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Batista to headline 2018’s WWE Hall of Fame event

batista to headline WWE 2018's Hall of fame

Wrestlemania is WWE’s biggest PPV and in recent years, WWE has introduced multiple programs to make the week more epic before the night of Wrestlemania.

As you know WWE inducts new inductees in the Hall of Fame program which is held just a day before Wrestlemania.

Every year, WWE inducts a number of retired wrestlers, and other personalities in the Hall of Fame.

The Hall of Fame induction ceremony has always been headlined by a big superstar; for instance last year it was Kurt Angle, back in 2016, the icon Sting headlined the ceremony.

Moving on, we are just 6 months away from Wrestlemania 34, and WWE is considering multiple superstars for the Hall of Fame 2018 induction list.

Now out of those inductees; one of them will be the Dudley Boyz, but they will not certainly be the one who will be headlining the show.

Even though, it hasn’t been confirmed by the company but leaked reports suggest that the animal Batista will be the one who will be headlining the 2018’s Hall of Fame.


Batista was last seen in WWE back in 2014 when he, Randy Orton and Triple H was feuding with the Shield.

After the evolution lost the match against the Shield, the very next night on RAW, Batista quit the company like the similar way he did back in 2010.

After he left on several podcasts and interviews, he mentioned that he doesn’t wanna come back to WWE for another run even though he can and misses it very much.

The former World Heavyweight champion is now 48 years old and can play as a part-timer but it seems that he is quite happy with Hollywood and isn’t interested in making a return.

Anyway, it would pretty great to see the Animal back in WWE for one last run. And this is why WWE is considering to induct the Animal into the 2018’s Hall of Fame list and also headline the Hall of Fame event.

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