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Bajaj Pulsar 150 NS Soon To Be Launched | Price, Features & Release Date

Pulsar 150 NS

Bajaj is very well known for its Pulsar models, back in the year 2012 Pulsar launched it’s first 200cc bike and that is the Pulsar 200 NS which was later discontinued due to some minor problems in 2015. But the audience have liked the Pulsar 200NS so much that the demand for the NS series kept on increasing, so now finally the Pulsar 200NS again got released with some new features and new mechanism. Now Bajaj is soon going to release another NS and i.e. Pulsar 150 NS, yes the engine is small but is ready with all new features.

Pulsar 150 NS

Bajaj is going to release the another NS for just keeping the engine variant as they don’t want any minor problems like before. But now there are many expectations that the audience is making for the new Pulsar 150 NS. Today you ae going to know all about the expected specification, features, price and also the expected release date. I am sure if you are looking for a budget bike under 200cc then you will not miss this motorbike after reading this.

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All about Bajaj Pulsar 150 NS:

Check out about the new mechanism and features that are to be added in the new Bajaj Pulsar 150 NS.

Features of the Pulsar 150 NS:

Talking about the features of the new Pulsar 150 NS, there are many exciting features that are added in the 150 version. So let’s clearly check out the exciting features of this motorbike.

  1. The bike comes with electric switch start features, which means you don’t need to kick the kicker to start your bike.
  2. The bike has got split seat features which give the bike more sporty look to the bike.
  3. The meters are all digital, and you will get all the details of the bike like the fuel level and the trip.
  4. You also got the engine kill switch on the handle bar.
  5. The indicator lights are new and are all LED.
  6. The new LED indicator lights also come with new feature and i.e. auto kill indicator.
  7. Pulsar 150NS comes with tubeless tyres and fuel tank protector which you will see in most of the Pulsar bikes.

So this is all about the new Pulsar 150 NS features, now let’s check out the specification of the Pulsar 150 NS.

Mechanism of Pulsar 150 NS:

Coming to the main part of the bike that is the engine, the new Pulsar 150 NS comes with 150cc single cylinder twin spark engine which can easily produce maximum torque of 13Nm and a maximum power of 17 PS which can easily take the bike from0-100 in 16 seconds. Talking about the transmission, the bike has got 5-speed gear system and you can pick high speed upto 120km/hr without any type of vibration in the bike. Not only the speed, the bike is also a fuel efficient bike as it is likely to give 55km/ltr. and is having 12 litres fuel tank.

Talking about the comfort level of the bike, new Pulsar 150 NS comes with a telescopic forks shock absorber in the front wheel and Gas Monoshock suspension in the rear just like the Pulsar 200 NS. So you will be getting the same comfort in the new Pulsar 150 NS like in the Pulsar 200 NS.

New Pulsar 150 NS is likely to have MRF tubeless tyres and is exceptionally well for Indian road. Now let’s see the brakes of the Pulsar 150 NS, in the front the bike will get 250mm Disc brakes with 4 callipers. In the rear wheel, the bike is likely to have 130mm drum brakes. The most important part of the bike is that you are likely to get maintenance free battery, which means you will not need to change the battery every time.

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Here I have given you all the expected details of the new Pulsar 150 NS that was necessary for you to know, now let’s have a look at the design of this new Bajaj bike.

About the design of 150 NS:

The design of the new Pulsar 150 NS looks very sporty and energetic bike with an overall length of 2105 mm, the width of 800mm and a weight of 148kilos. The bike comes in the naked bike category, and the new Pulsar 200 NS has a very energetic type fuel tank, and the engine of the bike is also painted black which is very much matching with the black wheel rim. The split seat of the bike has more space for you to the seat, not only this the rear tail is sharp, and the front is bold making the bike look more sporty.

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Coming to the handle of the Pulsar 150 NS, it has clip-on handlebars giving you sporty feel as the seating position is upright. The rear mudguard of the wheel gives a feel of the Pulsar RS200 as it is separated, not only this the chain of the bike is also covered by the above making the full bike premium. So overall the bike look sporty, energetic and premium bike, I am telling you once the bike starts running in the Indian road you are just going to stare this bike.

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 Expected price and release date of Pulsar NS 150:

Coming to the expected price of the bike, the new Pulsar 150 NS is supposed to be a budget bike from 70,000 to 95,000 Indian rupees. This amazing bike does not only look premium but is also very affordable according to price, and the expected release date of the bike is by the end of the month April 2017. You will be hopefully seeing the new Pulsar 150 NS in the Indian road by the beginning of May. So for those who are going to purchase this motorbike you just need to wait some few more weeks.

Overall Pulsar 150 NS is going to hit the market from the beginning of it’s release; I am very much sure that you will adore this bike as it is coming with many colour variant. Here I have given all about the expected features, price & release date of the bike. If you want to know more about the upcoming bikes in Indian, then you can hit the subscribe button below.

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  • The Bajaj Auto had been constantly talking of the Bajaj Pulsar 150NS since June 2016. It has stretched the buyer’s excitement to the point of breaking. I had been a committed Bajaj bike user for 30 years. But this desparate waiting of 7 months got on my nerves and finally I decided to part away with Bajaj Auto forever and have now booked Honda Hornet 160R Special Edition.

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