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Different Beautiful Mehndi Designs For All Ocassions

beautiful mehndi designs

Mehndi has been one of my favourite ornaments to decorate on my palms, hands, and foot. In fact, most of the Indian women do love to apply beautiful mehndi design. Applying mehndi is not just a body art but it is also a ritual overtaking in Hindu & many other religions. Mehndi is a paste made from the dry leaves of henna & colourant.

Therefore, since many recent times in Indian customs mehndi has been applied by the women especially on occasions. From Hindu wedding to Hindu festivals like Teej, Karva Chauth, Diwali etc this form of art is applied to women.

beautiful mehndi designs

Now it has become a trend to apply henna on your palms and feet on every occasion and even just sitting at home. As you do know that there are different types and designs of henna paste. They are,

Indian Designs, Pakistani Designs, and Arabic Mehndi Designs.

Find this mehndi images and designs for hands and feet below and go beautifully for all occasions. Also, read and follow, How to get glowing skin on your wedding day.

List Of Mehndi Designs On Hands For all Occasions:

Check out below entire mehndi designs with images that are suitable to decorate for any occasions.

#1. Indian Designs:

As I have mentioned above that there are list henna designs for your feet as well as your hands, the Indian style looks gorgeous on both. It is not only a style for the Indian people but also a symbolic presentation of Hindu customs. There are different Indian styles of creating pretty henna designs on hands as well as feet.

Try the below-mentioned mehndi images and practice it.

a) Indian Punjabi Mehndi Designs For Hands:

You must know that in India Punjabis were very much fond of applying henna on their hands and feet. If you are a bride then henna must be applied in your full hands. Punjabi henna designs are very much big and bright. Apparently, quite different from other designs, as because this art looks very bold.

punjabi designs

The flowery design looks perfect for the Hindu bride when they apply mehndi on their whole arm. This looks very royal and eye pleasing.

b) Chic and Stylish Design:

The mehndi art looks quite stylish and beautiful for all occasions. As you know that now everyone is performing a modern style of wedding, so even the henna designs are going modern. Women love to see unique and different art which can be easily created with mehndi.

chic and stylish mehndi designs

c) Rajasthani Dulha and Dulhan Art:

These particular Dulha Dulhan designs are done especially by the Rajasthani women during their wedding ceremony. They seem to be very traditional as in fact, even the bride and groom art looks traditional. As a matter of fact, most of the brides go for this style in Rajasthan.

Rajasthani Dulha and Dulhan nehndi

d) Easy Simple Floral Kid’s Mehndi:

This is a cute simple floral henna image for the kids. Not only the women but even the kids in India do love to draw different patterns of henna designs. If you are a beginner and have less experience in making different henna styles then this will be the best option. The design is not only easy but look pretty cute.

simple and easy floral mehndi for kids

e) Leaves and Creepers Design:

I definitely know that your daughter will love this design because they look just lovely. The tiny leaves and small flowers bring charm to your simple mehndi designs. They are the perfect bunch to your mehndi book.

leaves and creepers henna design

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#2. Pakistani Designs:

Just like the Indian henna art form is going in a trend in India, in the same way, the Pakistani are following. The designs of henna that Pakistani follows are a mixture of Indian and Arabic. Hence, especially on the religious occasions like Eid ladies apply different patterns of henna. Let us have a look at their designs.

a) Circular Henna Designs:

For the Eid, the circular pattern looks pretty amazing. The middle round circle is not so difficult to practice. This pattern can be followed by any women age group. Even the kids can try out this beautiful circular pattern of henna design.

circular mehndi art

b) Full Hand Designs:

The Pakistani also do like this style on full hands both backward and in the palms. They are usually suitable for wedding ceremonies. So if you are a newly bride then get your stylist to give your hands with this pretty mehndi art.

full hands mehndi art

c) Coloured Henna on Feet:

The most surprising thing is Pakistani ceremonies is that they also apply henna on their feet. But in fact, it looks very pretty with little colours mixed with glitter. This is the same concept design with flower patterns which looks so beautiful and I hope that you will be the most prettiest bride with these.

Colored mehndi on feet

d) Different Patterns on Both Hands:

Definitely, this is one of the latest henna designs on both your hands. Apart of that, it is mostly suitable for Eid festivals. Your friends may come up with the same traditional way of henna but see your cool stylish unique design, they will end up staring at your hands.try them on the palm side of your hands for a combination look.

different patterns of mehndi on both hands

e) Mehndi for Girls:

Now if you are unmarried single women then this will be the best option for you. The art looks so lovely with a dazzling style. It is not so easy to follow this style just by seeing; hence one must need to be professional.

mehndi for girls

#3. Arabic Designs:

Do you know that nowadays most of the stylish hot looking girl’s go for the Arabic designs of henna? This is because they look peculiar and natural. As women are imperfect without makeup, so even without henna on hands and feet women look imperfect. The dark color looks so pretty and eye pleasing. Let us have the list below and check which your favorite is?

a) Back Hands Mehndi:

This type of Arabic henna art looks very modern and stylish for mehndi occasions. They are so bright and bold; you can easily catch up the art.

Back hands arabic mehndi

b) Smooth Vines Art:

When you apply this design, you do not need to stop or wait for a minute. Just use your henna and draw it smoothly. You can also do the combination on your palms.

smooth vines mehndi art

c) Pretty Colored Art for Hands and Legs:

The pattern looks very feminine especially if you are a bride this will just be perfect. The colored henna with some jewels will bring more charm and elegance on your wedding day. It is a just once in a lifetime, so make your wedding memorable.

glittery feet and hands mehndi

d) Checked Mehndi Design:

To follow this pretty art one must be expertise in painting. This is because they are so much mixed in total that a little carelessness will make it worse. Apart of that, your henna must be a good quality one.

Checked mehndi art

e) Simple Circular Art:

When you do not wish to wear a bracelet then paint this bracelet design with a henna cone. It would be better if you apply nail paint on your nails.

Simple circular art

More mehndi images and slideshows to learn below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So this are some mehndi images that looks gorgeous on your hands and feet. You can also try the 3 different variants of mehndi designs. Hence, they are suitable for any ocassions and parties. Especially if you are a bride then this art will be perfect for a modern bride.

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