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“Bear Grylls’s Biggest Fear Revealed” Here is What he is Really Afraid of!!!

He might be known as the “bold adventurer” but you won’t believe he has fears too. Exploring all the fears in the wildest areas, fighting with alligators, eating unexpected things, crossing canyons with nothing but a rope are an ordinary task for him. Yes, he is Bear Grylls, the man who never mind facing any trouble exploring the wild. He inspires many of us with his all his fearless adventures.

But in a recent interview, speaking at an international education conference he said, “We all have fears. People say ‘I can’t have any fears.’” But…

He confessed he is afraid of a cocktail party with a lot of people he doesn’t know, as he is bad at this part and he quoted. “I’m really bad at cocktail parties with lots of people I don’t know. I really genuinely am” he added.Bear Grylls Scared of this

This might be shocking for most of you, as he is saying that he is afraid of this casual thing. Being at the cocktail party with unknown people scares him. While he is well known for his bold job in his Man vs. Wild, also referred as Born Survivor.

This 42 years adventurer said in Dubai at Global Education and Skill forum, “I’ve learned that the best way over our fears is right bang through the middle. It really is. The only way you don’t see the fear is when you’re right on it. I’ve learned this the hard way. It is how I deal with it now.”

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He is also nervous about jumping out of an aeroplane, when after he broke his back in a parachute accident in his 20s. And he said that it makes him nervous to do the same sometimes.

But he marks his accidents and bad moments as a valuable knock of his life. His lines are really inspiring that will give strength to anyone’s mind. Have a look what he said further.

It was definitely a dark time after that accident.”

My over-riding emotion was that I really have got lucky. I should either be dead or paralysed. There’s got to be some purpose behind this. Life has given me a second chance.”

I might be a crook and a bit scared, but I’m okay, and I am really going to claw my way back – and I really want to do something with my life.”

Sometimes in life, it takes a knock to remember what we really value.”

All he meant to say was, he will not stand back for what he scared of. But he will chase it anyway to overcome the fear of every moment. This is why he is a popular as TV presenter because of his wildest adventure with his full form of bravery. Even he is scared of something but love exploring all things that he likes. He suggests all youngster to experience the risk of their lives, never back down from a hard task and to build curiosity towards adventures of life.

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