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Basic Blogging Tips: To Build Quick Money Making Professional Blog

Basic Blogging Tips

Blogging is one of the best profession I ever came across, blogging has a very good potential in terms of fame, money & easiest way to start your own business. At this era of entrepreneurship, our young generation is mostly attracted towards owning their own business (Boss of their own, where they can employ others).

Most of our young generation joins blogging to earn huge money from blogs, most of the money blogger fail to reach the goal if they don’t meet the success at a certain period of time they fail to continue. This is one of the most common mistakes which many of us still have, due to which you just say bye bye to your entrepreneurship dream.

Every blogger commits mistakes at the beginning of blogging career. Out of all, there are some common blogging mistakes which are so common to see around. One year back when I started blogging I did so many mistakes which I could see now happening with my other blogger friends.

Common blogging mistakes I did:

I came to know about blogging since 2013 July and started this work because I want to be a successful entrepreneur. When I started my first blog I was so dumb I could not find the login page for 7 days. After getting my first internet pack over in the very next week I could manage to find out the login page successfully and logged in.

Basic Blogging Tips

As a newbie at that moment, I had no idea about blogging, but I was loving the work of sharing articles about what I wanted to share. The interesting thing I found while blogging was ‘ FREEDOM’, I could write about the topic I am interested as well as what choose my own topics.

 1. Freedom:

Freedom is one of the biggest reason why you fail to touch the evergreen success platform even though you have good potential for yourself. Once you start getting a good response from your readers you might have felt wow its enough I can enjoy now.  But are you aware of the fact that your readers are excited on your blog for the good stuff you provided yesterday, today they have a higher expectation from your blog?

At this time if you try working with more passion providing more useful stuff you would find your site in better place. But to keep maintaining your good position you always need to be alert and keep working on those.  Apart from this you also must keep yourself disciplined with a fix working hour.

Because if you don’t do it you would miss out many times in keeping your work updated in time because you have freedom. This freedom which you feels and enjoy is the most common blogging mistakes which affect a lot. To keep this freedom of work away from your work so that you don’t face any disturbance you must fix your working hours.

Taking blogging as your profession need lots of hard work and constant smart work so that you don’t move out of track anytime.

2. Are you enjoying:

There are 1000’s of different ways to earn money but we have only a few selected ways through which we can make out some good money. It is because we cannot focus on 1000’s of ways to earn money and use them accordingly, but we can focus few source and make it to perfection level and earn lots of $$$$ from it.

I feel incomplete when I am forced to do something which I don’t like to do, to be honest, I get tensed while working. When you run behind any kind of success you will face many problems in that condition. If you are not loving your what you are going to achieve at the end you are just building up your another reason of frustration in your life.

Blogging is not so easy as it looks but once you get started on the track you will surely fall in love with it. Another interesting thing is once you develop your blog, you will start getting very good revenue from it which will be out of your expectation. But to be honest, its better to think for your improvement of work as well as enjoy the work you do.

3. Let’s give a Try I see he’s making money easily:

When you first came to know about blogging and checking out through different web results, you are impressed and motivated. But while going through the work you find new problems popping up and find very tough to earn money. I found many of you start blogging including me to earn good amount of revenue from it.

But while thinking about this we most of the time forget that the one who is an example today have come across lots problems & failures. Not only this they also have been working strictly by following some strategy & plans, due to which they easily succeed.

However, at the same level, there are 100% chances for you to reach the same place where they are standing today. You just need to follow up your own strategy, plannings before you start work, goals & Reasons to blog ( other than money).  This will lead you to success and lots of earning at the end.

But I have some problem with the word ‘lets give a try’, because when you are giving a try you are not even sure whether you will work until the end. If you face any big damage you might feel bad and just leave it too if you are giving just a try. But if you are working to succeed you will never give up, if you have to face any kind of damage you would work on it instead of running.

All those who face the failures, damages and still manage to work on the bad times are the big examples today called pro-bloggers. They are today pro-bloggers because they have crossed the phase already by tackling the problems which they faced at once. Not only this when you learn how to solve some problems by solving your own problem you are also capable of explaining and tackling the problem if you face it again.

Note: Never give a Try, work to make it happen in reality.

4. Shortcut for success:

Wow!! when we find anything shortcut tricks to get high traffic as well as shortcut tricks to earn money we run behind it madly. But why are we making this mistakes which may give you some success for short time but it will not last long when you loose you will have nothing in your hand.

The only way for evergreen success is to follow the basics and genuine things. Whichever blog talks about something which have some meaningful stuff will surely last for long. I have seen more than 90% of the new bloggers run behind shortcut which is one of the most common blogging mistakes.

blogging is a kind of profession where we hardly get something at the start of our new blog, but once it starts rolling the success is very awesome. But if you are looking for shortcuts your success may not last long, while at the other end if you concentrate on improving the quality of your blog you will surely get very good results which will be very fruitful for a long run.

5. Trying to do what another guy is doing already:

Are you doing the same thing which already another guy created, or you are still trying to follow the things which your friend is doing? It is very good to learn from someone else’s who is already developed at the current time, but if you are trying to do the exact thing which is already done you may not reach the place you are willing too.

By taking some idea from other sites, you can learn from them and use your own ideas, plans, goals to bring some useful stuff to the world. If you are not adding any value to your own creation you will stop someday.  If you add value to your site people will always love your site and keep coming to you to know what you are keeping for them.

Unique doesn’t mean only to discover new things every day but it can be something which is your own point of view too, which will be completely different from each and everyone.

About blogging Mistakes:

Apart from our problems which we have in our thinking, there are some problems with blogging which extremely practised by maximum bloggers.

1. Length:

When we speak about length, where you will always find people saying length is important. Yes, exactly when your article length is good you can be sure that it is lengthy because you are explaining some useful stuff out there because of which the article is very long. But apart from this if the 3000 words article repeats few things, again and again, to make 3000 words do you think its quality is good.?

No…. more than anything else it matters how you represent your thoughts and views to your readers. It is more about the quality of the post rather than no. of words. If you are able to explain all your topics clearly in 500 words whats the need of writing up another 2500 words which make no sense.

It is referred more to write lengthy articles because now a days many new bloggers are following up a strategy of writing post between 500- 700 words by following others tutorials. But in the other sense, their aim is just to make the length of the article 500+ not to provide the complete tutorial which adds no value at all.

When you keep on doing it you will find some good results coming up but some day it may just vanish out. If you are not trying to tell the peoples some new things how long will they stick to you?? because always the new users don’t make any site successful, but the returning visitors are the main reason behind any sites success?

I highly recommend you to do what you like and where you will be able to provide some useful stuff to your readers.

This will not only lead your blog to success but also will help many users to learn many things from you as well as it will be your very big achievement.

2. SEO ( Search Engine Optimization):

More than 60% of the new bloggers write a blog post on SEO, blogging & make money etc. Which is a very common stuff currently. Another epic thing is that you always find them speaking what the other pro-bloggers are speaking. One more negative point is that you are just starting this profession so it is better to skip this topic unless you have an experience of atleast 6 months.

If you are starting up a new blog you must follow Pro-bloggers and learn from their blog or ask them directly. Instead of writing what they write you should implement those things on your blog. To be honest, bloggers who are blogging on other topics like Tech, health, the news is end up finding ways to make quick money due to many sponsors and advertisers.

In case if you have some good budget for your blog you should consider joining classes for blogging advance ideas because the competition has become higher than before.

Do you want to know: SEO tools used for ChromeTechny.

3. Freshness:

If there is nothing new in your blog your users may feel bored someday. To keep your fans and users active you must keep your blog with lots of freshness like running a contest, improving on your customization instead of changing the whole theme, keep feeding your blog and your users with fresh and useful contents.

Yes, I have done it!! but what about your old contents?? are they looking good by keeping them how it used to look a few months back.

You must keep your old post updated with the new ideas that come in your mind. This will not only be helpful for search results ranking but keep your users to go back to them and read it again and again.

4: Remember your old post:

Interlinking to your old post with your new blog post and linking back to the new post from the old post is one of the best practice. This is very much helpful and useful which extremely helps in keeping your blog updated all the time.

By interlinking to many articles, you are actually giving your user a chance to know more about your other detailed post. Which will help in keeping your users engaged in your blog for a long time. I found few webmaster saying that we should keep less internal links but I found that more the number of internal links more good it is.

5. Building Backlinks Without complete knowledge:

Building up backlink is one of the easiest ways to rank your blog post high in the search results. To avoid the penalty because of the wrong concept of building link you must follow this link building techniques.

Sometimes we just build up some backlinks and we fall into a trap of manual penalty which is risky. Due to this kind of manual penalty many bloggers had deleted many blogs because it becomes tough to recover the sites for them.

However to stay safe always you must stay away from any kind of tricks and techniques which are harmful to your future. But unknowingly many times we use Black Hat SEO which is very dangerous.

These are few important things which I wanted to discuss with you.

If I had missed out anything please let me know via comment.

If you have any questions or doubts you must clear up right now via comments I will surely help you out.

Thank you

Best Regards


About the author

Paul billygraham Reang

Hello Friends, I am Paul billygraham Reang CEO and Founder of ChromeTechny Networks Pvt. Ltd. company. I started blogging since 7th June, 2013 and took blogging as my full time career.
Apart from blogging I love visiting new places, listening musics, reading motivational books and talking to those peoples who wants to do something big in their life.


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