patient but I hardly get sick. I am not saying because of consuming watermelon but it helps you to keep control of your health. The vitamin C present in watermelon helps to prevent you from asthma. Consume any fruits or vegetables that contain vitamin C for prevention of asthma.

Controls Inflammation:

According to 2006 Medical Journal, watermelon fruit rich in choline helps to reduce inflammation. Therefore, the best way to prevent from inflammation is a regular intake of watermelon during summer.

Muscle Pain:

If you are a watermelon juice lover then you are lucky. This is because being athletic, you tend to lose your energy and muscle pain. Hence, drinking watermelon juice before and after a workout will release you from muscle soreness.

How to Make Watermelon Juice?

To make watermelon juice is very simple and easy. Just follow my guide and you can drink this mouthwatering beverage within no time.

health benefits of watermelon juice


Watermelon, ice cubes, and some herbs.


To prepare the juice of watermelon, first and foremost you need to cut the watermelon into two equal halves. Now, take only the red fruit and cut into small pieces. Make sure you remove all the seeds of the watermelon. Now, place the pieces of watermelon in a blender and turn ON your blender until the fruit turns smooth. Also, remember only to choose the sweetest watermelon so that you do not have to add any extra sweetener. When the fruit becomes juicy and smooth, add some ice cubes to make it chilled and start blending again.

Your watermelon juice is ready.

However, it’s not necessary but you can add some herbs like mint in it as it goes well with watermelon. Start blending again. As watermelon contains mostly water, it is not necessary to filter it, just simply pour it into your glass. Yummy, you will feel out of this world after drinking this juicy fruit in this hot summer season. Below I have also provided you a video tutorial for easy learning.

Although watermelon looks very simply watery fruit but the health benefits of watermelon are awesome. One cannot stop drinking the flavor content watermelon juice. With low-calorie content, it is one of the best beverage for summer. You can also try the beetroot juice and carrot juice in this hot weather. Enjoy the drink and get all the benefits. Thank you.

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